Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Aaradhya Bachchan join Abhishek Bachchan in Chennai for Pro Kabaddi League

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan shared a selfie with Abhishek Bachchan and Aaradhya Bachchan as they cheered for their team Jaipur Pink Panthers in Chennai today.
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The 6th season of Pro Kabaddi League has commenced. The first leg of the match will be held in Chennai today and tomorrow. The first match is between Jaipur Pink Panthers and U Mumba. Abhishek Bachchan, who is the owner of Jaipur Pink Panthers is in Chennai for the opening match of his team. Jaipur Pink Panthers won the first season of the league. This year, with the addition of Deepak Hooda, the team looks stronger than ever and are strong contenders to clinch the title.

Abhishek Bachchan shared on Instagram today that he is Chennai to support his team and requested his fans to watch the match. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and daughter Aaradhya Bachchan joined Abhishek in Chennai as they cheered for their team. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan shared a photo on her Instagram account as she poses for a selfie with Abhishek and Aaradhya Bachchan. The family is seen wearing Pink Panther jackets. In the last season too, Aishwarya and Aaradhya had cheered for Pink Panthers at the stadium.



Go Pink Panthers

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Triple A!! @jaipur_pinkpanthers #BestSupport

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Abhishek Bachchan’s last release, Manmarziyaan has done decent business at the box office. The film has been loved by the audience and Abhishek Bachchan’s fans are delighted to see him back on the silver screen after 2 years. Abhishek Bachchan is yet to announce his next project, but there are reports that he will be seen in the season 2 of Amazon Prime’s Breathe.

The couple has also given their nod to Sarvesh Mewara’s Gulab Jamun. The film will roll next year.


I'm genuinely interested in Aaradhya's looks. I mean, what happened? Did she forget to inherit her mother's colored contacts and white foundation?

Aishwarya's sister in law Shrima Rai lives with Vrinda Rai.

From when?

Shrima Rai has been living with her in-laws since her marriage. Shrima moved to US at the age of 5 and stayed there until she was 21. Shrima moved to Mumbai when she married Aditya Rai at the age of 21. Vrinda brought a young bride for her son while forced her 37 year Aishwarya on Abhishek who is six years younger than her.

JUST LOOK at how dirty fans of Ashwarya complains because they get a taste of their own medicine, their Karma, yet all they talk about is other people’s karma. Now you know how we feel when you do same to other actresses and PV never publishes our compliments on our faves posts or if we speak against Ashwarya and DP no matter how many times we write it and we have to read all those filth you people post on our faves. Stop complaining and take it for a change.

Some people on here got a pathetic and sad life talking about a litte child like this. God forbid no one talks about your own child like this. Live and let live haters

PV pls post - This is the lowest I have seen people stoop!
Wishing that a child get hit by meteor,she is ugly,dark??????????
How sad you are in Life ?Your parents are definitely ashamed of you but not showing!Fear karma - seriously

I literally feel sick when I read all the negative comments. Oh my God. Are you guys serious or what? What's wrong with you ppl? If you can't say anything nice than just don't say anything. :(

PV please post puja Mishra’s video accusing Salman,Arbaz and Sohail khan for raping her.

And as expected comes the fake pic after the blind! How original!

Pinkvilla should be ashamed of itself for posting negative comments about a beautiful child. They are not filtering such comments because they want more views and advertisement money. Cheap group. I want pinkvilla moderators and the jealous haters here to go through the same trolling about their dirty minds. Such sick comments about a little child say a lot about the sad lives these writers have

Just ignore the Bhai trolls. Karma’ll hit them back and their Bhai’ll go to jail again and this time for me too movement. Just take screenshots of everything they are writing so,we can take actions in right time. Track down their
IP addresses too. Cyber crime department’ll look into the matter.

The hatred in this comment are all jealousy. Quit it and take care of your own problems, your looks your kids and definitely your financial problems.

I am very ashamed of Pinkvilla to let people post these comments. You can say stuff about adults but now you are bullying a kid. Very ashamed.

