Amitabh Bachchan-Abhishek Bachchan holiday with Navya Nanda and Agastya Nanda; share cute and candid moments

Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan took to their Instagram pages and shared photos of them holidaying together with Shweta Bachchan, Navya Naveli Nanda and Agastya Nanda.
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Bollywood celebrities are some of the busiest people, ever. But that doesn't stop them from spending some quality time with their families. Many celebrities take time off their hectic schedules and go on a vacation with their families. Moreover, they make sure to share the endearing moments on social media.

Today, the Megastar of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan took to his Instagram page and shared photos of his son and actor Abhishek Bachchan and grandchildren Navya Naveli Nanda and Agastya Nanda.

Big B posted a Polaroid photo of himself and said, "When Navya clicks you on her Polaroid and you click yourself on your iPhone .. as we chill .. for .. ? Aahaa .. wouldn’t you like to know ..!!"

He also shared a cute photo of Navya and Agastya where they both are all smiles for the camera. Senior Bachchan captioned the photo stating, ".... and then the grandchildren.. they be the best .. when did they grow up - Navya Naveli & Agastya .."

He also posted a candid photo of Abhishek, Navya and Agastya using their phone and said, "... the family that Mobiles together, stays together.."

That's really sweet!

Check out the photos below and tell us about it in the comments section.


... the family that Mobiles together, stays together..

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Moreover, Abhishek also shared a photo of Navya on his Instagram story and said, "First thing in the morning and the niece is already glued to the phone. At least she supports @sorai2018"

The family is currently in Russia where they will be watching the FIFA World Cup 2018. Junior Bachchan shared the same on his social media.


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i am surprised...that people can be so insensitive in this day and age...I am guessing the commentors are all women. And women bringing down women is so rampant on PV that Ekta's serials take a back seat. Guys, this is reality and family.... we all have hang ups in family but doesnt mean abhishek doesnt respect aishwarya or aishwarya dont get along with her in laws or vice versa...i am sure there will be issues like all families specially but doesnt they need to talk it on PV... or they feel good by being away from each other on holidays...its all adjustment what works for them... they dont have to defnitely please you... cuz even if they take a picture together or seen together like during holi pics, sri's funeral - you all called it fake. People working, spending time alone doesnt make them non sanskari. They are adjusting with issues if they have any....And that my friends is a marriage. Not just walk out when you find the first issue. Shweta staying at her mom's and dad's should not bother you. May be they keep quiet and dont want to talk about it since the kids are grown up and it may hurt them. Try being sensitive sometime...may help...I know i will get a lot of hates...Not that I am an Aishwarya or even a Bacchan fan...But need to understand to each his own. And making irrelevant comments which is so demeaning and shamelss specially if those commenting are women...we shd be more empathetic. ( My take ).

Today's generation : wants to connect with whole world but not the closed ones ….too much use of technology is not a good thing and this is happening in every household

See you all at the semi finals then finals AB and family

Ash is also at world cup flew from europe

Ash and Aradya are already there waiting for them from the Paris Longines event

Why aish doesn't take her mother,brother and his family in a vacation...she has the money and resources...her mother will be happy to be with her kids and her grandkids...and aradhya will have great time with her cousin...look at gauri khan she always traveling with her brothers and suhana and her cousin are really closa...

What a sanskari family! Beti and her kids lives with parents. Beta is always away from wife and daughter. Bahu keeps miles away from them. What bahu will want to tolerate sister in law in addition to mother and father in-law?

It is called giving space. I let my husband and my child spend quality with my inlaws, and vice versa. I go out and do things on my own with my friends and family. We also spend time together too. My inlaws understand that , took time and understanding though.

i completely agree! same here i just finished my 20 days vacation spent with my mother, my hubby was with his parents and now he is on his way to Cambodia & Vietnam with his friends. i mean everyone needs 'Me time' that's how a family can live happily.

Amitabh listen his spine in the accident


Agastya is looking like Maamu!!

There is a thing called work and Aishwarya was probably on assignment for work - Longines. In any case, it is their life and why all the negative comments? Each person has a right to live s/he wants to. I think it's good to have individuality and to do your own thing, even if you are married. They cannot take family vacations and pose altogether just because people think something is wrong there. Give people a break!!

The Bachchans have distanced themselves from Aish since Shweta made her entrance into their home. She should be rich enough to get her own place.

Why always aishwarya is blamed for everything when shweta nanda has been showing same behavior sincr ages..

I used to blame Abhishek and rest of the Bachchans for treating Aish unfairly but looking at her behavior now I realize what they must go through daily with a woman whose ego is as big as Sahara desert and who's an absolute control freak.

Which book is Navya reading?

If they are going to watch the world cup finals, AB does not need to bring his daughter. Give the guy a break. These places are hot, crowed and too noisy. Let the man enjoy his sports. Kids are not comfortable at these places and complain too much and don't let you enjoy. So why spend that much money and you cant enjoy the game, might as well stay home and play with your kid.

im sure they are rich enough to get a vip box at the stadium

Kids are not interesting in sports esp. girls unless they are playing. and i don't see why AB should force his daughter to be there when she can have fun elsewhere.

it is over. separate holidays ? mom and daughter some where in Europe, father Abhi is with his family going some where. End of story.

Aishwarya is in Paris so they are all in Europe. I think aishwarya probably will go there in Russia and join them there

they wouldnt want her... even if Russia loses she will be there pose with her fake smile as if she is more important than the world cup.

Russia has already lost

He'll only go spend time with his daughter is when his wife let's him. Looking at their photos and aish behaviour for a long time She's clearly in the wrong here. She's keeping a father away from his only child don't know whether it's because their having problems between the two or she's too possessive and over protective of her. In any case it's not write aradhya is small and innocent but as she grows up and starts realising it not going to help her. For her daughter sake she should give abhi and her chance to bond more.

Something is not right between Ash-Abhi....I think Abhishek should go back to Karisma...they would be very very happy together now both family will understand them and won't interfere further too.

Shweta has been separated from her husband for like years now.

Thanks god seems like Abhi is officially separated now.

Where is Sweta’s husband? Why does she only hang out with her family? Do the kids even hang out with her inlaws and their dad??? Just saying..PV please post!

Clam down aish...apparently shweeta, her husband and her kids seems ok with eachother...shweeta have the courage to leave her husband who apparently doesn't want to divorce her and her kids have thier own lives and spending thier time with thier mother and father...everyone is happy and relaxed...only aish seems conclusive and not able to have a friendly relationship with her husband,in lows,her brother's wife and doesn't have any friends too...

World Cup Finals in NJ ..

Uh..nice but wrong pics if you're talking about the "quality time" they're spending together and then ironically 3 of them are glued to their phones and disconnected frm each other.glad to see Navya reading a book tho'.

Russia world cup finals

Poor abhishek.Cant holiday with his daughter.Aish is such a selfish cunning woman who keeps the daughter away from her father.Shame on her

Yes, same way Nikhil Nanda cannot have holidays with his kids

Useless person abhishek is! Go n spend some quality time wid ur daughter as well...

why didn't he bring his daughter along? oh wait! chord is still attached to the mom.

very telling. Abhishek having a holiday here with nephew and niece, but the daughter was not allowed to join.

So Abhishek is separated. No contact with wife and child.

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