Airport Diaries: Kajol and Nysa Devgn are the perfect mother daughter duo as they twin in black

Kajol has been snapped at the airport along with her daughter Nysa Devgn a few hours back. The mother daughter duo looked simply amazing as they twinned in black outfits. Check out their latest pictures.
Airport Diaries: Kajol and Nysa Devgn are the perfect mother daughter duo as they twin in blackAirport Diaries: Kajol and Nysa Devgn are the perfect mother daughter duo as they twin in black
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Bollywood actress Kajol and husband Ajay Devgn are considered to be one of the most popular and beloved couples of the Bollywood film industry. The two of them are also the proud parents of two children, Nysa and Yug. The two of them have often been spotted together spending some quality time with their children. Both Ajay and Kajol happen to be very much protective about their children which is evident at different times when they get snapped along with their children at some event or occasion.

Kajol and her daughter Nysa Devgn has been snapped at the airport premises a few hours back. Kajol can be seen playing the protective mother again as she holds Nysa's hands while coming out. Both mother and daughter looked amazing together as the two of them twinned in black outfits. The mother daughter duo were all smiles as they got snapped by the paparazzi. Kajol looked evergreen as she wore a black long sleeve top along with matching bottoms and a pair of reddish brown kolhapuri chappals. On the other hand, Nysa definitely grabbed some eyeballs as the star kid flaunted a black off shoulder crop top along with matching shorts and white shoes.

Check out the latest pictures of Kajol and Nysa Devgn below:

On the work front, Kajol will be next seen in the upcoming movie Taanaji: The Unsung Warrior which will also star Ajay Devgn and Saif Ali Khan in the lead roles. The movie has been directed by Om Raut and is based on the life of a Marathi military leader by the name of Tanaji Malasure. The movie is scheduled to be released on January 10, 2020. 

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Nysa should def find another career nothing for her in Bollywood

no news is good wen it comes to Kajols children
leave them alone you all so pigheaded jealousy and full of green jealousy
be happy Nysa ignore the comments on here

no news is good wen it comes to Kajols children
leave them alone you all so pigheaded jealousy and full of green jealousy
be happy Nysa ignore the comments on here

That’s the way all young girls dress these days and might I add they look great! Also she’s coming from Singapore where it’s really hot so can’t be expected to wear jeans etc. let them be! Can’t ask your child to dress differently from their peers at that age, it’s their prerogative to dress as they please! Why are people still hung up on clothes?

The daughter's skin tone is the natural one. Kajol has undergone skin lightening procedures. Bad role model for her daughter who will soon want these things too

How come major became so fair ,,,and they say complexion doesn't matter she should have kept her real shade she was so dark no offense here but such dramatic change whitening treatments....and suhana Khan luks like her mom she too is Nyasa category
Not so pretty in luks yet getting limelight

What is the ugly duckling wearing? Don’t the parents have any shame asking their daughter to wear such dresses? Is this their way of trying to get a film for her? Shame.

Nysa is very striking. Ignore the haters, Nysa.

I sometimes wonder why these young girls dress like this? Such cheap shorts, showing your body, dress decent, not sure what is this new obsession of showing assets and legs and wearing almost nothing? Why these gals feel it’s sexy, they do not have any self confidence?do they need so much attention ? It makes me sad to see all these young gals dressing like this.. It’s not even common here in USA..

I see such shorts on girls all the time here in USA. Where do you live?

She really doesn't look good, why do these teenagers dress in this way? Have some self-respect and dress nicely. It's just inappropriate!!

Looks like Nysa has started her journey to skin whitening injections and nose corrections. Lots of difference from her old photos.

Out of all star kids karishma daughter is the smart classy and beautiful one

juhi's daughter too

love them!

Nysa is a average looking girl. At least she should dress decently. She looks very uncomfortable there.

Like it or not, movies are a visual medium. Audiences expect actors to look good. If you're not very good looking but are extremely talented (e.g. Rajkumar Rao, Ayushman, Vicky, Nawazudin) you typically start off in low budget productions with character roles until the audience accepts you. The problem with SOME star-kids is they are given a major role in big budget productions while neither being good looking nor talented. Nysa and Suhana Khan look like their fathers, and with those masculine features it's almost impossible to be accepted by maintaining audiences.

hey moralist in the comments, where are you when someone trolls alia for her look? atleast she's not a plastic doll and we all see that this nysa will bring a fortune to some lucky surgeon

Nysa is literally beautiful

Kajol Nysa look beautiful.Experience say overweight women pick on actresses due to jealously.

Now ugly Nysa will become super se bhi upar fair just like her whitewashed mother kajol

How did kajol became this fair ???

Skin lightening injections.

Nysa is female Ajay Devgan.

Kajol is an incredible actress and very good wife and dil. As far as Nysa is concerned, I wish her all the best in whatever career she chooses. Criticing someone’s look is the most shameful act by people using social media especially when we are anonymous.

Who says Nysa is an ugly daughter. So you judge bollywood daughters this way you freak. Watch your dam mouth before you say anything. They are hell better then stupid

Such an ugly daughter

If you have nothing nice say, you shouldn't say it. How if someone told that about you or someone you love?

Both mother and daughter are an eyesore and difficult to tolerate. But bravado daddy and Karan Aunty will buy her a career too :)

It looks like everyone has on social media , a big mouth and ego, but are in real life people with low selfesteem and jealous retards!

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