Wow. Some of the comments here are beyond disgusting. Enjoy the bad karma you're gonna get for this.

Respect Aishwarya Rai. What she did for another actress is commendable.

They make for a nice family and the lil girl is cute. If they are having issues I hope they reach some resolution as broken homes are not good for the kids.

I don’t understand the hate. I have a feeling that it’s men writing all these comments.
Stop calling Aradhya ‘mental’ and ‘retarded’. What is wrong with you guys?

Aradhya is abnormal for sure

Aradhya and her mom aish have fake glued smile

Super-woman's nanny was at the game too (just saw the pictures at another site).

I just saw the event pictures on other news sites. Suddenly Aaradhya looks so grown-up. Aishwarya's face looked really wrinkled in close up photos.

Aishwarya must be so jealous of other star kids who are 200% cuter than her clingy princess. For 2 decades she spread the lie that she's the only woman in the world who has naturally light eyes. Hahaha. What a liar shamelessly switching contacts from green to blue and grey. Much to her frustration, many Bollywood kids turned out to have colored eyes:
Akshay Kumar's son Aarav.
Sanjay Dutt's daughter Iqra.
Kareena's Taimur.
Soha's Inaaya.

Are you even in right frame of mind?? Comparing little kids??
First of all there is no such thing like 200%. And how do you measure cuteness?? Which kid is more cute?
Which school did you go seriously?

Bhai's madrasa.

Sure all the kids youve named above are result of IVF except for Akshay kumar so dont get the hate. PRAYING for you brother/sister

It seems like Aaradhya is slowly becoming normal. Glad to see all those Dr. visits in US finally making this retarded kid normal.

Only a blind will call this little monster as cute or lovely.

Only a psycho like you will judge a child by their looks. You don’t know this family in person and you are still showing that their posts hurt you a lot. You need immediate medical help

Are schools closed in Mumbai this week?

And how is that your effing problem?

Navratri holidays. Stop your jealousy towards this family and go get medical help if you are getting hurt about someone whom you do not know personally. Their life their wish. They are not harming anyone so you just calm down you hater

Grandparents are not enemies. At their age, little grandkids bring the most joy. Aishwarya seriously needs to take care of her issues. Her problem with others are due to her issues. See how nicely Kareena has formed a relationship with her mother in law and sister in law. She's even friends with her step children.

It is easy to pose and post photos with in laws when you don’t live with them. Ask your Kareena to live in the same house as her sister in law and mother in law. We will then see true colors of Kareena coming out. Kareena did not even invite Soha and Saif’s other kids to Taimur’s first birthday but took her entire family. It shows who is who. Stop faking about nepotism product Kareena and stop lying about self made Aishwarya who has been most popular ever since her Miss World days

Jaya lived her entire married life with her in-laws and served them like a daughter. Shweta lived with her in-laws until about last year. Oh BTW, Aishwarya's brother Aditya Rai and her sister in law Shrima Rai lives with Aishwarya's mother Vrinda in a 4-bedroom 2-bathroom apartment with only a balcony. Just thought I'd inform you guys before the feminists and modern house wives on this forum start voicing their support for an undeserving Aishwarya.

Not true miss, neither did shwetha live nor is Shrima living with Aishwaryas mother. They have a place of their own. Get your facts right and PV pls post

Aishwarya does not live with her in-laws. Do you really think a woman as rude, controlling, dominating, and disrespectful can live with anyone? When Abhishek got married, a new portion was constructed on Jalsa premises. Abhishek, Aishwarya, and Aaradhya live in that house separate from others. Even though Aaradhya lives on Bachchan property and uses Bachchan surname, she doesn't even recognize her dada dadi. Amitabh Jaya and Shweta are not allowed near Aaradhya. Aaradhya only spent time with her nana (late) and now spends time with her nani Vrinda and Aishwarya's side of the family.

