Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan launch Shweta Bachchan's debut novel; view PICS

Jaya Bachchan and Amitabh Bachchan are all praises for daughter Shweta Bachchan Nanda as she launches her debut novel.
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Shweta Bachchan Nanda launched her debut novel – Paradise Towers here in Mumbai on October 10, 2018. The book, touted to be a slice-of-life novel revolves around an apartment in Mumbai and deals with all that happens in everyday life. The book was launched by her parents Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan while Karan Johar turned host for Shweta’s big day. In fact, Amitabh Bachchan also read from Shweta’s book while Jaya Bachchan said her mother’s instinct knew that she could write and that she would write.

Big B turned emotional too, and spoke about how there is always a meeting that happens at the end of the day where she takes over and then takes off. He further also mentioned how he is looking forward to the meeting after the book launch later in the day. Karan Johar too, was all praises for the book and said how he knew that the book was a loaf and not a slice of life after reading the book.

Check out the pictures right here:

Talking about her book, Shweta had mentioned in an interview as to how she has written a diary ever since she was little. She also went on to say how it was a rather random moment when she decided to just take the plunge and that’s when she started writing her column. She also said that it was the confidence that she got from writing her column that finally led her to write her book, Paradise Towers.


The only purpose of Queen Rani's life is to bring Ash down even if she's not got anything to do with the post. Shweta is just bored and trying multiple careers and her dad bankrolls it. She always used to say in the past she isn't into the glamor part of BW, yet she starts a fashion label thanks to dad and Monisha. Her columns were terrible and riddled with Jargons, yet she's an author now thanks to daddy. Comparing her to Ash..what a joke!

I thought people were always attacking Shweta because she stays in Mumbai.
And then I saw Madam's attitude in Neha's show. On top of that in Anupama's show she confessed none of the characters of Paradise Towers are working! Because, she doesn't have a clue how normal people live.
And then the self entitled rich girl expects people to buy her book with their hard earned money and read it! WTF!

Maybe she’s really talented or entitled but doing so many things at one time seem like a recipe for disaster. Launching a fashion label, writing a book, what else?

Soha Ali Khan went to Oxford for Bachelor's and Cambridge for Master's. Sara Ali Khan went to Columbia University. Shweta went to school in Switzerland. But in the world of Bollywood, high school drop outs like Aishwarya Rai, Alia Bhatt, etc are considered educated. And a person like Sridevi who never went to school is considered an example for women and her daughter Jhanvi who only finished grade 10 is the next great female role model.

Typically children go to school ,get a job & then get to spoil their parents . Sridevi did just that from the time she was 5 years old ,so yes , it's a big thing ! Aishwariya was a very good student & was Head Girl in high school .She majored in Architecture at Uni but did not graduate . She is another lady who has taken excellent care of her parents (who never took advantage of her fame & stuck to their middle class roots) . Soha , Shweta ,Sara & Alia are Bollywood kids with huge access to money & luxury . Sara is yet to reveal her hand , Soha is not really active in Bollywood & nobody ever considered Shweta a role model for anything .

Hi Madhuri, you were a drop out too? Why is your name missing??

lol and you are from Pinkvilla University?

Education is just a state of mind, being good in what you do is more than enough. What did shweta achieve from being educated that Aishwarya dint. Nothing.

Aishwarya is not a high school dropout, she completed her 10, and 12th with mathametics and science, she then joined college for graduation
Soha is really well educated and of course royal for a reason
Sridevi had a shriely temple beginning such stories are bitter sweet tales of stardom
Sweta bacchan when to attend school in Switzerland, a borading school, that's not great education btw, it's great schooling by her parents, what did she do after that? College anyone? I don't think so

Aishwarya's fans who believe that she was a good student are stupid. She has been modeling for cheap stuff such as pencils, mouthwash, fairness creams since she was 15. She herself said in an interview that she used to skip classes to go for modeling assignments.

Assuming you never used 'cheap' stuff like pencils, mouthwash and fairness creams!
Humans need to evolve!

Why should Aaradhya go to school when 15 years down the road she will simply lie that she was a topper studying architecture etc etc.

Abhishek and Shweta both went to school in Switzerland. Shweta's kids also went to school in London. Look at Aaradhya...she doesn't even go to school and her mom has lied shamelessly about being a "top" student.

Aishwarya has been lying about her studying architecture. She went to college for 3 months and then started modeling. But the woman has shamelessly lied that she was a topper etc etc. She is such a liar that she has changed the name of the college. She has used names of at least 3 different colleges to emphasize that she was studying architecture blah blah blah. In a few years Aaradhya will say I was a topper and went to school regularly and fools will start believing.

