Alia Bhatt can't stop blushing as she leaves with boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor after Brahmastra shoot

The second schedule of Ayan Mukerji's Brahmastra kicked off today. Lead pair Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor were clicked on the sets and exited together after the shoot.
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Amidst growing speculation about their relationship, Ranbir Kapoor confirmed in an interview to GQ that he is indeed dating Alia Bhatt. Ranbir said that the relationship is too new and it needs time to breathe. He said new relationship with a new person comes with its own excitement.

Alia Bhatt was also asked about her bond with Ranbir Kapoor during Raazi promotional interviews. She said that she is fortunate to be around Ranbir Kapoor as he is a pure soul. She also said that he is not only a fantastic actor but a fantastic human being and that they connected on the sets of their upcoming film, Brahmastra.

The second schedule of the film kicked off in Mumbai today. Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt were clicked on the sets of the film. Ranbir looked dapper in a checkered shirt and denim, whereas Alia opted for a white tee and black denim. The couple was clicked as they made their way towards the set.

After the film’s shoot, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt exited the studio together and were all smiles for the media. Alia Bhatt was in a cheerful mood and couldn’t stop blushing. She looked pretty in traditional wear.

Check out the photos:

A few days ago, Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Amitabh Bachchan met with the film’s director, Ayan Mukerji for a prep session. The film, Brahmastra is the first part of a trilogy that has been planned by Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions.

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Why is there all much hate towards Alia ? She’s amazing actress even if Its nepotism she Loves her work and is passionate about what she does . And when it comes to love/attraction it’s not about the physical appearance. maybe the Katrina Deepika didn’t give him the love he needed . Alia isn’t unattractive ! All this hate towards someone is unnecessary. And if this is all an act you guys are doing exactly what they want your to do .. WHICH IS TALK !!

Facade ! It’s like mocking their fans ... pandering to lowest common denominator in India !! EVen their interviews are facade well practised to control the narrative!

u sure na its fake.?i also feel that the interview is also made up>

its so pathetic the things these people will do for a movie to be a hit. It's also strange to me given the notion that she is friendly with Katrina and has seen them together and now to sell this soap drama as really silly. this stuff always fails and movies will always end up running on the basis of merit this stuff will rather make it go down real quick

Sid now ranbir. I don’t believe any of these guys are attached to her in that way. And she will just believe they are in her little world. Wait till her all her “boys” get hitched.

alia is dating varun and ranbir is dating ayan...everyone knows that

how u know alia is dating varun..reason?

Alia has been doing it since her early teens with quite a few different people so people who cast aspersions on kat
and her past think again. She looks innocent but she isn't. And If there is any truth in this i think Neetuji will be in for a rude awakening cause this one only pretends to be sweet. Ranbir knows who was the only really sweet person in his life.

She disgusts me!


She has been in a 'rumoured' relationship with so many of her co-stars but everything is unraveled when Varun is around.Her whole demeanour changes.

Alia falls in love with everyone & this is the biggest reason why people are going to believe her drama.

What do men see in her? She is “fair”. and she acts No way.

She is overrated as an actress. And nothing to look at really.

She is light tan,not fair!,

rk alia are doin it for movie.its clear..but wat is wid varun alia?he said in a show that he wud like to come bak to the show but wid alia only nd noone else:0 kya horaha hai?varun alia are in secret relationship it seems like!

koi bhi believe nhi kararha ise:p alia looks good only wid varun baki sab bhai chacha ya papa lgte iske:p

varun and alia chemistry noone can beat..its real on various level..

Say what you will fact remains they look lovely together, so in love and meant to be! Sending all the love your way Alia and Ranbir

Hello Neetu ji.

in love are u kidding me..even alia is faking it so hard kidhr dikh raha hai tumhe?

Honestly they look like father-daughter which makes it more cringeworthy

RK has lost interest in this charade! And Alia thinks she has joined the league of glamorous sexy women like DP and Kat by being tagged as his gf! Poor girl. She has the most asexual face I have ever seen!

Exactly ! she wants to be a part of that glamorous sexy league. Could not have put it better myself.

Karan is doing this, people needs to call him up on his regressive thinking in promoting movies!

Alia baby is playing this " we are dating and so happy" b grade drama ( scipted and directed by Nepopapa ) better than Ranbir. He has signed for this cheap tamasha but still feels uncomfortable maybe he doesn't like to be seen with a baby face Alia when he always dated or just slept with hot looking models

Alia will end up like another Kangana, no real love, no personal life, stalking men, psychotic behavior but good actress

This drama is more entertaining than Bramhastra is ever going to be.

