Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's scan from Femina magazine

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's scan from Femina magazine

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if Lisa Ray is not #1, there's something wrong with this list.

perfect and drop dead gorgeous , but believe u people me that haters comments may hv no effect

perfect and drop dead gorgeous , but believe u people me that haters comments may hv no effect

Yep in Bollywood Aish is the most beautiful! She will always win the first place coz she really is with nice features.

"The most overrated woman in the world"

To: Fri, 2011-01-28 08:05 — Anonymous
Good points. There is a need to re-define "beauty" as well.

Raveena is the most beautiful

Why is India obsessed with superlatives? Most beautiful and then the whole obsession with being in record books. Guiness Book is so 1980's! I guess Indian people have the most time on their hands to watch the most stupid Bollywood movies and participate in this crap!

saw this issue at the airport and had to get it...btw they had weird ppl in the list for most beautiful uI went down the list, i couldn't agree with their choices...

aishwarya is truly the most beautiful woman.

the british packed their bags and left but we still love bleached skin and blue eyes. vande mataram.

she's adorable!

i've never been a fan of hers but somehow i feel bad for her that her time is over now... whatever her fans may try to say but fact is her time as a commercial leading lady is over, she can't be successful in those kind of movies, she should just switch to parallel cinema like raincoat and chokerbali to maintain her dignity otherwise she will ridicule herself with a movie like action replay where she tried to play a twenty year old girl, she is not believable in this roles anymore

Aish is truly beautiful, she deserves the title!!

haters, why are you still posting comments here when you so hate this woman anyway???!!

just go away.

she`s unbelievablyyyyyyyyyyyyy beautiful.......omg.....

kajol is is the most beautiful women

ya sushmita sen is the most beautiful woman in the world....more beautiful than ash. sushmita is 100% real unlike ash who is 99.9% fake.
sushumita is beautiful in and out. she shud be number one after her it shud be KAREENA KAPOOR SONAM KAPOOR ANUSHKA SHARMA DEEPIKA KATRINA Ash Then PC.

n isnt ash tooo old to be competing w. these young ladies....shes 40 years old. its time for her to retire, have some babies and settle down. enouggh is enough!!! ur worng ash u cant be married and be a succesful actress well some actresses can be but u cant be ash....ur a flop actress...u always have been but after ur marriage u became a super flop actress of all time. u only had two hits...hum dil de chuke sanam and devdas...thats it....( cant remember any of ur other movies).

boy am i glad that u didnt do chalte chalte.....i dont think i would have love that movie as much if u have done it. rani was the best.....shes a trillion times better actress than u can ever be.

I don't know why India can't look past her "beauty" Without her eyes, she'd be forgotten. Shallow people, shallow India.

SUHSMITA SEN is the most beautiful

They hate u, but they can't do without u, that alone is a big bless from god.

you are bless with beauty. no wonder u always comes first. oh my god, where is abhi ex girlfriends, their senior is far ahead. take it easy haters.

Haters start your job. Aish please stop it cos u are killing some people.

truly beautiful , classy and graceful.................................. remember one thing haterz will have no effect on her stardom so think twice before commenting bad.....................................

she was good looking before the Cheek-implants.. .. why o why ?


she is blessed with everything in life :)

Im sorry but there is nothing beautiful about that picture. She looks like a bird, with a beak as a nose.

love it

what is with all these lists. hate them. both the hollywood and bollywood versions.

why is the most beautiful woman in the WORLD Always covering her face with Hair ? what is she hiding.. surgery marks ? why doesnt she pull her hair back like Rani..

wow..nice! Aishwarya looks fab... as usual.
can someone pls put all the 50 women scans of femina online on pinkvilla. thx a bunch

aww so adorable!

so cute

yes she is the best....

yes she is the best....

she is truly a most beautiful woman we have

Me and maybe there is many more people that actually think the opposite saying that Aissh is definately not the most beautiful women in the world. I believe people are exaggerating too mmuch and specially now i think she is overrated.

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