Alia Bhatt & Ranbir Kapoor head to Karan Johar's house, former tries to hide her face; View Pics

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor have been recently snapped while heading to Karan Johar's house in the city. But what has baffled the paparazzi is that Alia tried to hide her face as they tried to snap her along with Ranbir. Check out their latest pictures.
Alia Bhatt & Ranbir Kapoor head to Karan Johar's house, former tries to hide her face; View PicsAlia Bhatt & Ranbir Kapoor head to Karan Johar's house, former tries to hide her face; View Pics
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Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are currently one of the most beloved couples of the Bollywood film industry. The two lovebirds have also been gearing up for their upcoming movie Brahmastra which has been produced by Karan Johar. Ever since they have cleared the air about their relationship, Ranbir and Alia have been frequently spotted together at various events and occasions. Be it at the airport or be it some Bollywood party or marriage ceremony, both Ranbir and Alia are totally inseparable and their pictures are just the proof of that. 

Ranbir and Alia have been recently snapped together again a few hours back as the two of them headed to Karan Johar's house. Ayan Mukerji, who happens to be the director of the movie Brahmastra, also accompanied the couple to Karan's house. But one thing that surprised everyone was that Alia tried to hide her face as the paparazzi tried to get a glimpse of her and Ranbir and capture them together. However, Ranbir Kapoor waved back at the paps as he got snapped by them. But we wonder why Alia tried to hide her face though!

Check out the latest pictures of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt below:

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt will be seen together in the upcoming movie Brahmastra which also stars Amitabh Bachchan, Akkineni Nagarjuna and Mouni Roy in the lead roles. As mentioned above, the much speculated movie has been produced by Karan Johar and directed by Ayan Mukerji. The makers of the movie has also revealed that Brahmastra happens to be the first part of a trilogy. The movie is scheduled to be released next year. 

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Thank you alia for hiding your face we really dont wanna see it.

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Deepika, Katrina, Anushka, Kriti, Disha,Tapsee, Warina Hussain are all there because of their Beauty, Talent, Hardwork. On the other hand this rat faced alia is there because of KJO. KJO and Alia karma is gonna bite you soon real hard. Alia is the official hooker of bollywood who snatched her friends then boyfriend. A snake in nature. PV pls Post

How can one fall in love with the person who has dumped many girls.?

Kjo and alia are trying to give her everything what worked for other actress.She tried to copy kareena in her films like humpty and badrinath. She is working with khan trio like Katrina. She is working with slb and doing periodic films like deepika with flopank, flopakht. She wants to do action like kangana in flopmastra. Now she be vying for Hollywood roles like Priyanka. Dating ranbir to be pitted against Katrina and Deepika

Wow so much of hate for Katrina and Deepika when they have got nothing to do with this article.I am sure it's Kjo and alia pr pitting her against kat and dp.Till raazi alia was delivering one after other hit but still she was not talked about as a Bollywood queen or top actress so alia jumped in the hot mess.Started dating a 12 years older man with a dozen of failed relationships.Alia you are unnecessarily bring so much hate for yourself.I really found you cute with Sid.How can you dump such a nice guy like Sid for some old man in his late 30s.You have hurt him so much and Kjo too don't talks with him anymore. Pride comes before the fall is perfect saying for you.

RK no releases in 2019? Hurry up please. Also really tired of sticking up for you when you choose to do PR shit with Alia. More work pls. Thanks. Signed, A Fan.

So much hate for 2 people from strangers who hardly know them. That shows how much hate goes around in this world. LOL!

Ranbir was smitten by Katrina and Deepika and rightfully so! Alia is being forced on him by Papa Jo and it shows! Poor guy

Why rk is always in sad mood it seems that he doesn't like present situation

Hey alia if u have so much crush on rk then why not break up with sid in early 2016 when rk break up with kat u r sleeping with sid for 2 years when rk was handling heart break we know u don't want rk but only want kappor tag kappor want u only for grandkids but they don't know u r not able to give them grandchildren for nxt 5- 6 years because u have a long career ahead omg rk became father at the age of 42

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I wish RK to marry Anushka. Such a lovely pair plus both of them share a great comfort zone. But that won't happen because Katrina is a close friend of Anushka and Anushka will never hurt Katrina unlike how some other friends who hurt her like Alia.

Dumbir and dumbalia are shit scared of flopastra! Karma came really early to bite them!

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I saw highway yesterday and aalia was amazing, a bit amateur but she's the only good actress in the industry after kangana.

RK has enough talent and stardom to survive without all this drama! Sad that he went all the way out to hv Katrina as his girlfriend to finally dump her!

alia knows that what she did is wrong and all hate her; so she is hiding her face. money and fame make her do wrong things

RK must be counting how many more days left to end this drama!! He looks like he can’t wait for the movie shoot to be over!

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I’m looking forward to the movie, just wished it was releasing this year. P*ssed off. Ayan makes great movies and it’s been a long time.

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We must endure this torture till such time flopastra releases. They make these appearances together so that people don't forget flopasstra.

uh y does she need to hide? weren’t they posing for paps a few days ago? weirdo

Fake couple and he's drunk always.

Sid was there too ... AWKWAAAARD


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They have made it a point to make the appearence together to keep the buzz about their fuckall film alive. The movie must stink to death .

Why Ranbir is doing this to himself is something only he can answer. I can think of blackmail as one reason as to why they are together..

sounds true lol blackmail ..but regarding what ?

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