Anshula Kapoor, Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor dine out with father Boney Kapoor

Janhvi Kapoor, Khushi Kapoor, Anshula Kapoor and father Boney Kapoor were today clicked exiting a restaurant in the city. Anshula and Janhvi were engrossed in a conversation as they got snapped by the paparazzi.
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Janhvi Kapoor, Khushi Kapoor, Anshula Kapoor and father Boney Kapoor were today clicked exiting a restaurant in the city. Anshula and Janhvi were engrossed in a conversation as they got snapped by the paparazzi.

Janhvi looked beautiful in a white tee and blue trousers, while Khushi looked stunning in a black outfit. On the other hand, Anshula looked pretty in a navy blue tee and denim. 

Check out the pictures:


Arjun and Anshula have been comforting their sisters Janhvi and Khushi post veteran actor Sridevi's demise.The family is also going to take a vacation to London together. A source told Filmfare earlier, “Janhvi and Khushi along with step-sister Anshula will join brother Arjun Kapoor for a holiday in London. Arjun will soon be shooting for his film Namastey England in London and this turned out to be the best time for his sisters to bond with him.”

Boney Kapoor also confirmed the same to Mumbai Mirror and said, “Yes, I will be in London with my children for two weeks. The idea is to have a family holiday and spend time together. We will decide the places we want to see when we leave on June 3. We are back in Mumbai on June 17.”

There were reports recently, that Arjun and Anshula may move back in the family home. “So far, Arjun and his sister Anshula Kapoor have led pretty much independent lives, away from their father’s family. But now Arjun feels his father and his stepsisters — Janhvi and Khushi — need him. He has begun to feel as protective towards his stepsister as he does towards his own sister Anshula,” a source had informed Deccan Chronicle.

On the work front, Janhvi has wrapped up her debut film, Dhadak which also stars Ishaan Khatter in the lead role. 

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They are a more unified family without SriDevi. However, Boney could have made this happen while she was alive.

Clearly Boney is a very weak person, and Sri too, and the kids, especially Anshula, are very strong people.

Mona daughter be alert once your mother was kind to siridevi like that

Looks like Anshula and Arjun got their Dad back

The family dynamics are not known to all, but this sudden explosion of Hum saath saath hai, makes Sri look very bad.

Where is Arjun???

Very nice to see them together! Maybe Boney has realised the fragility of life after Sri's demise and wants his children to be there for each other just in case. All the girls look beautiful, albeit Khushi stands out. Good to see Janhvi smile..

Jhanvi seriously is no heroine material.
It is not about the features,figure,height or weight but some dynamic attraction should be there.
Jhanvi looks like a high school kid.

I disagree, IMO she is going to make it really big in Bollywood as a actresses. I feel she has inherited her mothers acting genes and think Karan has a good eye for talent.

karan eyed siddharth malhotra who cant act inspite of the tons of films he got through karan.

Nice to see all of them together

Khushi is just too beauty!!

Boney kapoorji must be feeling very lonely after losing his soulmate. Feel sorry for him

All good children Anshula is the prettiest and lovely

khushi kapoor has all attributes to become enter entertainment industry , janhvi we have to see her in Dhadak as to her skills in dancing

khushi kapoor if properly groomed will become a star

I love Anshula she is such a loving person she has such good vibes God Bless her

Khushi may become like deepika padukone if properly trained in dance and acting

i think Khushi may become a super star if properly trained in acting

jahnvi is just average looking compared to her Mom

Bonny kapoorji 's children are all well behaved , kind good hearted . God Bless the Family

Khushi has big expressive eyes though her side view may not be so photogenic

Khushi is very pretty

Khushi is very pretty and Anshula is large hearted loving beautiful girl Bonny kapoor is blessed with Good Children which in today's times may be difficult to find such understanding children

all four ar e good children to their Dad but it reqires great courage on part of Anshula and Arjun to be so matured and forgive the past . I love Anshula, she is a darling

Khushi kapoor is turning out to be a great beauty

Anshula is a Lovely person God bless Her

Somehow I find anshula very very very endearing. She's a real person with nothing fake about her. She comes across as sweet, humble and loving soul. I can't say the same about jhanvi and khushi though.

