After being called out by Anushka Sharma for littering, man responds on social media; check out

Yesterday, Indian skipper Virat Kohli shared a video of Anushka Sharma calling out a man for throwing a garbage on the streets. The man reacted to it on social media.
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Yesterday, Indian skipper Virat Kohli shared a video of Anushka Sharma calling out a man for throwing a garbage on the streets. Virat Kohli posted on social media, “Saw these people throwing garbage on the road & pulled them up rightfully. Travelling in a luxury car and brains gone for a toss. These people will keep our country clean? Yeah right! If you see something wrong happening like this, do the same & spread awareness. @AnushkaSharma

Anushka rolled down her car window and questioned the man, “Why are you throwing garbage on the road? Pls don’t throw garbage on the road. Please be careful. Use a dustbin,” she said.

The man took to his social media after being reprimanded by Anushka Sharma. “Disclaimer: i have no desire to gain any mileage from this post of mine... Horrible! So I happened to carelessly Litter a sq mm of plastic while driving ! A car passing by rolls their window down and there we have our wonderful @anushkasharma ranting and yelling like a crazy roadside person! While I’m apologetic for my carelessness , Mrs Anushka Sharma Kohli a little etiquette and politeness in ur dialogue wouldn’t have made u a lesser star !! There are all kinds of manners and hygiene .. verbal etiquette is one of them !The garbage that mistakenly went out of the window of my "luxury car"... Was way less then the garbage that came out from your mouth... From ur "luxury car's" window... Or the trashy mind @virat.kohlito shoot and post this online... For whatever gains... Now thats some serious trash!!!”

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THIS GUY. WOW. If he thought that was rude, he needs to get some thick skin ... because seriously she was not. All of us keep complaining about celebrities not setting a good example ... and when they do we drag them into dirt. Cmon. Let's not do that. This guy is obv being defensive. In his defence, Anushka should have blurred his face ... but nothing she said was 'garbage'.

Mr Virat Kohli is talking about discipline, who himself is the reason of the ouster of his coach when he try to put discipline in the Indian Team. The man who throw the littler is definitely wrong. but there is no need to post the video . And if they are so eager to do it, they should blurr his face. These days its become a habit to shoot a video and put it on social media .

Next bigg boss contestant

shud have blurred the face before posting..but pulling him up was right..if every indian citizen did this..india wud be a much cleaner place.

Ranbir & Alia 1 - 0 Jealous Anushka.

Akshay Kumar and Sachin Tendulkar also told people on the streets who were not following safety laws, etc. but were never rude or condescending. No one is suggesting that the person who threw the trash is right, but rather the problem is how his face is now on social media for people to make fun of and judge. What Anushka and Kohli don't understand is how they have assassinated his character for a minor mistake. All of us have made mistakes at one point or the other, but no one recorded us and insulted us in public. Just for another perspective, you can check some of Jon Ronson's books.

How about when we do this day in and out to celebrities, we never blurr their faces when we spread or talk gossip. So just own it.

Would she use the same tone or record if it were her or hubby’s colleagues?

Rabir is handsome, Alia is talented. Their kids will be better than any kids from this Ranveer reject (Anushka)

Ranbir is DP Reject and alia is Siddharth and varun reject.. am sure they will make a good couple

Ranbir is DP Reject and alia is Siddharth and varun reject.. am sure they will make a good couple

Why was my previous comment not posted? I mentioned the guy is Tanya Singh's brother who is married to Krishen Kumar who is the uncle of Krishen Kumar - T series owner. Not to forget acted with SRK in English Babu Desi Men.

She was not rude. She was very polite. That mans ego is hurt big time that's it.

Because Ranbir and Alia are the most gorgeous couple, these two want attention

The.nerve of that guy! Calling littering an accident? Please! Anushka said please dont throw on the road she was not rude. This guy is now playing victim saying she should be polite. All those supporting the guy because they hate anushka should grow up. He littered and got told off. Deal with it.

