Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora get cosy as they hang out with Kareena Kapoor Khan and other friends, see PIC

Rumoured couple Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora partied with Kareena Kapoor Khan and other friends today. Check out the photos.
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Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora made their relationship official recently. They have been rumoured to be in a relationship for many years, but they have never spoken about it. They are no longer keeping their relationship a secret and have been spotted in public quite a few times recently. Their appearances together have fuelled speculations about them taking their relationship to the next level. They attended many Diwali parties together this year and exited together. The rumoured couple was also spotted at the airport recently as they arrived from Italy. Arjun Kapoor had accompanied Malaika Arora to Milan to ring in her birthday.

Malaika and Arjun caught up with Kareena Kapoor Khan, Amrita Arora and other friends today. Maheep Kapoor shared a photo on social media in which Arjun and Malaika can be seen getting cosy. Malaika looks gorgeous in a silver top and blingy pants. Arjun Kapoor looks dapper in a blue tee and black denim. Kareena Kapoor Khan looks absolutely stunning in a black dress as she poses with friends. Malaika and Arjun seem more comfortable off-late being seen together.




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Malaika Arora recently reacted to reports of her tying the knot with Arjun Kapoor next year. Buzz is that the rumoured couple will get married in April next year. Malaika said in an interview to Hindustan Times that she does not answer personal questions as she is not comfortable in talking about her personal life.

Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan separated in 2016 and were granted divorce in 2017.

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mallaika is the hottest woman in those photo. arjun is lucky!

If this relationship is true Janhvi and khushi would be laughing from inside. Sorry, not only them whole industry would be laughing behind them. What if malaika son becomes a celebrity and then he comes to some show and address arjun as other man in his moms life....

wish sridevi was here.. wish .. wish

Won’t be surprised if in future Kareena dumps Saif for not getting any ancestral property and hooks up with some new boy toy like Karthik.

Even though Arjun is not a good actor, he got good success with his moms blessings. When this news became public, he immediately got disaster ..

So after Suzanne, Gauri this is the next bunch of star wives that seems to be high on alcohol or drugs. Kareena needs to get out of this group and focus on films. She looks like a mess nowadays

Oh my god, I can't understand why people keep commenting abut Malaikas' age. I don't like her too but Stop with the ageist. Mind you, we all will reach there no matter how long, granted we live that long anyway!

Kareena can definitely do better than this... She is associating herself with the wrong people.

Malaika is lovely – and she is one of the more elegant Bollywood celebrities. I think Arjun and she make a great couple. They complement each other. Haters please stop. You only destroy yourselves.

Ya ok Malaika.. Enough of the self praise.

Malaika is lovely – and she is one of the more elegant Bollywood celebrities. I think Arjun and she make a great couple. They complement each other. Haters please stop. You only destroy yourselves.

Elegant! ROLF- you a funny one!

Disgusting to see malaika and Arjun. What the child must b reeling to c her mother having affair with half the age Arjun. Film industry is s Very bad example with their extra martial affairs.

Malaika cheated on Arbaaz, to be with Arjun and now she's getting desperate after Arbaaz and his foreign gf pics came out. she wants to show she's got the lover she wanted.why she waits for Arbaaz to come out first when she and Arjun were cheating together for a decade.she even waited arpita and arjun to break so that she can have him.she has no shame,eyeing for sister in law's bf for long time.

Boney, don’t sit and watch like a helpless person. For god sake u r his father pls do something. He is doing nothing for his career and also spoiling his personal life

First he dates Salman's sister and now his sister-in-law. WIERD af!

Empty head kareena who'd rather spend time with her empty head friends in once more once more parties than with her son who is always with his nanny. I can't understand how can someone be Kareena's fan? She is an average actress, bad mother, not a beauty like Aish or Deepika, more looks like a man and is very arrogant and dumb. There is nothing likable about her

arjun and his aunties.

forget about malaika's midriff - you see that in every dance anyway...
these pictures literally bare her bra below her dress.
no wonder arjun's in it with her - its for the skin. cheapo

Mallaika and Arjun are definitely putting a ring on it , about time too. Kareena's make up is badly applied ,that heavy black eyeliner makes her face appear very harsh in the strong lights.

Are you for this relationship or against? Not that it matters to them. But you seem to keep commenting both ways!

Never been able to stand Malaika. A wannabe Kardashian. Barf!

I thought arjun and Ranveer were like brothers yet arjun wasn't invited? Shows all bollywood relationships are phony

Good point! I wondered same. Bollywood is strange place. These people have no problem playing with people’s emotions.

Kareena wasting her time and health . Smoking and alcohol effect can be seen clearly on her face.

