Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Aaradhya Bachchan get all cutesy in Disneyland Paris

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan took to Instagram to share a picture with Aaradhya Bachchan in Disneyland. She captioned the image as, "My Princess Angel’s Happiness means the World to me My Aaradhya...My LIFE My Eternal LOVE."
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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Aaradhya Bachchan are in Paris where the actor is representing her brand. The mother-duo are enjoying their time in Paris. Ash took to Instagram to share a picture with Aaradhya in Disneyland. 
She captioned the image as, "My Princess Angel’s Happiness means the World to me My Aaradhya...My LIFE My Eternal LOVE." 
Check out the picture: 
On the work front, in Fanney Khan, Aishwarya will be seen in a dazzling avatar looking hot as ever. Fanney Khan is a story of a taxi driver, an ideal father, who wants to fulfil his daughter’s wish of becoming a rockstar. He will go to the extent of kidnapping the pop star. What follows later makes for the premise of the movie. 
The trailer for the same releases recently and received good reviews both from the audience and critics alike. Fanney Khan releases on August 3, 2018. 
In the meantime, Aishwarya is currently enjoying some family time with Aaradhya amidst work. She is currently in Paris. 
Apart from this, it is rumoured that Aishwarya has signed a film alongside Shahid Kapoor in the remake of Woh Kaun Thi. However, no development has been known on that part so far. 


Quite a revolting sight...

Aishwarya will never divorce Abhishek even if they are not together. She will loose bachchan tag which is bringing her security and respect in industry and outside.
Abhishek is nice person and not an abusive or womanizer so if she doesn't want to stay with him, she will live separate.
Amitabh bachchan would not want a divorce tag in his family either even though all three couples are kind of separated from their respective spouses.
Its a win win situation for both Aish and abhi. So guys chill down! Divorce is not gonna happen.

Abhi went to world cup. Ash in France for Longines and Disneyland. Nothing to read into...Ash has a very close relationship with her mom and now so does Aradhya with her mom. Chill people.

she is showing off that she is a good mother while she has distanced her daughter from her father and grand sad

A mother posts pic of her child and people come our all guns to hit back at her, never seen so much negativity towards a child, may be just plain jealousy that they (Ash and her kid) are much better out there. If you don't like her instagram then don't visit it and don't click on her pics/articles, as simple as it is.

I find this pic creepy and sick. She's 6 years old. Please stop treating her as if she's 6 months old. Abhi and Ash used to be such a lovely couple. What went wrong? They're never seen vacationing together.

In 10 years, when Aish is not a star anymore, and the endorsements, movie offers and adulation disappear, how will she explain it her teenage princess why they don't get invited to Cannes, Ambani parties, and are not special anymore.
Aish, take a page from Sushmita on single-mom-parenting. Her girls seems to be having a normal, organic childhood despite the mom's celebrity status. And please stop holding your child so tight. You don't need to show the world (The Judge?) every moment, that you are the better parent.

Aish and at the age of 70 will decorate Cannes, and in you will yap with your toothless mouth the same stuff!

Aish has felt for the first time what loving another human being is like...all her life she has only used people.

Vivek has a lovely wife and a happy family life....What aish did with him years ago...she is finally paying for it...she doesn't have a marriage and her child will turn out to be a psycho...

She would not even divorce her husband...she doesn't have the courage.

I feel sorry for the bachchans...

2 abnormal people

Why kiss her on the lips?ewww


Aish is abnormal just like her daughter.Which mother kisses her 6 yr old child like this ?? Selfish cunning fake woman

Eeww.So disgusting

You people criticize Kareena for not hugging/ spending time ...etc with her son and you people again criticize Aishwarya for hugging / spending her time ...etc with her daughter .. I mean they're mothers and they know what they're doing can't we just leave for them ?

Botox kiss.

Almost all her Instagram she posts a heart/love, like she is in high school.

Its hot in Paris and both dressed in heavy coats and BTW who dresses like this to Disneyland?

They are dressed strange....its summer in the West too!!!

Not appropriate at all. She's growing up now and will have several physical and mental changes. One must know where to draw a line

rai's obsession with her spawn has officially gone from crazy to creepy and sick. its not love but obsession. seriously, this kids gonna need tons of therapy, good thing she is rich

I want to go back to the world where she didn’t have the Instagram account

I'm okay with the pic. It's the word's that are a bit alarming...

esaaaay angreez bannae ka bahut shauuk hai and guess what .. got married by choice to a boy who believes in joint family. whattttttt... hahha..... karma !

sometimes i think she deserve what she got . only she knows what a quality life she has. wink wink ;)

On the lips ? At what age should it stop ??? She isn’t 1 she is 6??

I want to go back to the world where she didn’t have the Instagram account

best comment ever

Why is everyone else in t-shirts, but these two are in long sleeve jackets/coats? It is summer in France also!

They both have retained their winter airport look!

Mother of all mothers.... mathaji gyan Devi

Wonder why they are vacationing separately. If they plan to separate, wish Abhishek and Karisma get back together. They looked so happy together when they were about to get married. Sanjeev Toshniwal looks such a grumpy guy

SO I just imagined this on some alternate universe and it would be so perfect if it happened. Everyone deserves to be happy. Abhishek always spoke respectfully of Karishma even when her and that Sanjay were going through issues. They all seem like good people just mismatched.

Awww, so sweet. Stay blessed pretty Aaradhya and beautiful Aishwarya. Love you'll


David Beckham got trolled for doing it with his daughter! Guess some people see obscene in every relationship.

No.. I don't think it is hygienic... That's giving lots of germs to your child...

Again another instagramable picture.

Had enough of these two

why r they kissing on the lips in most of the pics..need to have other poses too..

Aishwarya is already behaving like a single mother ... kid is completely detached from her father

She’s headed for divorce ...

I don't care what anyone says I used to be very close to my mother but I never shared such a kiss with's absolutely disgusting..that kind of a kiss is what u share with ur husband not ur CHILD...just because people in the West do that doesn't mean u should copy them..

There is difference between love and lust.... a mother's love to her child is most pure and you are comparing it with physical love between husband and wife? You need to cleanse your mind first before calling other disgusting. PV I hope you post my comment.

Never seen anyone is west- mother or father kissing their children on their mouth like this. Not appropriate anywhere.


true that.

If you didn't do it doesn't mean nobody else can or doesn't do it. To each their own!

She has been denied and deprived of any human contact by her husband so she is turning to her child.

I don't like her at all but you've crossed the line. SICK

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