I remember once Ryan gosling broke a fight in NYC and some other people filmed it. That’s the difference, he didn’t use it as a publicity stunt. That’s real humility

How can one mistakenly trash? I carry my empty soda cans or water bottles until i find a recycle bin. This guy could have just left it his car for his driver to pick it up later. He didn't care for shit when he threw that bottle out of his window. Rich brat who doesn't know or care to pick after! What if someone were to fling trash at his car. Would he politely have a dialogue with them? I'm not a fan of Anushka, neither do I care for her motives but this prick had it coming. Global warming is a real thing. The plastic he recklessly flung ends up in the landfills or in the stomach of some whale. He deserved what he got.

Did your boyfriend dump you . You are talking irrationally of late. Mumbai is not even Hyderabad let alone Mumbai.

Mumbai is not even Hyderabad let alone Mumbai? Eh? And you are the one to talk about reasoning. I'm pretty sure your bf/ gf had nothing to do with your craziness. My bad, i forgot you got none.

Looks like your pea sized brain cannot figure out typos. Hey there pretty Hyderabadi boy from New york, go back begging to your BF. You got one right ,no I don't have a boy fried, I am happily married. Just laughing at your ignorance.

Mumbai is not New York to find recycle bins at every corner. No one is denying about he throwing plastic out. You should be ashamed of yourself for calling another man prick or brat, you do not know him personally. Here is a lady calling out on a stranger with horrible tone and her husband filming it to post on social media with nasty captioning. That is total invasion of privacy and public humiliation. The right thing they should do is take this attention seeking couple to court and sue the hell out of them. That should teach them a lesson.

Not having recycle bin at every corner is your excuse to trash? Then you are no better than him. Would he have a respectable dialogue if someone flung trash at his car? I'm calling him a prick because he did not apologize and is still making excuses for his behavior. If someone were to tell him politely not to trash, I'm sure he'd have flipped them. Yes it is public humiliation and he deserved it. He is a grown ass man who is littering. The effects of global warming are felt less by the likes of him who live in air conditioning all their lives. Do you know how many people die of heat wave and pollution?


All kinds of people are everywhere. I live in US and I pick up trash thrown by Americans in national parks. I'm happy Anushka did this.

Good job on your volunteer work

It doesn't have to be Indian's and India , these kind of people are everywhere and its a good habit everyone starts behaving responsibly

These two folks litter my brain. How can I clean up?

go watch a olta chasma episode you will back to yourself... heheh

Yes these folks have done a life time damage for a small mistake. And they have done horrible sh1t promoting fairness cr4p ect. Got balls and taking law in hand for not so key issues and becoming law-they- key-balls. That guy looks like drug addict and almost dead and this woman desperate.

He was decent even in the video and was apologetic. It is the public posting n unwanted comment by Virat that ticked him off. I am with this man on this one. About time, this rude illmannered couple get some etiquette lessons. That is also very much required in India

akshaykumar picked up the cigarette bunts and told the person calmly not to throw it again in 2011 but we don't know who the person was ..
And AnushkaSharma was shouting at the guy while her husband was recording. Admire how well akshay handled that situation compared to Anushka virat.

There was no need for Anushka to scream at him. She could have politely and calmly spoke to the guy and at least blur his face. Looks more like they were defaming him than explaining him

jo kiya sahi kiya..anushka everytime this guy litters he will remember this incidence&maybe refrain from littering..

How dare he litter then play the victim... Anushka keep it up.. these stupid smelly indians never learn.

He also did right. Next time,Virat will think twice before abusing others

He can sue her. You can't just post anyone especially if it has one's face that is a crime.

What she did was good....being a responsible citizen and all. But posting the! no! no!

honestly I cringe so much when I see people litter on the streets. i have to make myself stop from asking people to stop cause i will be the one being abused. dont judge her...she did the right thing. littering is an offense and people could be jailed for this.

From a man who believes that he is both "a God and a man", in his own words a "contradiction" (can be seen on instagram page) - no logic can proceed from his mind and far less therefore from his actions and speech. However, hee obviously is well versed enough to know the damage of plastic and careless littering and thus I have no pity...this same annoyance was reflected in Anushka's voice.. You made yourself an idiot and your regret is simply being caught. .so WHATEVER!

He's not the only one! They use public officers for their personal services who's income come from our taxes.

Rude or not... she said what any citizen can do or should do. But posting a video on that was totally uncalled for.Now her genuinety on the whole act is a big ????

