Aishwarya Rai Bachchan just dropped in a gorgeous photo of hers leaving us all breathless

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan returned with daughter Aardhya to the city recently after attending the Cannes Film Festival. At the coveted festival, the blue-eyed beauty impressed everyone with her wonderful red carpet appearances.
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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan recently made her Instagram debut and has clocked over 1 million followers. Thanking the fans for this, Aishwarya shared a flawlessly beautiful picture of herself leaving us all breathless. 

Check out her post here:


Thank you for your Love

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The actor returned with daughter Aardhya to the city recently after attending the Cannes Film Festival. At the coveted festival, the blue-eyed beauty impressed everyone with her wonderful red carpet appearances. 
Meanwhile, while speaking to the media there, Aishwarya said, "We as women need to stop judging each other. If you apply makeup that doesn't mean you don't have brains. It doesn't mean you lack in substance. It does not meant that you are not sensitive or compassionate."
She added, "At the same time, if you choose not to use make up, it doesn't mean you are a disinterested person or a person lacking in colour. Or that you are brainy just because you don't put make up. Or that you are too serious and not a fun-loving person."
On the work front, Aishwarya will be seen in Fanne Khan alongside Rajkummar Rao and Anil Kapoor. About this, Aishwarya shared with DNA, "Yes. I don’t care if it’s a character, a leading lady or a glamorous part. People forget I did Iruvar (1997) right in the beginning of my career. I played Shah Rukh (Khan)’s sister in our first film together (Josh, 2000) and I never had issues. I’m doing Fanne Khan because I like the larger idea of the film. There’s a girl who looks up to this pop star, which is played by me. But sometimes, when we idolise someone, we forget that they, too, have a real side to that person. We shouldn’t judge people on what actually are frivolous ideas. It’s important for me as a star to come out and speak about such issues in today’s day and time."

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Her Insta account is all "me, me, me, Aradhya, more me".

Self-obsessed and nothing of substance. It confirms what we already know about her - a pretty face with a boring personality. Does she even have a hobby?!

omg omg ....nothing has changed from ad garden / pepsi sanjana / with brains!

She threw work here and there. Utterly unprofessional thing to say. Anybody having professional associate with her should revisit their decision. I do not know anybody with that attitude that is given work let alone welcomed. No no. she is not an exception in the universe. Employers have zero tolerance policy for unprofessionalism.

Stunning picture.

is ash living separately or has she totally disconnected herself with her in-laws and husband. Any sane woman would post a family pic (atleast with husband) or with entire family when her FIL is such a megastar in same industry. Its weird! And if she has disconnected then Iwould say better have guts to come out of it publicly and don't latch on to Bachchan surname as that's the one which is giving you limelight and fame.

Disclaimer: I don't like Ash, I am not her fan.

I dont think she's latching on to Bachchan surname. On the contrary, if she had posted a pic with her "Megastar" FIL in-spite of their alleged cold war then I would have thought that she's milking her last name. She is self made. Also, How does it matter to you or anyone else in the word whether she's separated or not?

Beautiful woman, inside and outside.

Classic beauty. Love Aish.

She needs to change her statergy if she wishes to remain relevant. Yes, she was most beautiful, dream girl , first Indian famous in Cannes, Hollywood, Oprah Show , Nakshata, L’Oréal , Longiess, Madam Tussads , David Letterman, UNICEF etc , but now with globalization and a large number of people from emerging markets, these brands and shows are no longer elite/ exclusive, they are trying to bring in maximum people, cater to most audiences . She needs to stop showing off her beauty / desirability/ good mother image and start to be a brand ambassador of something more impactful/ meaningful. Like open a franchise of schools especially for girl children, be the face of save the girl child mission in India , do something highlighting Mid Life Crisis in women or the problems women face in the workplace. Posting hot/ sexy pics on Instagram won’t do anything for her since already there are many heroines doing that

I don't see anything hot/sexy in this pic. She doesn't show off her charities and humanitarian work to make a good image, like most others. And that's genuinely nice.

her beauty has always been dependent on photoshop skin bleach and reshaping her face ! we have seen her photos from cannes which are a lot different from the digitally reshaped photo above....she is the last to be called beauty because real beauties are natural and does not need digital reshaping

Try harder, this strategy ain't working to bring Ash down.

not sure i like her insta persona so much... posts such as above make her seem self-obsessed when she's carefully cultivated an exactly opposite image over the past years.

And her instagram has been up for about ...5 minutes? Many murder-trial juries take longer to deliberate before delivering a guilty verdict.

Miss World for a reason. Even at the age of 44 she can give a run for money to the younger ones. And yes Aish is the most beautiful person on earth. She is all natural (even if she had botox/fillers now, so what she is ageing so its fine for her to take care of herself. However, she did not do surgery to change how she looks). Do check her old photos n currents ones - nothing has changed.

Beautiful .

This look is from the red carpet second day. Aishwarya looks ravishing.

This look is from the red carpet second day. Aishwarya looks ravishing.

Ash at 44 looks so much better than the younger actresses.

Gorgeousness at its best.

She looks like Sophia robot!

gorg pic of hers after ages...she shud take better care of her lips though..they need hydration..

I told her that, but still - she won't stop kissing me. Yes, I'm a lucky man-fan. LOL!

who wants to see photoshopped pics of a boring person. Next.

That's the same look from the red carpet and she looked the same. If you didn't want to see, why come on this page? hahaha

A face beyond comparison. Sigh!

It took her 5 days to get a million followers on Instagram lol. When Katrina, Madhuri, and even Sridevi debuted, they got a million in less than 24 hours.

And you have nothing better to do than keep tabs on the # of followers everyone got, huh?

And what? -There are already more than 2 million, and only 30 publications, so that it will catch up and overtake))

She would reach 1M I 24Hrs if she buys fake followers ! Even Kareena each Twitter FC are over 1M followers but their tweets hardly get 100RT shows everything ! So I love how Aish wants clean and fair followers !

uff - SOOoooooooooo gorgeous! <3

Eternal beauty. Love you Aishwarya. She has the most perfect features

Dry cracked lips, not a good look

I wish I looked like her

please post original photos not photoshopped or airbrushed, pv why not posting msg!!

That's the original look from the red carpet second day,duh!

Yes overtly lined lips to make them bigger. Nowadays nothing is original anymore.

Look at the red carpet Cannes with this make-up)))

She is slaying it on Instagram. Now she'll show everyone how to play the game!

Beautiful, as always!

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