Alia, Deepika, Akshay & Ranbir's images from Dabboo Ratnani's 2014 Calendar

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Alia, Deepika, Akshay & Ranbir's images from Dabboo Ratnani's 2014 Calendar


Wow. A moment, please, to appreciate Akshay Kumar. The rest are meh,

This is photography? Bullshit. Having a fancy camera and famous people posing for you does not make you a photographer.

Deepika = drool

Alia loks best. i want more of Ranbir's pics.

alia's face is too child - like right now for her to have these types of photoshoots - looks wrong

Deepika saves the day for me!

I like Deepika and Alia but do not like the concepts for their pictures here. Ranbir's picture is cute and playful. Akshay's is awesome.

I love Aliya's picture - meowww. Damn cute cat - anyone know who's cat that is?

DP pose is bad.

Deepika is super gorgeous, Alia is very sensual, Akki is always cool, the worse is ranbir, do not knwo what happened with this guy, pose is so immature

Love Akshay

Alia's pic reminds me of early days of Pooja Bhatt in Bollywood..

I can't decide if I like Alia's picture or if I think it's not meant for a 20 year old..Deepika is super hot and Ranbir - SO cute! Love Akshay's picture! So different and hot!

Alia poses like Kareena... God this gal needs to get out of Kareena's influence... U can admire her if u are a fan, but copying to this extent is annoying... This is not the right way to leave ur impact Alia... Grow upppppp n try to build ur own identity for god sake..


Love Akshay's photo. Chock full of attitude and masculinity. Alia's photo should be risqué but it is weirdly bland. Maybe it's her face which though pretty, still looks very child-like. Deepika's is nothing special, she always looks hot like this. WTF is going with Ranbir's photo though? Bizarre.

Akshay= silver foxx. Deepika looks gorgeous and Ranbir's cute!

Akkiii *droooollsssss*

He is soooo Hot!

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