First she should learn to dress properly. She wants to show she's great by promoting animal shelter on social media, maybe she should first promote her indian culture and then try to preach somebody

Everybody should boycott this couple, they are too arrogant. Entire mall was shut down because they went to see Avengers, why didn't she say anything at that time? Those police officers/guards are for everybody's protection and safety but they put them into their personal services when they decided to watch a movie, why didn't she act like a normal indian then, such a drama couple!

Anonymous, that's a good point about public inconvenience caused by celebrity couple. Sadly these kind of things don't come out. Only good things are reported by media. Public should report such incidents in social media

yes she was rude in her tone but part of me feels that, thats exactly what these spoilt brats deserve sometimes to be shooken up. its high time people need to realize how dusty n dirty the city is!

She has no right to talk to people like that. She's not classy at all. If she really wants to change then she should do something about it. She should pick one project and spread awareness instead of trying to do everything by posting pics... gardening, animal shelter, and every other drama she does with pics on social media.

She was just being a responsible citizen of the country.


Can we imagine what was actually going on in Virushka s car just before they shot the video! Both of them were ready with their soon as the guy threw something..anushka s window was down and Virat started shooting- at once- all incidents with lightning speed! They actually dressed up and came down on the road to look for a bakra!!! Really? Even if both of them were not ready when they saw they guy littering...Virat said- Anu u talk to him and i will capture it. Then we will put on the social media! (In mind- We will make crores after bcoming popular and getting a new clean image!!!Modi will notice us and give us more campaigns!!) Wow! What users both of them are! Claps for them. Pv pls post.

He is right. They have no right to make someone s video without their permission and make it public! They can be sued if someone wants to- for invasion of privacy, humilation and public loss of respect due to selfish invasion of virushka. They hav made image (and hence money) by using this poor guy. Pv Pls post.

This guy is trash. People should question.

Oh i use to like her but god her tone ..shes so rude

well that rudeness will wake him up forever... way to go anushka

At least she started something, its easy for people to keep commenting over it. Better than that spend your energy keeping things around your house clean. That will save you in future tax money, keep diseases away, you yourself will feel good walking around your own neighborhoods, it will keep stray dogs and garbage feeding free roaming animals away and the resources could be used for some other things.

Oh i use to like her but god her tone ..shes so rude

Anushka was not being rude. She said Please don't throw it. She should have blurred his face out for privacy though. The man is suggesting she has bad verbal etiquette. She is not swearing or going on unnecessarily. She just makes a point. This guy is not used to being questioned. I doubt the garbage "accidentally" made it out his window. He should have just apologized.

Wow! What arrogance dude!! How did the garbage accidentally flew away from you luxurious car..

I dont see any rudeness from Anushka. This guy ego got affected and he is not able to control that. Grown up and accept your mistake..

He should sue them for invasion of privacy and for humiliating him by filming and then posting the video on social media without his consent. Don't let these arrogant, entitled idiots off the hook easily. Just because they are famous doesn't mean they can do whatever they want. These two need to be brought down a peg or two. Kohli is such a wimp. He acts like his wife is the best thing on the planet. In reality, she is a fake, arrogant, rude, self absorbed liar. I am tired of him promoting her on his social media pages. Enough already! I am positive he will flop in England. Hope her next few movies flop too. They need to eat a piece of humble pie. Disgusting behavior by both.

Very true she was extremely rude

This woman tried to sell cheap chinese low quality clothes as high end clothes designed by her...and now she have the audacity to act holier than the thou...only in India celebrities get away with fakeness and lies...

Well it was a good call to intervene when the man was littering the public property, posting it online was a no-go.

Publicity stunt backfiring for the publicity hungry couple... Rofl... What was the point of making a video of the incident? Couldn't she have just talked to that man and left from there? But no... If you don't record it and boast about it, what's the use? Cheap gimmicks... Good it backfired... Now shut up you two, take a lesson..

Anushka should have snub him in private. What's the need of filming and posting it? Trying to show how civil she is . It's just s publicity stunt

so other people have the guts to confront someone else who litters. so many times ive been made a fool for speaking out. if more people care, less people litter.

Did people have guts to question Anushka of selling Chinese clothes at higher price. She should ask her husband not to throw gum and spit in the ground.

