Ameesha Patel & Dia Mirza at the TSR-TV9 film awards 2012

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T. Subbarami Reddy-TV9 film awards for the year 2011-12 was held at Hyderabad today with a lot of Bollywood celebs winning top laurels.

Ameesha Patel was awarded the best actress title. Well, this surely came as a surprise :-)

All winners were handpicked by a committee comprising of veteran actor Akkineni Nageswara Rao, lyricist C. Narayana Reddy, legendary producer D. Rama Naidu, singer P. Suseela, actor-politician Jayasudha and Shobana Kamineni, director of Apollo Hospitals Group.

Credits :Twitter

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hi Dia mirza. how are u?
u are still very hot and beautiful. please do more item songs
u can prove that u are still beautiful and hot actress of the Bollywood

HELLO dia mirza. how are u? Please do more item songs.
u are Still Beautiful and very hot. you can prove that u are still very hot and sexy Actress

Dia love love her look...
I will go to AMisha's house and burn all her sarees...she should never wear saree if she cant drape to properly !! **rolling eyes**

Black Magic seems to be working for Ameesha..

I found her to be very spooky since reading that blind article of hers.. O_o

Dia always reminds me of Juhi, they have that same innocence n sparkle! She looks beautiful here as usual!

best actress award! magic is working
Dia..hands down

And btw I was talking about Dia when I was saying she reminds me of my gf with that angelic face

Easily the most beautiful woman I've ever set my eyes on as she reminds me of my girlfriend.

Dia's eyes WOW !! mashallah

I think Ameesha should really stick to sarees. she looks pretty and graceful.

Very lucky woman, she doesn't do much in Bollywood yet still remains famous.

Ameesha looks like her old self in these photos... Beautiful!

Dia looks so angelic in the first picture..

I realize Amisha has probably BOUGHT her award . I mean , has she acted in any movie at all last year ? Or is it for her Guest Appearance in Race 2 this year ? They should give some reason to give her an award...that too Best Actress!!!!!!!!!!

Amisha looks beautiful!!!

wonder why cant she just cover her self is it that hard to look classy for ameesha

Dia looks AMAZING! Love the sari. Amisha looks better than she usually does but as others have mentioned, she still manages to cheapen the look.

how does dia manage all pretty dresses etc? she doesnt even have films in hand.

I'm in love with Dia.

wow black magic works. Amisha got an award...LOL

Sat, 2013-04-20 21:38 — Zafar love

sorry but Ameesha and Dia both need new stylists - that style of clothing is so out of date.

dia's saree and jewelry are classics they'll never be out of style

OMG - Diya looks FLAWLESS... so gorgeous... perfect

dia is so beuatiful! impeccable class and grace

Both amisha and dia look beautiful!

Ameesha looks young here & also pretty! Blood Bath is working ;) Keep it up Ameesha! :P

But OMG Dia Mirza is such a feminine & graceful beauty

Dia Mirza ...stunning ...Pretty pretty..
Amisha, here atleast you could have worn saree properly...dissappointed!!! *disgusting*

Dia is lukg amazing ....

n ameesha commetn whtr its sari n naked she alwz manges to luk cheapppp.

n can nvr b attractvie ....atlst 4 me

talk of going downhill in life!
she had a tufts education and could have pursued a proper corporate or academic career
hell! a prof job in the university could have been a dignified one and done justice to her education
but no! she screwed her opportunities by doing movies
then meets vikram bhatt, fights with parents in public, turns into a hot mess selling non existent products
kab sudhregi yeh???

cuteness/innocence from her face is gone...her face looks wicked in this pic.

"Ameesha Patel was awarded the best actress title."... For what? I don't understand. Is it for Race 2? Even in that she was a supporting role!

dia is easily one of the most classical beauties in bollywood

Diya looks awesome like always...honestly I have never seen this woman look bad. So graceful and elegant! Ameesha on the other hand, tacky as ever.

- Vani

Ugh now everyme i even hear the words AmeeshanPatel or look at her i think of a goat blood bath. Cant believe she uses black magic for her career. Its over why does she even try. Give up lady! No wonder Vikram released Raaz 3.

Dia...MY so so beautiful. She has impeccable taste in clothes and jewelry. And she always looks so effortlessly classy and elegant.

Ameesha has such a pretty face. Now why can't she dress more decent like a lady. I guess some people just don't have it or get it. I hope she is reading people's comments and makes improvements.

The way Dia dressed is how all Indian women should dress period. Why they insist on gowns I will never know. Nothing beats a sari, a conservative blouse with sleeves and a bindhi though she is not wearing one.

Diya looks so young despite the long sleeve blouse and grandma sari

Dia has such pretty eyes. Doe-eyes.

Dia looks great. Ameesha, as tacky as ever.

Dia Mirza always looks beautiful.

Sat, 2013-04-20 20:41 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

Anil: Hmmm...something smells like goat here ::looks at Amesha::"



seriously though, the bath is workin for her. dunno how and for what reason.

Second, no matter what Amisha happens to wear, she has this special knack to ''cheapen'' the look. jeez.

AND WTF? SHE WON BEST ACTRESS??????????????? for what LMAO!

this is a joke rite.


Sat, 2013-04-20 21:59 — Falling_Star
Falling_Star's picture

Amisha looks young...
blood bath ka kamal hai sab! :P"

First of all. DIA MIRZA looks absolutely stunning.

Dia always manages to looking elegant and classing, what a lovely saree and look. Love it!

Dia's sari is gorgeous.

Amisha Patel was awarded as BEST ACTRESS? Bwahahahaha.... how did she manage that, BLACK MAGIC?

Ameesha Patel best actress.... Hahahahahahahahahahahaahaahhahahahahahahahaahah

Dia looks so pretty and innocent in comparison to Ameesha who has been stripping off at every public event and is now a satanist! Get the hell out of here creep!!

Hahahahahaha @Miah

Lol Miah-freak !

Dia looks amazing as always ;) *_*

OMG , every time i see Ameesha Patel , that stupid Blood bath article comes to my mind O_O this is so creepy !

Both of them looking gorgeous - would love to get a closer look at Dia Mirza's saree.....PV some closeups please?

Amisha looks young...
blood bath ka kamal hai sab! :P

sorry but Ameesha and Dia both need new stylists - that style of clothing is so out of date.

ameesha what????? best actres??
Im sorry...WHAT?

Anil: Hmmm...something smells like goat here ::looks at Amesha::

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