These days Kareena looks like dude. Juhu,madhuri even at this age so beautiful and feminine.

Not every girl needs to be feminine to be beautiful.

Malaika trying too hard.. wanna be teenager !!!

All losers who weren't invited to the shaadi of the year!

How much ever I try to be progressive...which I think I'm in a way...I'm somehow unable to see this arjun-malaika affair in a natural looks so odd......

This pic looks photoshopped

This is just ewwwwe

Kareena looks high on alcohol. Her thigh high slit and Malaika midriff show says they are insecure. Others are dressed much better

Arjun getting fat by the day

yup not going to ever watch an Arjun(no moral compass) movie again..................................oh wait i never did before either, nvm good night.

Seema Khan looks carbon copy like Malaika...I get confused with them

Does Malaika thinks of her son? Sad!

Kareena time for some plastic surgery!

This is what we call a feminist version of midlife crisis.

Legit fed up of seeing Arjun and Malaika on PV everyday. Why are they being shoved down our throats? You guys r no DeepVeer

oh maheep is arjuns aunt.. the family approves??? arjun's mom should have really been alive.

if malaika is somesort of deep thinker atleast i can understand but she is a total dumb plastic person.

No one says 'NO' to a Milf or a Cougar..simple as....lage raho Arjun baba bilkul sahi ja rahe ho..

After fairytale wedding- now this. Please can we go back to fairytale again..


why is everyone here after " deep throat " ? they are close pals and they were having fun that night. you cant always be super serious and have serious (super normal birthday cakes). its fun to be funny and dirty sometimes and this doesnt mean they are sluts. they know how to have fun, let them have fun.

What a lame defence - even Said walked away from it

Hi Amrita. Aao swagat hai aapka

The best gift a father can give his children is to love their mother. Mr.Boney Kapoor failed his children on many levels.

Malaika > Kareena

I just don't understand why Bebo being an A Lister acts like a wannabe all the time. She wasn't like this until after the baby. It's like she's out to prove that she enjoys her life, but this looks desperate.

Malaika is so HOT!!

Something is missing from this photos and this gang. Oh yes, class.

Women all around the world date ugly guys. Why are people so surprised?

whats wrong with kkk??? less say about malaika!!!

Arjun has lost a fan today

For whatever reasons this relationship was better when it was under wraps..

Bebo has the most unflattering body shape,she's really morphing into a dude now

Plz loose some weight Arjun looking so bad.

My God kareena isn't aging well at all.she's the youngest in that pic yet she looks older than malaika,yikes.

Happens with gaining tremendous weight during pregnancy and losing more than standard ages the skin bad

My God kareena isn't aging well at all.she's the youngest in that pic yet she looks older than malaika,yikes.

As a kareena fan seeing the way she is deteriorating and handling herself is really cringeworthy and sad,this is a woman that had so much potential but she had rather party and get drunk and then star in crappy movies without reading scripts.i feel so ashamed that I ever stanned her and actually had a fanpage of her on Instagram.

Arjun is dating a woman Maheep's age. What irony on top of it, he hated SriDevi for what she did to his mom and her children, now he did exactly the same to Arbaaz and his children. Shame on him.

Does Malaika and Arjun thinks about her son? Why are they flaunting this relationship. Arbaaz was million times handsome.

No dude. She didn’t dump her husband. They were already estranged when she started dating Arjun. Take a seat ...... in fact take several seats

Malaika is divorced from Arbaaz. Arbaaz is dating another women. Malaika is dating Arjun. In what world is this "exactly the same" as Boney Kapoor leaving Arjun's mom to date and marry Sridevi. Two entirely different scenarios!!!! Are you for real? Can you think? PV, please post this valid response.

Oh really? Then why does Salman hates Arjun and does not look at him in the eye? If this affair started after Malaika's divorce, why is Salman so angry about it? It was this affair that led to their divorce.

Well malaika didn't ever call arjun her rakhi brother, he didn't knock her up while living in arbaaz's house and with her still being married to arbaaz. So no, arjun didnt do exactly what sridevi did.

Yes, arjun and sri scenarios are different. Sridevi was not dating anil kapoor at the same time and sridevi was not living in boney’s house in 96, arjun was at salman’s gym and got two birds for one shot, he dated arpita to get trained and malaika to cheat. Sridevi was neither in relationship nor in need for career, she married bikari boney just because he was behind her for ten yrs. But arjun’s relationships looks completely like a advantage.

Cannot get this couple never thought he would be her type after her ‘deep throat’ rendition thought she must want a hot type-Arjun is hardly a hunk

Mala is the hottest one there.

Kareena looks rough

she looks drunk

I almost judge PV for daily unabashed display of this blasphemy.

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