I am with her on this, he not only litters, he has the audacity to defend himself on top of it. Not just Anu, every citizen of this country ought to do that to people who litter.

Every body should play a part to make the country clean but no one has a right to use it to promote herself or post it publicly. Anushka did it only for publicity. There is a way of doing things.

Agree with him in the rude part, also what was the need of posting this video ? Specially everyone can see his face? Serious invasion of privacy.

I am shocked to see the education quality of some people they even dare to troll Anushka for supporting right. He is an adult he doesn't even know he shouldn't throw garage on road or public place and you expect her to be polite at this situation really??? Tum log bhi hamare desh Mai hai toh India toh clean nahi honewala hai.. Shame on you uneducated so called you educated bloody people.. Loosers

Bollywood celebrities think they are everything and carry that attitude everywhere. She should be polite rather than ranting. This guy isn’t the first one to throw garbage, although it’s horrible. But celebrities don’t have any right to be this kind of downright rude.

She is celebrity but at the same time she proved herself to be good citizen.

Even you are also following celebrities otherwise you wouldn't have commented here.

Following someone doesn’t mean you completely agree or disagree with everything they do

The point Anushka Sharma was trying to make could have still be made if she would have asked him politely instead of shouting at him. Don’t know why people can’t be nice to each other.

The video should not have been posted or don’t show the guys face. Please sue them for character assassination.

when you are shameless while doing things u are not supposed to , why are you scared if your face is visible everywhere while you shamelessly did the act. Pay for your actions or don't litter and say sorry

You dont defame someone in public by posting their video. That's downright WRONG. He is wrong for littering but she is more wrong for filming it and defaming him in public for posting it.

Anushka and other celebrities have become so self-righteous and judgmental. Whether it is a small issue like littering in India, opinions on Holi, Diwali or the Chinese eating dogs, celebrities come in hoards posting on the social media. They have become so close minded and not willing to hear or see anything else than what fits their opinion. At the end of the day, these people live in mansions using too many natural resources, contribute more trash and pollution than a common man. Rant over! PS- Wonder if Kohli became a vegetarian yet!

the guy should file a case for defamation, emotional distress and character assassination.

we should file a case against you for supporting wrong reason.. grown up and support correct thing...

This person (above you) is obviously not from India. They sit on theor phones and advise people to sue. People in the US especially wait and pray for something like this to happen so they can instantly become rich and famous!

He literally ripped them a new one with that post of his... As much as he was wrong I think his point does carry some weight.

Anushka, why does venom and badwords spit out of your mouth????? It cannot be only coutesy Virat Kohli..

you indians are weird what Anushka did was right, if he has this much sense why did he litter in the first place, so first do the wrong thing and then you expect politeness INDIA

deflecting the issue. just aplogize, learn and move on

Just check the comments on Virat's Insta post.Most of the people are speaking against Virat & Anushka.

Anushka is arrogant and did it to get publicity.

Rightly said .Anushka could have spoken in a normal manner but nahi madam ko apna status dikhana hai .The most rude person

Posting the video was so immature of kohli while he throws everything from plastic to chewing gum on playing ground, and little boys collect it from the field.

Wat do u expect den Virat to do? Tk a 10mints brk evry hr to run out of the ground to throw the chewing gum off n leave those little boys jobless?!!!

Little boys should be in school not wasting time on Virat

Arhhan Singh is very much in the wrong for throwing litter out of his fancy car . Presumably he does have the education & resources to know better to do such a thing .However the Kohlis are also very much in the wrong by recording & posting someone's picture in the social media without his consent . Anushka being all bossy in her preachy mode too was not polite . She could have expressed it nicely & I'm sure Arhhan would have responded positively too. At the end of the day ,there are worse things happening in India to really rant about ,this is a minor thing which can be easily corrected by this particular man .


HAHA..... he does have a point there !

Agree with him.

I agree with him

Way to go buddy!


Good Lord, all he said to do was apologize for littering instead of making excuses and also deflecting from the issue. Typical Desi mentality.

Virat and Anushka are so desperate for attention. They could have told the guy not to litter. They didn't have to make a video and post it. They have no right to post other's videos without their permission. Virat himself curses on the pitch, Anushka and he are very arrogant. They need to stop using the public for their self publicity

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