Airport Diaries: Shah Rukh Khan proves to be a charmer once again; stops by to pose with a fan

Shah Rukh Khan was spotted by the paps later in the night and as the actor was clicked at the airport, he also stopped by to click a picture with a dear fan. Check out the pictures here.
Airport Diaries: Shah Rukh Khan proves to be a charmer once again; stops by to pose with a fanAirport Diaries: Shah Rukh Khan proves to be a charmer once again; stops by to pose with a fan
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Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most humble actors in B-town and the actor has proven time and again how he would probably never disappoint his fans. The actor almost always makes sure to stop by for his fans and as long as it is within his control, he does, in fact, click pictures with them as well. And as the actor was spotted at the airport in the night, he did, in fact, stop by to pose with a fan, and both of them had this huge glee on their faces.

The actor, like most of the so many instances, opted for an all black look for the night and despite the summer heat, he looked pretty cool in what he put together. His smile continues to be just as infectious as one might think of it his smile to be. The actor proved once again every reason why he is called King Khan and. Check out the pictures from the airport right here and drop in some love in the comments below:

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Meanwhile, there have been reports that suggest the actor will be starring in the remake of the Amitabh Bachchan film, Satte Pe Satta. The reports also added further that the film will also mark Katrina Kaif and SRK coming together yet again. However, the reports suggest that the makers haven't approached anyone jus as yet.


SHAHRUKH KHAN is India’s pride!! He is going to NY to go on David Letterman show…… and you idiots out there who is bad mouthing him and talking nonsense the show is called “THE NEXT GUEST NEEDS NO INTRODUCTION!!!! Who else in India can do this … in all his thin, gaunt, ugly and whatever description... he is honored and recognized anywhere in the World!!!!

Definitely showing his age--looks thin and gaunt.

SRK,is an amazing actor, father and the peoples ambassador for his country, America loves & respects you!

he always looks so dirty, those sneakers are yuck. not to mention his gaunt face. what happened to him??

Buy itchguard and use it


SRK is always so sweet to fans. I've never heard any bad stories about him.

Looks like his stylist has quit her job

Shahhhhhhh I love you

Love him so much!!

He looks like he hasnt washed in years. He aged horribly.

Where is he going??

He's going to New York City.

Looks to me as if SRK stopped eating! He is so thin!!

Love him for this always

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