Aamir Khan's wife Kiran Rao and ex-wife Reena Dutta bond at an event

Aamir Khan attended an event in the city with wife Kiran Rao. His ex-wife Reena Dutta was also present at the same event. Kiran and Reena bonded quite well together.
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Aamir Khan was snapped at an event in the city today. The event was also attended by his wife Kiran Rao, his ex-wife Reena Dutta.
Mukesh Ambani and Ratan Tata were also present at this event. The superstar clicked pictures with these businessmen.
Aamir's wife Kiran Rao bonded well with his ex-wife Reena Dutta. The ladies were all smiles and even posed for the cameras together.
Check out the pictures below:
Aamir and Reena divorce 15 years ago. Last year, the Dangal actor even attended her birthday party.
During an interview with a leading daily, when Aamir was asked about his formula for success, he said, ‘’I just pick stories I love – stories which move me. I go a lot with what I am personally feeling towards the story, and at that time, I don’t think of how the audience or the box-office will react. For me, it’s the journey of playing a character, which is exciting. It could be any genre – comedy, action or drama. And I hope that people also love it. Of course, a lot depends on how the film turns out. So, eventually, it’s the teamwork. You have to remember those are not my successes alone. It’s the director’s, writer’s, co-actors’ and all the other departments’, who have contributed to the film.’’
On the work front, Aamir Khan will next be seen in Thugs Of Hindostan. The movie also features Katrina Kaif, Amitabh Bachchan and Fatima Sana Shaikh in lead roles.


Reena is a very good artiste too.she has learned painting after getting inspired from Milind Mulick. she is now a water color painter and holds exhibitions too ! her daughter has inherited her artistic talent and one of her sketch can be seen on internet since Aamir shared it. Her son has followed his father's profession and is a theater artist as reported recently..

To all who are bringing in Fatima here — get a life you bitter losers. Fatima has no place here. Reena is CEO while Aamir and Kiran visit villages, talk to people and get things moving. Paani Foundstion has been working hard since three years helping to recharge rainwater to thirsty rural Maharashtra. Please go to their website — paanifoundation.org —. and check out the work they are doing. Terrific five year program aimed at helping villages to harvest rainwater, save it and utilise it for irrigation and own domestic use. This is the third year’s edition. The program runs from early summer, till monsoon rains arrive in late May. By August the newly charged grounds are overflowing — and the results can be seen through the next few years, as they stop depending on water tankers.

God bless Aamir for his vision, beyond films.

I'm so glad someone said this. people are mean in a very callous way

He also had the vision to flick his wife's jewellery and gift it to his mistress .

just some context to this "event" aamir and kiran founded the Paani Foundation with is a charity working to helping drought which is a very real very dangerous threat. reena dutta is the in charge of this foundation. they arent bonding this is a collaboration to help society.

The fact that Reena was able to forgive Aamir for all that BS he put her through, wow ! As long as she's happy ..

Hahaha.. clearly it is BS is in your mind not hers.

The thing is that Kiran Rao looks like a younger version of Reena. Lovely women both of them. U

They have lots in common and lots to discuss after Fatima Sana's entry.

way to belittle 3 women in one shot. Good job. Hope you are not a woman

Fatima and Kiran get along well too. They all seem alike except they are decades apart in age.

Man, Aamir really lucked out. This is like the dream scenario. Great for all his kids too!

This is so rare, yet so precious. It is not at all easy to find this kind of comfort with your ex, forget the wife of the ex. Needs a lot of maturity and self-confidence.

People cease to be couples not family. God Bless this family. Raising their kids right, setting a good example. And backward people still want to treat what isn't a tamasha like it is one.

I agree with you on many levels but, there are also situations where a couple just can't move forward in a way such as this. There are many reasons for breakups -many unfortunately, are ugly for as I said many reasons a couple cannot be in a cozy scenario - I agree with regards to the tamasha...but, leaving each other alone and walking away on different paths never to turn back for even a look is sometimes the best thing.

Ya I wish Reena had found someone for herself! But I guess she is happy to be single and doing what she loves doing with support from Aamir. But sometimes I do wonder...if you are too close to your ex (and all the problems that broke you apart do not exist anymore), can you fall for each other again? Isn't it risky? Maybe they realize they are absolutely incompatible as a couple but ok as friends/family.

looks like amir falls for wavey short hair..

Aamir khan is unbeleivable. What nobody does..he will do.

It’s not easy to have this level of comfort without full commitments from all three. reena is at EVERY family function and birthdays. His family is as close to her. It’s obviously because Aamir set the tone. Props to all 3.

Reena's brother (Rajiv) is married to Aamir's sister (Farhat). So the families are still very much related!

All these sarcastic Fatima comments. Why do despo to maintain rumors by hook or by crook. It’s silly and there’s not reason for that here

Wow. I am aware that kiran has spoken good about reena and how junaid and ira are super kids and that she would have felt complete with junaid and ira if azad was not there on koffee with karan, but this visual just proves it. This is a very rare thing. I completely understand what emotion, rather surprised emotion karan johar felt when he saw them together with the kids at janne tu premier..he said i felt warm towards that visual. Its very rare man..complete peace in the house. Aamir khan has great taste in women. Heart and accepting circumstances is what matters in life.

Kuddos to aamir reena to put their divorce behind and try and give their children as much love and security as possible, and kuddos to kiran for her maturity in being mutual to let such a thing happen. The vibe between kiran and aamir's kids is so warm that you can see that they have full heartedly accepted each other. Sure,thats a very thing to happen but if one cannot digest this fact, then better be gracefull and not spir venom.

Reena, Kiran, Fatima. Aamir Looking for Biwi no.4?

Fatima is not married to aamir and if you typed biwi no 4 instead of 3 in a hurry to degrade reena-kiran bonding, it clearly shows you only know how to troll and are not sensitive enough to appreciate the fact that reena is such a nice person that kiran rao feels completely secure around her.

I heard that aamir is actually married to both reena and kiran, reena just lives downstairs. Anyone know?

No. She has her own house where she lives with her kids. She and aamir knew each other since they were teenagers. When she and aamir married without informing his parents, she won everyone over in his house and loved them like her family. She was a teenager when she came in his house, so aamir's parents and siblings still treat her like a family. Reena is very close to Aamir's mother. Instead of appreciating his family in times where inlaws make the dil feel like an outsider, aamir's mother has suddenly not disowned reena who she treated like her daughter when married to aamir.

Reena resembles Aamir

Did Fatima click this pic??

Reena Kiran and Fatima has same hairstyle....

Fatima is missing...

Where is Fatima? It would be nice to see her bond with Kiran and Reena

Aamir just has bad taste

Your comment is in very poor taste.

this is an event for the paani foundation. Aamir kiran and reena work together on that so I think they are used to seeing each other everyday. Not bonding here as such. Anyway it’s very classy and cool. Kudos to them for their work and how they choose to line their life. There is genuine comfort here.

its lovely. only strong relationships can sustain and nurture positive ties

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