Alia Bhatt visits Gauri Khan at her new design store

Many celebrities have been visiting Gauri Khan's new design store.
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Gauri Khan's new design store which is located in the city has become the latest hub for famous personalities to visit and fawn over. Celebs like Kajol, Rani Mukerji, Ranbir Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Karan Johar, Karisma Kapoor and Nita Ambani have already visited the store. 
The latest celebrity to come to the store is Alia Bhatt who visited Gauri. Alia kept it traditional green kurta, white salwar and brown jhutis. Gauri kept it casual cool in an army green shirt, torn dark blue jeans and grey jeans.
Alia shared a picture from with Gauri on her Instagram picture.
Alia's caption reads as, "Beautiful evenings spent at the all new and fabulous #GKD store! You've done such a stunning job with the place @gaurikhan!"
To which Gauri replied, "Thank you @aliaabhatt!!"
Gauri also shared a picture with Alia.

Gauri's caption reads as, "What's new at #GKD? We are with the sparkling & scintillating @aliaabhatt what a pleasure... Positive vibes all the way!!!
Meanwhile, on the work front, a lot of buzz regarding Alia's movie Brahmastra has been happening. The movie which is going to be a trilogy stars Ranbir Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan and is being helmed by Ayan Mukerji. Karan tweeted the announcement and tweeted, "He tweeted the announcement stating, "A TRILOGY ...A FANTASY ADVENTURE....A LABOUR OF LOVE.....”BRAHMĀSTRA”"
Brahmastra is slated to release on August 15, 2019.
Alia recently wrapped shoot for another movie titled Raazi which is directed by Megha Gulzar and also stars Vicky Kaushal. The movie which is an adaptation of Harinder Sikka's bestseller Calling Sehmat, sees Alia play a Kashmiri girl who is a spy and is married to a Pakistani Army officer which is played by Vicky.
Raazi is slated to release on May 11, 2018.


Alia seems awkward!! Because of her fling with SRK I guess! ;)

problem between them is not extramarital marital affiars its the money srk has .... rightly said ..... world is all about the money he has and the how beautiful she is .... (cant recollect exact saying)
if tday srk wudnt hv bn srk .. im sure gauri & srk wud hv bn happily married couple ... another thing rightly said .. u either get love or money .. paisa ya pyar ... dont know what to say whether gauri is lucky or unlucky ... in terms of money ....

Great going Gauri ur cheater coward husband 's fans seem sooo disturbed n mentally unstable by ur super success

Success? I have two accredited professional designers on my Twitter site who loved the statements that her husband can't buy their appreciations as she is just cheering from all over and simply adding some ugly odd objects to disturb the harmony and calling these arrangements her signature design. Not a single professional designer has ever replied to her praise yourself tweets, don't know for her husband, don't follow him, he still may buy some cheep as artists interior designers to praise her activities.

What super success? the store her husband bought for her with the team doing all the work, that she has more time to go to skin clinic and pose for pictures or the design projects she is getting from Kjo contacts?

Life of the rich
Poor get poorer
Rich get richer

gauri is alright while first wife priyanka is georgous

When is priyanka madam gonna stop Gauri jee?

This proves that the blind item was referring to Alia and Akshay's rendezvous, not SRK, although she was said to be flirting with SRK too. Alia is a trophy hunter, Ranbir is next, or already checked off the list, who knows.

I have to say that Gauri’s aesthetic and mine are poles apart. I didn’t like Mannat interiors, I don’t like any pic of her store. Sorry.. I want to, but don’t.

Mannat interiors look allergic to sun. Victorian library in stuffy castle vibe. As for "store," What mishmash. Lighting fixtures like mall cafeteria, or fun house. No theme threads, just items ordered and plunked down with GK sign attempting to say you are in design environment. Give. Over.

If one searches Gauri Khan husband, ShahRukh Khan on twitter, the door of this called flagshop store will open and you'll see her roaming around and even talking some cliches in his pinned tweet. Isn't that awkward? I am with an imprecision he is an actor? Why does he advertise such business or whatever is that his wife is doing for whatever reasons?

Unfortunately, this shows that SRK is a businesman and nothing else, what one can see that he invested a lot of money bying the store and expensive fournitures that nobody can afford, not even bollywood celebretie and apparently they are in troubles now bying and they thought he might help advertising the store to attract clients. Fooling people around including SRK by talent and passion while all what we see is the glory of money, sorry SRK we thought you,re smarter then this

Gauri looks so ugly. Her freaky plastic surgery is scary. She has a permanent clown face. Talk about growing old disgracefully.

Correct. Gauri should be cast as that Penny-wise clown in the next part of the movie 'IT'.

That empty space in the middle of them is calling out for SRK! Why are they sitting and standing so far away? Would have preferred to see SRK.

I really like Alia's outfit.

Are all her clients referred celebrities?

Or more rather stolen from other designer's concepts and call it Gauri Khan designs, how convenient!? Bollywood celebrities sure live in their own tiny happy world where anything and everything works... Nepotism works, abusing women works and stealing others work/ designs also works... kJo must have told her, " San Kuch chalega!"

I believe KJo is responsible for that blind o SRK and Alia to make Alia seem more desirable

Probably to make everyone forget his affair with PC

sautan-saheli seems to be the new trend in Bwood.

Is Gauri really that desperate? All these celebrities forcefully dropping by. Alia Bhatt is owned by Karan Johar...Daddy Johar wanted her to drop by to promote her friend's store.

Nobody is forced to drop by. They come because they want to maintain good relations with her husband SRK and her best friend Karan Johar. If you keep Gauri happy, you will keep her husband and bff happy.

well these celebrities hire other designer to do all the work and then rich people will 'hire' these so called celebrity wives to design and then proudly boast about in their circle. It's a diff circus all together.

This is so true. And Gauri might be thinking in her head that she's some ultra talented designer. I see it as a typical rich man's wife attempt to just do something with her life.

Wah re wah :::::
Gauri is looking fab!
I guess he had good eyes,good heart and good brainwhen he was younger. He had found the perfect woman. He gets an A with high honors.
Wonder what happened to him last few years, with his rumor with the wannabe clever actress --- very very poor judgement -- I will give him "F"

both looking nice

Alia Bhat - the girl who gets all the opportunities

Why does her store look like a magnum ice cream store?

Wow !!!!
Gauri looks stunnnnninnnnggggg!!!!
Alia cute as buttons.

Badi aur choti begums of srk.

Gauri is looking very confident,and classy. Alia is looking average ,so much for being young!

Two wife of srk in a picture wow

pls leave gauri alone

I love Alia's outfit.

i just loved loved and loved what alia is wearing ... everything about the dress ... diff color

i like alias dress ! anyone knows where i can find the same or something similar?

Gauris store is so nice

Gauri is looking pretty now a days

Gauri khan should have worn alias dress

I think alia and sid have patch up she was lost in between now she is happy

Gauri looks pretty

2 uglies.

Gauri looks nice!

As much as I want to like this girl, she's everywhere and that's what makes her so unlikable.

Alia has regained her complete charm like she used to have before, I can see a very positive change on her from the last year onwards, She almost became like a zombie in between.

Alia the second wife of srk loool

Srk has character, he would never have a link up with Alia, that would be sick!

Why are a few people constantly spreading lies about SRK here? He didn't hook up with Alia. Stop it already. Stop it with all the fake german girlfriend stuff too. And stop it with the PC stuff while you're at it.

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