Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looks drop-dead gorgeous in a pink saree at an event in Pune

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan attended an event in Pune organised by the Bunt community on Saturday that is, April 7, 2018. At the event, Aishwarya was awarded Woman of Substance title.
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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was recently in Pune to attend an event held by her Bunt community. At the event, the former beauty queen was bestowed with a Woman of Substance title and Aishwarya looked elated.

The actor looked drop dead gorgeous in a hot pink saree style lehenga with contrasting pallu. She kept her hair stick straight and rounded her look by donning a shiny bindi on her forehead.

Aishwarya was all smiles while posing for the shutterbugs present there.

Check out the photos below and tell us about it in the comments section.


Talking about being a working mother, Aishwarya earlier told a leading magazine, "When I got married, it was interesting to discover that everything was continuing as it were - script discussions and business meetings. I wanted to keep it going because it meant there was a change in our otherwise-conservative industry. Likewise, with motherhood, I worked from the beginning but it was on endorsements, charity work and business ideas."

She added, "I starred in my first film when Aaradhya was three. I never "stopped working"; I just wasn't on screen."

Aishwarya has inspired many, not only in India but also across the globe. When asked about her role model, she said, "This will sound like a line from a film but I'm just a regular girl... Abhishek's my husband and Aaradhya's my child. My mother is the only one I know inside out, so as a role model she’s the only I choose to name - and it's her values I'm imbibing consciously and subconsciously raising my daughter. I've never shared dream roles... because what if someone writes it for you? Then what? You'll have nothing to look forward to."

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I think she looks beautiful. But that looks more like a lengha than a sari??

Don't like it .

i think aaradhya dressed her

You had me rolling on the floor laughing with your comment...

a saree would have looked so much better and more graceful. this is just a very mahila sangeet type of a costume. looks different and more classy on the model though

She is very appropriately dressed! This award seems to be awarded by a traditional community and the event its self is conducted in a traditional setting.
Congratulations to Aishwarya!

Shes gorgeous! wow! so many unnecessary comments. leave her alone

for a 44 year mature women..shes gorgeous..&shes not obese or overweight..just not super skinny like the rest of the starved bwood brigade..only wish she embarced her body &didnt allow mag covers to photoshop her like crazy.

This is proof that vogue photoshopped her to look like a model in coverpage.fake woman. We are smart not to believe her magazine looks.

That beauty crown has never been milked and used so much by anyone so far.

That beauty crown has never been justified so much by anyone so far

Exactly what kind of substance are we talking about here?

we are talking about fake substance **eye roll**

Aaawww! Someone has to be happy playing dress up at events now.

Looks like she'll either start doing dandiya any moment or waiting to welcome the guests at a wedding.

Someone's taking dress up to another level.

She looks very nice but more like a pretty aunty. She let her figure go down the drain and this look makes her look like an aunty! Why is she so lazy to workout?

Who wears this kinda stuff now?! She always dresses herself and her daughter badly

She loooks amazing for a 44 year old lady. Yes she doesn’t care to workout and spend all her life in the gym like some people so what. Not everyone wants to be a size 4 and kill themselves in the process.

What is a "woman of substance"? All I see is a woman of "substantial" weight especially compared to fake magazine covers.

She looks good except for the big biceps

Mata ji ki jai ho...

Ash should try a new hairstyle! That look is quite boring and repetitive. Does she need jaya’s Permission to change that hair?

Looks exactly like she did on her Vogue cover - said no one ever!

Was it the same person on Vogue cover?

Beauty with a purpose

this is the real aishwarya not the vogue photo shoot. enough with photoshop already. she’s not slim - and that’s fine, but don’t slim her down for a magazine spread - it’s ridiculous.

Ash is a very humble person.

This isn't a sari, it looks more like ghagra choli. She looks great!

I am sorry I do not see anything like” dead drop

Hahahahha too

Always beautiful!

With a lot of help of stylist

So what happened to a slim figure from Indian vogue?! These pictures are proof her figure was was photoshopped in Vogue.


That blouse slleeve is so boring.. Othrwise she is beautiful. Why no bindi?? No sindoor,,

very beautiful dress... saw the catalog picture.... but ASH is dressed up so badly....poor Styling & boring hairstyle...


Pretty face, infact prettiest lehnga is also good but poor. Styling, poor. Makeup, worst hairstyle

Auntie g

Not a saree... It's a lehenga by masaba

Aishwarya is beautiful and I like it that haters are going crazy looking at her gorgeous pictures


Gawd!! That dress is atrocious!

Fake AND phony Aishwarya Rai. Very very garrish outfit

So not good in this picture...very poor hairstyle and the clothes are awful. She is usually beautiful so don't ruin it with poor fashion style

She could have chosen some simple kanjeevaram or Banarasi saree with huge border and simple butta and a simple blouse with subtle make up.. That wud have changed the whole look and also she wud have looked beautiful.. This look isn't helping her in any way.

She is a real behenji.

She looks beautiful .Proud of her

The mannerisms of Ash are just so irritating. If u watch Jodha Akbar interviews, u will see two Drop dead looking Stars. But Hrithik is so normal, casual n down to earth. While Ash is so over conscious of her good looks n model-like in her behavior.

I agree! U put it out perfectly!

needa lose weight amma

She just gained weight right after her Vogue photo shoot.Kidding..;-))

And Mother india has started again !!!

She looks nothing like her magazine covers. I am not against photoshopping. Cover pages are hyped for a reason. But at least look a littl convincing in real life.

Radhe maa

What is this Rekha's sis

I love ASH... but she dresses so badly... bad hair style... she is so beautiful but such a waste...

Is she into substance abuse ? As the award claims Women of Substance ?

:D :D :D



she looks so good! wow

A queen...


Awarded Woman of Substance LOLzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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