Bahu rani launches makeup. Shweta launches books. The difference is clear between an educated and uneducated woman.

unbelievable, so much negativity!

Husband not there, In-laws not there, Kids not there, Brother-Sister-In-Law not there ... yaar isse achi book launch toh soha ki flop book ki thi...

Shweta isn't entitled like Aishwarya. She didn't want to disturb others just to attend her event. It will be a waste of time for her kids to travel to India just for the book launch. Her husband is a busy businessman. Remember when Aishwarya Rai Bachchan organized her grand birthday party in 2012 where she unveiled her precious Aaradhya's "beautiful face". People were shocked to see how dark and ugly Aaradhya was. Aishwarya had spread the lie that Aaradhya was born with blue eyes. Lol. Everyone had to stand behind while Ms. Entitled and Self-centered cut her cake feeling like the queen of the world.

I think it was Amitabh Bachhan - the great Liar who wrote in twitter that the baby had her mother's light skin and light eyes! As if the whole world would have judged a tiny newborn baby , otherwise!
For her part, all Aishwarya did was hiding the baby in order the fuel the rumours!

Amitab, Jitendar, roshanara, rajaesh khanna vinod khanna, dharmeder , sanjay Khan all these people have flirted with women and had affairs and abused their relationship with those women. None of their kids love a happy married life. Some kids separated, some divorced, some not married, some gays, drug abusers,lesbians and can't come out in open, some spouses cheat in them. God made sure these senior citizens get back returns properly
The next generation also are also making sure they follow their Papa and mamas footsteps. PV please post

Her articles were snooze worthy. I have heard that they have employed a ghost writer for the book.

Neither my name is Amitabh or I have given birth to Shweta- why are you bothering us with this post ?

I am glad Abhi didn't show up at this event. . he's with his wife instead! Finally focusing on marriage like any adult should be

I am glad Aishwarya didn't take Vrinda to the Kabbadi event. She's with her husband instead! Finally focusing on marriage like any adult should be

Even Abhishek didn't support his sister?

The Bachchans must be feeling so sad. After all that they did for Aishwarya, she doesn't even bother to support her sister in law.

Guys go and watch a Diwali 2016 video on YouTube. Aishwarya came to Pooja just to annoy Amitabh Jaya and Shweta. She ignores them throughout the event. Shweta goes to greet Aishwarya and talk to Aaradhya and Aishwarya doesn't even bother to look and continues over acting with Aaradhya.

Shweta went to school in Switzerland and then went to college in US. Bahu rani failed 10th standard but has been lying that she was studying architecture from some 3rd class college in Mumbai.

Aishwarya was studying architecture and she was a topper in her class. You better concentrate on your 6 th pass idol

That's the lie she has spread since early 90s. She was never a topper in her class. She was a terrible student. These celebrities spread lies about their education. Aishwarya is an exceptional liar. I can say I went to Oxford... who is coming to check and who knows it's true or false?

This is so sad. When she was young and should have pursued a career they got her married off. now when she should be happily married she has moved back to her parents home and trying on careers like designer clothes.

Shweta and her husband both studied in US. They were in the same college. They fell in love and wanted to get married. Both graduated college and then got married. Shweta was 23 when she got married (which isn't really young). I read in an interview that Amitabh didn't want Shweta to get married so soon (even though she was 23 and had graduated college). But it was a love marriage and both parents agreed. The marriage brought together the biggest and elitist families: Kapoors, Bachchans, and Nandas.

NeitheR my name is Sweta norAmitabh. I am not going to buy this book.

It is so evident why Aishwarya has distanced herself from this family!

KJo is always there for nepo matter what they are doing!!

So now if nepo kids can't act ....they will marry a rich guy and start writing books!!

AHHAHAHAH Shwetha is like a spoilt 12 year old girl. I can't wait till MeToo reaches Jalsa. Then we will see how much Shwetha and Twinkle really have to write. The daughters of the most lecherous men the industry has seen have a flair for writing about life naa? Well we shall see your mettle as women and writers soon. I hope Deepika Padukone gets up and calls out Tharkee Amitabh Bachan, then watch the flood gates open.

Rajesh Khanna's daughter did it so how can Amitabh's daughter not follow the footsteps. Rich parents buy these careers for their kids.


First time seeing Jaya smiling ear to ear, Saas saas hoti hai Ma kabhi nahi ban sakti

We are not Shweta Bachchan please don’t bother us !