What janhvi and khushi has done, aren't they trying to bond and making frequent trips to arjun's house. Didn't she got blame for celebrating her birthdy, sorry celebrated by anshula and posted pics by whole kandan.

The way they are all binding it looks like Sri was the only wall between them!

Didn't he created that wall, have u seen boney anywhere without sridevi or have u seen boney with janvi and khushi without sridevi until her death. whats with the whole theory of boney going back to dubai to surprise her, janhvi and khushi r home alone, can't he be with them. if sridevi says she missed him, then does he need to pack his bag and go back, that was not the first time he done that, when sri was shooting for English Vinglish in NY, he was not supposed to travel to US , but still he went to NY to be with sri. He can be with her daughter side at that moment as mona is in her final stage, didn’t he thought about her daughter at that time. Is he part of English Vinglish crew ??, but he was everywhr in promotions , isn't that the same time mona left this world, can't he be by his daughter and son side, but he preferred to be with sri, have u seen any producer or husband interfering in any movie promotions or getting clicked like him or walking redcarpet.....He was also reason for her not dng bahubali. And now what is he trying to prove, and what is with calling papz to restaurants and arjuns house and getting clicked. What is with whole family posting pictures of janhvis birthday, they clearly know janhvi will get bashed for this, still posted it, people know its anshula who arranged this, but janhvi has to take the blame. If they r bonding can't he do quietly does he need to confirm he and his children r gng for vocay.

Anshula has lost so much weight, she looks amazing. Love her Gucci shoes . Great to see the whole family together, looking forward to see their family photo at Sonam’s wedding.

everyone needs to look ahead, boney too ,he is 62, he needs a companion for another 10 yrs atleast. After a point children will have their own lives. luckily these days people understand this Kabir bedi married 3rd time at 70. love is oxygen to the soul :)

do you feel this way about widows as well? or is love only oxygen to the male soul.

"he needs a companion for another 10 yrs atleast." LOL. What happens after that?

kk looks so pretty!!

Khushi looks like Sonam!

Kushi looks like a copy of Sridevi. She looks amazingly beautiful. God bless these girls. I am really rooting for both of the girls to achieve the same level of success as Sridevi.

i see, khushi got her friend along...
i dont see how much conversation she could be having with her 32 year old brother tbh... janhvi's still only 5 years younger than anshula, hence i guess conversation's pretty easy..

i feel sorry for Anshula for all she has been true but im glad to see them happy togheder and khushi looks like a model.

It was almost effortless for the whole family to come back together. This will be what saves Boney, don't know what he would do without these kids, and good that the girls are not moping around.

Yup, all four of them are wonderful children to their dad. Very mature of them to make these efforts. I mean, they could have easily gone back to their older routine of connecting with their dad separately (after the funeral) , with only difference maybe being friendlier and clicking pictures together during family events. Instead, it is great to see them going to these extra lengths to keep their dad's spirits high.
As someone said, it will be easier for Anshula, because she is a girl and there is a lesser age difference. Will be harder for Arjun - he might bond with Janhvi slowly though since both are into acting.. But he will probably be clueless with Khushi lol.. I mean, I don't really think he has long conversations with Shanaya either.. So, he probably sees Khushi the same way too - a little kid. His best shot is to take her on a shopping spree abroad LOL.

OMG, Khushi is looking so old now when she dresses up. I actually think she looks the most like Sridevi.

Ansula looks like her Dad and Sri's daughters look like her. They all seem content and happy with each other. Tragedy has brought them all together. As there say whatever happens, happens for the best, and now Arjun and Anshula got their family back.

Poor Boney found solace in his children from previous marriage whom he 'technically' abandoned. Time has a wonderful way of showing us what/who really matters. I am glad they are there for each other.

The children are comfortable, hope boney finds a new partner too. Its hard to live alone especially for a man.

im curious why its especially easier for a woman.

emotional women are stronger...see how mona raised the kids alone at 32. today girls only marry after 30. It is easier for a woman but that doesnt mean a women cant find love again...

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