Aishwarya Rai wishes Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan on their wedding anniversary with a heartfelt post

Today, on Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan’s 45th wedding anniversary, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan posted a photo with her in-laws and shared a heartfelt message for them.
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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has recently joined social media. She is quite active on Instagram and often shares photos of her family.

Today, on Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan’s 45th wedding anniversary, Aishwarya posted a photo with her in-laws and shared a heartfelt message for them. In the photo, Aishwarya with daughter Aaradhya and nephew Agastya Nanda can be seen with Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan. She captioned the photo, “Happyyy Anniversary Pa n Ma Love, Health and Happiness always God Bless”

Check out the lovely family photo:


Happyyy Anniversary Pa n Ma Love, Health and Happiness always God Bless

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Abhishek Bachchan also wished his parents today on social media. He shared a throwback photo of Big B and Jaya Bachchan and captioned it, “I wish that both of you continue to laugh and love for the next 45 years too. Happy 45th anniversary Ma and Pa. I love you.”

Big B and Jaya Bachchan got married at a friend’s apartment in a low-key ceremony. It was attended by close friends and family members. Amitabh Bachchan took to his Twitter account to thank fans and well-wishers for their wishes.

“T 2825 - They that give love and send greetings on our 45th marriage anniversary .. my gratitude and love .. स्नेह और आदर उन सब को , जिन्होंने जया और मुझे, हमारी विवाह जयंती पे बधाई भेजी है  ,, अनेक अनेक धन्यवाद”

He also expressed gratitude in his blog. “The flowers and wishes adorn  the house in the advance greetings for the morrow - our Wedding Anniversary , June 3rd 1973 .. now 45 years .. ! Many among the Ef and the other social medium send their greetings and love and I reciprocate them, with equal love and graciousness ..,” he wrote.

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Look ar the way Aradhya is sprawled all over Jaya n a hand on Amitabh. This shows closeness. A child who is not comfortable with its grandparents can never sit like this. If ppl hve eyes n brains they will see the pic n understand Aradhya is very close to her grandparents n very comfortable with them too. Maybe there are no pics of them on social media 24×7. But this pic is enuf to show its of a child loved by her grandparents

Actually she looks very uncomfortable being held like that! Like she's not used to it...

man these bachchan genes! agastya is a carbon copy of abhishek. the resemblance is unreal!

Agree.. considering that Aradhya as well got the bachchan genes. Its stronger.

Agastya looks like his dad Nikhil Nanda. Aaradhya looks exactly like her mom and shares close resemblance with her grandfather Krishna Raj Rai.

Looks like to me, that these people pay a lot more attention then they let on to online comments.
This picture is just what they think will make the family seem close and normal

The Bachchan's are super cool, they let Aish do whatever she wants, be it spending time with her parents or work commitments. Lucky her to have in-laws like them. Even simple household requires a Bahu to be more involved in her household.

So the elder Bachchans should be given an award for "letting" a grown woman do what she wants? Which century do you live? Most likely you are stirring the pot to get a reaction. You cant be that regressive.

Just because they do not post 100 pictures 24/ 7 together does not mean they are not happy or they do not get along, Ash is a private person and she may have some problems with the family and in laws who does not, that does not mean you break your marriage. I think she is a perfect bahu, Bachchans could not have gotten anyone better than her, she is a wonderful person, down to earth even after being so successful, she has no airs, she is on Insta because she thought its the need of the time but I have always seen her as private persona, so chill.. Let her live her life.. Stop hating, its not good for your health.

Anything to keep the facade going

If she's with them, you complain. If she's not with them, you complain. Just let them all be!

Their marriage is sailing smoothly.

But a lot of people definitely don't want it to.

They deserved a better bahu

bachan genes are so strong in sweta kids. agastya looks just like his maama abishek in that pic

Why so much fakeness Aish ?

Love you Aishwarya. People will post hate comment because they are jealous of you. They try to rip your married life apart but you are so wonderful and down to earth. I notice that family comes first and your priorities are set right. Abhishek and you are always there for each other in thick and thin. Beautiful couple. Much love and happiness to you dear Aishwarya. Jaya is a strong lady and I like that she adores you and vice versa. Let the jealous hater's comments not upset you but keep flying high and take care of your daughter the way you want to. At least you are there for her in her formative years and that is all that matters

Lolwa...and she couldn't save her own marriage.

Whos is that boy?

Shweta Bachchans Son

Good, now all haters will keep quite for some time or start hating her more.. They all look lovely here, only Ash can sustain in this Bachchan house as she has good values, and she is a wonderful person, she knows hot to keep a family together.

Shweta and abhishek are missing from the pic looool

Abhishek is probably taking the pic!

Abhishek is missing from the pic. I'm sure she has some pics with them all together in it but she chose not to use it. Definitely problems between the 2

Does she know how to spell happy? Writes like a 6 year old.

I know there will be tons of comments how ash is faking it and they are heading to divorce or patch up. All of which I am not able to believe.

Been seeing ash with abhi all the time, the other day she met with abhi's football team/posed together with fans and tons of other instances. her close filmy friends now are sonali bendre/goldie behl.

Her living separately from bachchan bungalow - apparently they have 4 bungalows and she and abhi occupy the fourth one. That is just logical, so many of my friends live in apartments right to next either of their parents. This way you have your own house and yet be there for each other.

Ash and jaya are more than cordial to each other in public, they seem normal.

So i dont believe in any of this rumour.

What i find most irritating or annoying about ash/abhi is, she literally rarely leaves the kid with abhi. Abhi is never going to be a bigger star or anything, he will definitely be a better parent than her. just look at the way he is with his niece/nephew.

that too me shows how much she doesnt love abhishek.

Happy Anniversary to the real Power couple of the Bollywood community! Agastya looks handsome just like his uncle!!!

aww im glad! thank god they are happy toghether. shame on haters

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