Her columns were unreadable. Absolutely boring. Would not touch her book with a ten foot pole.

amitabh bachchan had nothing to say about tanu nana controvery, but shewta had a lot to say on brakha dutt interview , abhishekh had a lot to say on some interview which says a lot about them, that they have come out on behalf of amitabh bachchan to do the damage control, hypocrites.

OMG just read the review and it was really bad. Her dad was touting her to be the next HRB. In their

The book cover reminds me of the movie Rear Window. Also, in the movie, it's all about the different characters living in the building along with the murder mystery.

Good for her for writing a book but this looks like a family event we have no business in. Neither my name is Amitabh Bachchan nor Shweta Bachchan, why am I being subjected to this?

Best comment of the day

Awesome loved it

I don’t like Shweta after I watcher her being so snotty in Neha Dhupias show. She was such a pain to watch.

I agree. I dont want to be like anyone else and she not kneading dough was pain to watch.

was surpising to see jaya attend priya chatwals baby shower.

What in the world..

Earlier it was jewellery/interior/candle designing which has now been replaced by book writing.

Jaha nepo kids launch hotel vaha part Karan johar chala jata hai.. if anyone accuse him for doing favourism then he cries and complain

Guys just trolling is not enough. If you really hate star kids who doesn't have ability just boycott them..Jhanavi Kapoor has some 2 to 3 million followers where did she get that followers??You you all follow these nepo kids and make them famous.. Then cry... It's not gonna change anything.. If you really want some change.. Don't follow them, don't watch their videos.. Support outsiders..otherwise of course they will take the advantage fame you are giving them.. Just trolling them is mockery of yourself.. Just don't follow them

I agree. Unfollow them. Let them know we don't support nepotism. Hold them accountable. Don't let them be silent on important issues such as sexual harassment. Keep questioning, if they are silent or give a weird ass reply, you'll know they are complicit. Boycott them.

What to do with a copy of paradise towers:

1) use to wrap Kathi rolls
2) use instead of toilet paper
3) use to wrap sandwiches
4) doodle in the margins
5) make paper boats
6) make airplanes
7) burn when cold for fire.

Hey look I got a book published with Daddy's money

You pat my back and I pat your back is what these talentless people are doing. They do not say a word about the appreciation that the dil gets but talk like the beti is Tagore in the making. Hypocrite Amitabh and Swetha

Oh aish why you are complaining about already said that aradhya and your mother are your world...why the bachchans have to impose themselves on your life...clam down and be happy that this creepy old man stopped following you around and holding your hand...

Oh aish you said that your mother and aaradhya are your world...why the bachchans should impose themselves on your life?! on don't even allows abhi around his daughter...they pampered you too much at the beginning especially the creepy old man but now you should be happy that he spared you...
Post PV Pls...

Twinkle and Swetha are hardly educated and their writing is as bad as them. Their families are paying publishers to get their below average books printed and released. What a mockery of other good authors. Swetha left her husband and lives with parents while Amitabh gets these book deals for her just like how Akshay buys deals for Twinkle. Nepotism sucks

Not true about Shweta being 'hardly educated.' She went to school in Switzerland and then Boston University. Of course, that doesn't mean she is an amazing writer but she's definitely had higher education.

Does anything stop you from writing a book? You can self-publish these days and put it on Amazon! Or write a kick ass blog! It's easy to look down upon other accomplishments -- just because they are rich doesn't mean they don't work. Twinkle writes a min 3000 words every single day! That discipline is not easy. What are your accomplishments? A regular 9-5? If even that?! (Pv, please publish. Tired of such much negativity))

Reading your comment makes me feel you are not competent even for a "regular 9-5". And yes that is an accomplishment, ask a woman who travels by locals every single day to feed her family!

You call a 9 to 5 job regular because you don’t have the talent to clear 5 to 8 rounds of interviews and get selected among other 50 competing people. Nothing great in scribbling 3000 words a day when you have an army of staff to manage your house

Hahahaha....yeah....every regular 9-5 jobs happens with rounds of interviews! What a joke. So okay, try 'scribbling' 1000 words everyday and let's see if you can get 100 people to pay really money to read your book? We'll talk then!

Let's remove your family's name and see if even one person accepts your book for free!!
BTW who is your Wikipedia on 9-5 jobs? Fire that person.

Twinkle is not a good writer. And I'm sure shweta isn't either. Not everyone writes but since many of us read we know good writing.

This is such an immature view... 9-5 is very difficult and people get "Selected" For that after competing.
What a hard work that you are writing 3000words in a day when an army of maids and helpers are taking care of household work.
C'mon first understand the world thoroughly b4 commenting

You people follow them on social media. Give them attention they want. Make them big thing... Come and complain.. No use.. If you really have to something boycott them.. That's it


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