Anushka Sharma's Pari: The actress is haunted by a scary ghost and the poster will send chills down your spine

After the first look, Anushka Sharma shared the poster of her horror flick Pari today. In the poster, she looks scary AF and is seen haunted by a ghost.
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Last night, Anushka Sharma sent a scary Good Night message to her fans by sharing the first look of her upcoming, Pari. In the video shared by her, Anushka is seen gazing into the camera while her face is bleeding with cuts and bruises. Anushka shared the first look saying, "Sweet dreams guys... #HoliWithPari" 

Today, Anushka shared the poster of the film and it will send chills down your spine instantly. In the poster, Anushka is seen sitting on a chair while a ghost is standing behind her and have kept his hands on her shoulders.

Anushka posted the poster stating, "#HoliWithPari 

@OfficialCSFilms @paramspeak #PrernaaArora #KarneshSharma @kriarj #ArjunNKapoor @poojafilms" 

Check out the picture and tell us if you are excited about Pari in the comments below.

In Pari, Anushka is paired opposite Parambrata Chatterjee of Kahaani fame. The movie has been directed by Prosit Roy while Anushka Sharma's Clean Slate Films has produced the movie.

Talking about the film, Anushka had earlier stated, "We have gone by instinct in choosing good cinema, and the audiences have liked both our films.Pari is a strong, engaging story and our team is brilliant. It's the kind of project that I love producing and delivering to audiences."

Whereas, Parambrata added, "The script of Pari worked for me immediately. Anushka is a brilliant actor and a superstar. Working on this film will be an enriching experience."

This is Anushka's third movie as a producer post-NH 10 and Phillauri. Pari is slated to release on March 2, 2018.

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It's not that scary. Perhaps the trailer will be scarier. Sad to see that the "ghost" only has one eye; typical illuminati symbolism that has infiltrated Bollywood as well.

It would have been more impactful to not show the face of the creature behind anu and just the hands, that thing is not as scary looking as anushka

That thing behind her looks like a troll, i laughed. Anushka balances out her productions with khan i don’t know what to think of her. It feels a bit like vanity projects..producing films for yourself to star in, she has alot of confidence in her limited range.

Anu's on here doing the only thing she knows how; blowing smoke up her own arse.

Atleast she's experimenting rather than dancing around doing item songs.. and being a producer is tough work

Unless it is horrible, it will do well because it is unique among biopics and love-stories we keep seeing. And NH10 was really good.

Unless it is horrible, it will do well; that's the case with pretty much everything in life.

Meh, Anushka copies everything from posters to story line to background from hollywood films. Nothing creative or new. And she still cannot act. All she does is OTT punjabi roles or when she tries something different they are all flops

Which one's Anu?

Looks promising. Will watch it for sure.

She knows that Bollywood ppl don't offer her good content films that's why opened her own production house CSF to make movies for herself ..but she should give chance to fresh talent too

Excited for the movie!

This shall be the first indian ghost movie without much sexuality. Thank God

She is self made! Brings in best different movies!
Her personal life isn't my business
I like her!!!

this looks a little cheesy but the novelty of it being different will attract young audiences

Anushka is at the peak of her career but still open to experimenting... kudos

Looking forward to this movie.

Hate her all you want to, but Anushka Sharma is doing life the right way!

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