Arjun & Mehr Rampal leave for Cannes

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Damn! Of all the times, Arjun has to sport the moostache now? I know he is sporting it for his character in an upcoming flick, but I wish he shaved the mooshtache off for the red carpet:(


wow!!! we love arjun"s new look and we know him to make agrand entry where ever he goes.....way to
go rampal you rock and make our nation proud we back you

They look so cute together. I´m sure they will make a wow appearance in Cannes.

both looking horrible

Ha ha ha!! LV luggage??!! What show offs!

He'll look hot in his film with the stache but hmmm yeah I kinda wish he would shave it for Cannes! LOL

They look amazing together. Awwww. Perfect!

omg arjun rampal looks great as always i love this guy perfect body perfect face perfect husband!

@ smitag... I know what you mean but don't despair too soon...sometimes a mustaches can be just as sexy as a clean shave...and on a hunk like Arjun you never know...if styled well he may still knock our socks off ;) ...think new look Beckham...droooooooool

Both look extremly good. Okay the moustache is not really sexy, but hey it´s for a movie.

what happened to him? He looks like a middle aged uncle

Ever since I saw pictures of him looking totally ripped, I just can't get over how hot he is underneath that clothing!!!! YUmm..the mustache has got to go though!

I dont like the mooshi on him too..He looks way hotter without it but hey! Kudos to his professionalism!

oh no, his appearance is already guaranteed a super flop. And I hope meher wears makeup on the red carpet, she always wears so little.

he looks bad

Why is ever tom, dick and harry going to Cannes? May be we are noticing that everyone and their uncle goes to cannes b'coz these days there is so much press in India for the Cannes film festival.

he looks horrible he needs to be fed

couldn't even recognize arjun, he looks like such an average Indian guy you see on the street

I know smitag that the mustache isn't flattering but I guess he can't shave it off. It will take a while to grow that back!


what do people find attractive about Arjun?

At least he is pushing the heavy load and letting his mrs walk the easy life. If this was Hrithik, Sussanne would be pushing the trolley while he walks on with his man-bag to look good for the public!! I always admire Arjun and his respect for women

And hopefully we will make enough appearance money to buy real LV from France and dump these we got from Thailand..........look at such hopeless failures......really whats the world coming to in India....mediocres and nobodies hogging all the limelight!

lol does anyone knows arjun rampal at cannes..... nobody knows him in india also!!!!!

They both look so good. Arjun can´t shave his moustache cause the film shooting is going on after Cannes. And I think he looks very sexy with it.

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