They have so many properties that you can't say that even Amitabh lives with Jaya at this point. Their lives are so separate and they all spend time at different homes. In regards to Aaradhya not knowing her own grandparents that's just silly - she will be a success whatever she does regardless of her last name as she has two loving caring parents doesn't have anything to do with her surname. Shweta also has opened her instagram and you can see a pic with Aaradhya there as well. They all know each other and are family. Some are close, some not as close. Doesn't mean they are not family. Aishwarya is not "withholding" Aaradhya from anyone.

Now I am a big fan of Aishwarya

Aish should consult a pyschatrist for her obssession with aradhya .She needs mental help

Bechara abhishek phas gya in abnormal ma beti ke beech mein.

Look at the way she is holding onto aradhya as if she will run away
This behaviour of aish is dangerous and over possessive

Someone mentioned in July that Aishwarya and Abhishek are separated and will announce divorce in September. Most of the time Aishwarya is with her mother and daughter. She never allows Abhishek near his child. Aishwarya hardly spends time with Abhishek. But now they're showing this picture in which they seem like a perfectly happy family. What's the reality? Public is confused.

Aradhya is cute

Too bad Vivek was exploited by this "sweet humble down to earth natural beauty".

Abhishek with Salman's and Vivek's left overs.

The way Aaradhya is staring into the camera is sending chills down my spine. And her smug smile. Ew!


I know Aishwarya is very clever lady she came a long way to enter Bachchan family and she know it’s the best place to get security both financially and physically .. it would be her life biggest mistake if she comes out of this wedded life.. she knows she is aging who will give her so much benefits

People here are so eager to see other people unhappy. They are happily married, just leave them be.

This mean little princess looks so cunning. God save all the men because when she grows up she'll be another Aishwarya.

Abhishek deserves a medal for accepting a woman who allowed half of the Bollywood to "visit" her!

Are you talking about mother?

You didn't read the comment properly. I'm talking about Aishwarya. The "dignified" lady who offered her services to Rajeev Mulchandani, Subhash Ghai, Salman Khan, Vivek Oberoi, Amitabh Bachchan, and Abhishek Bachchan.

Correction . Are you talking about your mother?

Correction: I am talking about Aishwarya. She's been with Rajeev Mulchandani, Subhash Ghai, Salman Khan, Vivek Oberoi, Amitabh Bachchan, and Abhishek Bachchan.... Ranbir Kapoor and now that hot child psychiatrist from SoBo witj whom she bonded over Aaradhya's therapy sessions.

Looks like the parents took Aaradhya to Micky Contractor to bleach her black face.

Seems like there is a fight in the family. Today was Shweta's debut book launch. Aishwarya is selfish so obviously you can't expect her to support her sister in law. But what happened to Abhishek? It seems like has totally surrendered to Aishwarya's manipulation.

I hope a meteor hits this Aaradhya. She's just intolerable. The mere presence of her in the picture is nauseating.

Why so much venom against that child who has never harmed you ? What pleasure do you get out of constantly maligning an innocent child ? God forbid one day this same treatment will be served out to a loved child of yours & u will be broken when that happens . I request PV not to publish such rubbish .

Its better to ignore the bhai trolls. You gotta understand only the worst of the lot would go for a child because they hate the parent. They are pathetic, deplorable and irredeemable.

The Salman connection did not occur to me ! This entire article is populated by mucky comments all written by the same louse . I have a daughter myself and I know exactly how much this sort of filth can impact a young mind . No wonder Aishwariya acts so over protective to the point of obsession with Aaradya ! The language & tone of the comments are very similar to someone who had an ID on PV .

Queen rani...but it's PV fault...they barely allow any sensible comments and encouraging trolling...there was time when this site had a wonderful people like fiza khan,pizza pasta and others but now it's gohar,queen rani and so many creeps...
I hope you will post fair guys...

Queen Rani takes good care to deliberately offend , he is far from being a Rani fan & loves to evoke strong reactions here . I don't care about Salman or Aishwariya ,they are adults accustomed to such behavior and would have developed a thick skin with time .But that little girl has genuinely done nothing to harm the writer or anyone else here . Why such harshness on her ? Have we descended to this now - vilifying innocent children ? Which religion teaches that ?