Brahmastra has a huge budget , it looks like they are extremely concerned about it's fate ....thus the blitz of publicity has started prematurely with all these theatricals .

Starting it is not an problem , the problem here is hugely over doing it

This drama is only pushing people away from watching the film.

I think it's someone's idea of creating curiosity about the lead actors as a couple & wanting to see them together on screen .

Joe the word curiosity is about thing you want to find more about not things that are shoved down you . Just saying

but how does doing all this will help the movie, if the movie turns out to be bad, no one can save it, word of mouth is publicity today

Before the judgement happens from the audience , they need people to enter the cinema & buy tickets for the 1st few days . Otherwise the movie will be washed out like the deluge. I agree no tamasha will help a bad movie ,but then who knows ?!!!! Some of the worst movies have made it to the 100 crore club . And we don't yet know how good/bad this one will be.

So true
Hope kjo understands this soon

Alia is smiling because she gets to play with Ranbir during Bramhastra & with Varun during Kalank.

I used to find Ranbir very charming but not anymore.He has lost all his charm.

She couldn't stop talking about Varun during Raazi promotions.Then Kalank promotions are going to be even more about Varun.Karan is going to find it really hard keeping these Ranbir & Alia rumours afloat during Kalank.

can u tell me why is she talking abt varun so much? reason?

It's love my darling.

I just saw a video clip of Varun-Alia from a show in which they are going to appear together.That 30 second video had more chemistry than all this RK-Alia facade pics.

coz varun alia hv real life chemistry..i hope u know wat i mean:)

Ranbir=young Neetu, Alia =young Rishi ji, hahahaha!

aww match made thn

Hey didn't someone say Alia resembles a young rishi ji? N ranbir is a young nitu! Now that's history repeating for ya!!!

MK is RKs true love. the only woman in his entire life he ever stood up for in front of the whole world,. they are secretly dating i think .

Hun, let MK out of all this negativity, looking beautiful, at Cannes and now promoting her film! Let her be!

One word for rk/mk fizzled out been months move on

Yeah yeah...Kjo has printed wedding cards also..he will give away the bride and tge groom.

Oh wait that's his new movie.:))

I like the actors. But sinply don't understand pyar hai toh sabko itna bolne ki kya zarurat hai.

Bhai behen ki jodi salamat rahe

#'Ranbalia ki khichdi' movie from KJo..launch date...April1st;-)

I wonder why didn't he go after Mouni roy..She is definitely his type.She is a very attractive woman.

He so should've, being with your non-love interest supporting cast would never be so attacked and called out as fake, we totally would've ate that up. But that would've ruined Karan's "Alia is the most attractive woman in the world" narrative. Should have saved that for Kalank and the Varia shippers, but clearly Varun has lost HIS patience with that, because now he's flaunting Natasha everywhere.

See them marrying

Oh please come on!!!! They think they are fooling us lol

So I noticed that PV was listed as a media partner for Veerey Di wedding. Maybe they're also partnering with dharma for bharmastra? Hence all these OTT 'boyfriend' articles?

They look like brother and sister. Not diggin dis couple. Sorry.

If they are doing it for publicity, it aint working and if they are in love, they dont need anyone's approval... They have sent Deepika fans in a tizzy., especially 'cause her attachments with this ex, is reflected in her pr aka fans. Katrina fans also but not at deepika's scale..

Oh please deepika fans are just relieved she is out of this mess she should send Katrina a thank-you card for saving her life

Am I the only one, but Alia next to Ayan look like female version of him, no wonder RK like her! :>>

What's with the morbid face and those hand gestures. God, he is obnoxious.

aww ranbir gt her new sneakers too

Alia has a big smile , she is always so happy to go out on outing with the big bro...I mean, BF, OK!

alia blush hide your face na

RK hun, why looking so moody, isn't it new love, time use old tricks, your such a cutie, you!

alia honey you are sitting with ranbir you forgot you have to blush and hide your face

LOL, now RK turned off MK fans , now they do not want him mentioned with her, So, the list is , now, slaman, deepi, kat, and now mk fans do not like RK! LOL!

hey focus o alia here hes dating her. let the other ladies live in peace

please focus on alia

ranbir trying to look young dressed like a school kid hahaha this is really funny and fake

Ranbir is all kinds of wonderful and oh so attractive...his eyes uff..everytime i see him he looks younger...he is looking real fresh these days.. maybe love IS in the air....I do hope they are together and live happily ever after...just want Ranbir to be really really happy...he is such an amazing...gracefull and down to earth and unassuming guy...and as an actor he lights up the screen...he is pure magic...God Bless You RK...looking forward to seeing you at the cinema...good luck for Sanju...<3

Ranbir, stop the self praising! Lol

I feel the same. He is my love.