Not all people who dislike aish r Salman's fans..some people dislike both of them..and going by ur logic then all the trolls Salman gets r from aish's fans like u have no right to point fingers..

So you took offense to the part where I called out the bhai trolls but not to the comments on an innocent child? Makes sense. I never called Salman's kids any names. Oh wait! he hasn't got one.

Yes I dislike them overrated...ok aish is beautiful but salman is average and they painfully talentless,arrogant and rude...

What a lucky woman Aishwarya is. She had her fun with Ghai, Khan, Oberoi, Senior Bachchan and now cunningly enjoying the status of Bachchan bahu.

Not lucky, she is a very cunning woman!

Agree. She's exceptionally clever. Sometimes I think she's really lucky that all her cunning plans and tactics worked out really well in her favor. She entered into many people's lives just to take advantage of them. When she left, she took their peace and sunshine away. Instead of paying for her evil deeds, she became more successful than ever.

I'm jealous of Aishwarya Rai's "natural beauty" especially her fake eyelashes, green contact lenses, hair extensions, white foundation, and LOTS of makeup.

Love! <3

Ash with Abhishek and Abhishek Bachchan junior. Her daughter has no future in Showbiz. Beti B looks just like Her dad.

I think it’s Ash’s money which was invested. She does not take interest in Abhishek’s soccer team this much.

Stop it guys...they don't know that we know that they know...

Seriously this is so predictable.Atleast wait few days to make it look genuine lol.Damage control huh

Bachchan family is having fun while others are suffering

looks like Aish has invested money in pro kabbadi thats why she joins every year.

KABADDI-------? what a sport. so outdated/boring.

If they put half as much effort as their damage control and media games in sum thing more productive...

Stop trying guys...apparently they don't know that we know they know we know..

ash and aradhya join abhi for matches every year.

Lol this picture screams DAMAGE CONTROL

So Ara and Ash are one tight unit and AB is sort of just tagging/clinging along. If having a kid changes your relationship this much then you didn't have anything special to begin with!

Its bot just having a child. Its having child while living with in-laws I feel. The whole relationship ballgame changes. In-laws feel they have more rights to grandchild, want active part in raising them. Times are changed. Moms feel otherwise. Husband sides with in-laws yada yada. I have seen this happen so many times with so many people. Aish literally looks like she is shielding her daughter from her own father and his family. Things have gone terribly wrong and there can be no change while there is so much outside influences on both parties. I think aishs parents are also as much involved to overcome for the bachchan influence.

I was going to write the same thing. I still remember how Aishwarya used to look at Abhishek and behave around him and with him before Aradhya was born. I understand equations evolve and change with time nor am I saying love has to shown to the world but all their pictures now are like Aradhya and Aishwarya together with Abhishek just photobombing :-/ If the blind that came out is true, which I hope its not, it will be sad as I really love these two as a couple.

Abhishek your wife is a hero. She is our hero. Be proud of her. Be strong like her. Don’t live under the shadow of your hypocrite dad. PV kindly post this.

Aradhya is look alike of Abhishek. She has got her daddy’s face. Abhishek looks like his mom Jaya .

I feel Aradhya looks like Aishwarya's brother and Abhishek looks exactly like his Dad!

There is a me too movement in Bollywood........and the Bachchans are hving fun....power of money and political connections....this family should be they use people,friends,women ,media and political connections to coverup there misdeeds.

But aish doing her best to take care of all the women...Stop your jealousy...

Lol people may be jealous Aish's looks but no one is jealous of her married life.

Finished watching the pro kabaddi match just now. Aishwarya, Abhishek and the little girl are such a good looking family. They are lovely. The fake blinds about them are by jealous rival actresses

another one for public photo ops or is the not getting along blind just for their upcoming movie publicity.

hum saath sate hain !!!! reshma shetthy trying her level best

Campaign of damage control has officially begun! Get ready for the new part in their diwali party. Haven't seen such fake smiles before lol

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