Hahahaha hi Neetu!

Hi katrina

Hi deepika

no its salman

no ranbir its salman

when love is new, the bf do not rush ahead of you, even for normal people they are really into you, when love is new!

I noticed too, he is walking ahead. He did not wait for Alia . Danger sign...Alia sweetie Keep away you can do better.

today my friend said look at Alia she looks so happy and i answered with whom she looks unhappy? She blushed with Varun and Sid also
how fake she is
She doesn’t care she want everyone
Feel happy Sid is free as Sidian
He deserves much better she should ne thankful that he spent his tym on her

One thing is clear ranbir has stopped reading Pinkvilla comments otherwise he’d realise how much damage this is doing to his already lousy image

Thats all it is -iMAGE Not REALITY...

Ranbir is all kinds of wonderful and oh so attractive...his eyes uff..everytime i see him he looks younger...he is looking real fresh these days.. maybe love IS in the air....I do hope they are together and live happily ever after...just want Ranbir to be really really happy...he is such an amazing...gracefull and down to earth and unassuming guy...and as an actor he lights up the screen...he is pure magic...God Bless You RK...looking forward to seeing you at the cinema...good luck for Sanju...<3

...I will see it when I believe it... and I ain't believin' it.

Both look weird together...disaster omg

To be honest , I have to say, RK and Alia, in their PR pics at normal events are giving siblings vibes! I read she supposed to debut with him, I can see why that director did not cast her, with him!

Rk is dressed like high school kid, with a hat , too. He is 35Yrs old, Alia with out styled looks average, cute the most she gets with styled and make up! together looks, bro and sis outing!

Despo alia
Biggest despo i have seen ever

But why? Her movies are doing good and performance getting aprreciated by all (Raazi)...She doesn't need all this.

Ranbir has lost his charm. He looks like a 40 year old desperately trying to hang on to his youth by dressing like a teenager and dating someone who was a teenager not too long ago. Laughable, have zero respect for this guy. Think he is a brilliant actor, the best in Bollywood but somehow don’t want to watch his films. His off-screen persona just overshadows his on-screen brilliance for me. Alia is his female version and losing respect for her fast too. She’s rapidly being known for just her link-ups and they will soon overshadow her amazing body of work. This has disaster written all over it.

LOVE this couple Ranbir-Alia are so made for each other!! They look so good together! And to the jealous ppl here, GET A LIFE!! Move along if you don’t like them no ones stopping you. Anyways.. hope eveverything works out for them so nice to see them happy.

Direct Boyfriend? Pinkvilla has gone nuts,they create news using their imaginations about others life.

lol how unhappy RK seems
but why honey? You told that it’s a new for you and being in love os adorable so why don’t you happy? lolz

Ranbir is wearing a ton of makeup and looks tired. Alia is faking this so hard, they’re waiting for the headlines

It’s clearly a smoke screen! RK still with MK

the only smoke screen here is in your eyes hes dating alia

Let MK out of all this negativity, she is busy with her movie promotion, let it be!

She is indeed a great actress.

Ranbir looks like he’s being held at gunpoint Alia looks hysterically happy

What happened to ranbir Kay Alia bhi haat SE nikalgayee

I’m sorry, but this clearly looks like a PR stunt!

They look adorable together. See full potential in this relationship. Although Katrina was with Ranbir for so long, she could not endear herself to his family and friends. On the other hand, Alia has been welcomed with open arms by the kapoor family. Also, Ranbir never acknowledged his relationship with katrina. With Alia, he seems more open to bringing his relationship out in the open. All in all, everything points towards a strong future for this couple. I don't blame Ranbir and his family for being so accepting of Alia. They are aware of Alia's family background etc. while Katrina's past is a mystery. Alia seems innocent, cute, very genuine and friendly, whereas Katrina, to put it politely, seems like a cunning, cold fish.

Hi alia! Kyu ranbir-Ayan ke beech kabaab mein haddi ban rahi ho?

she is so ordinary looking. Even my kaam bai is attractive then her. Nepotism rules bollywood.

She looks like his little brother

BIG eye roll at how forced this is!!! lol

Don't worry Ranbir, even u r 2 victory hand but saddy face showing_- Sanju & Brahmastra will be 2 back to back flop!

Rk looks hot

All types best

Ranbir loves you

Rk looks hot

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