Ayushmann Khurrana features on magazine cover with Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor & Alia Bhatt; gets emotional

In the Filmfare Critics Awards, Ranveer Singh (Padmaavat) and Ayushmann Khurrana (Andhadhun) were announced as the winners in the Best Actor (Male) category.
Ayushmann Khurrana features on magazine cover with Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor & Alia Bhatt; gets emotionalAyushmann Khurrana features on magazine cover with Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor & Alia Bhatt; gets emotional
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The 64th Vimal Elaichi Filmfare Awards was a starry affair with some of the finest performances taking the Black Lady home. One such performance was by Ayushmann Khurrana who bagged the Critics Best Actor in Leading Role (Male) for Andhadhun in which he played the character of a (maybe) blind pianist. The actor dedicated his award to his father who pushed him to be an actor, his mother who taught him the importance of being patient and wife Tahira who supported him throughout.

Recently, Ayushmann posted the latest cover of Filmfare on his social media handle with a humble caption saying that maybe this was the reason why he came to Mumbai. Ayushmann along with Alia Bhatt, Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor graced this cover of the May issue which brought together all the winners of 2019 in a panoramic view. Check out the cover right here and drop in some love for the actor in the comments below:



इसी दिन के लिए मुंबई आया था शायद। #filmfare

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Last year, the actor blew away the audience and the box office with amazing performances in films like Andhadhun and Badhaai Ho, with his ‘Dilli ka launda’ act working out perfectly for him. So far, 2019 also looks solid for him. Ayushmann will next be seen in Dream Girl which will be a romantic comedy directed by Raaj Shaandilyaa.The film will also be starring Nushrat Bharucha and will be co-produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor under their banner Balaji Motion Pictures. 


Haha look at those rich and non deserving stsc( ranbir & alia) taking the centre stage while the talented abd deserving Gen category ppl( ranveer & ayushman) sidelined. That's how unfair India is in every field .

This article is about Ayushmann but most of the comments are about Alia,rk and rv. Looks like people who oppose nepotism here are unknowingly giving so much attention to the nepo kids.

Ranveer Singh to me is the best out of the current lot despite with an average Joe look, he shines on screen and lives his character like non other and recently his been looking really sexy:)

Has anyone noticed RKs nose is bloating like a joker?

Sticking out neck, are it will break Alia. And No, if u stick ur neck out it doesn't make u tall, it makes u look uncomfortable . if you are 5 feet so be it, accept it

Ayushmann is self-made to the core.

Lol ! alia photo shopped to look taller. You are not elegant dear and never will be. See we did not get a full length photo. If you are five feet tall be proud why hide it lol! lol !

RS looks annoying and bloated. RK, no matter how much y'all hate on him, is still hot and can act circles around anyone on his worst day. Ayushman looks cute.

Ranbir was not deserving at all.How did he got this ward ?? losers alia and ranbir

How on earth did this short below average man alia gor the best actress award ??? such poor performance nothing special instead tabu or deepika should have won.Yhe alia ke papa kjo ne dilaya hoga bheek maang ke .shame on them

Calm down kangana...how many time you gonna post this comment?!...pancholi silly ex...

Alia is so yuck from head to toe.ewwwww

4 men in one frame

Who is this short below average man keeping his hand on ranbir's shoulder

hi katrina fan, move on dear

Everyone knows Ranbir winning for Sanju is a joke —

Absolutely.. only PC had the guts to openly say in KWK that she thought Sanju was over-rated s#%t of the year!

Lol ! Shortie sitting on a high chair( only way to rest her hand on rks shoulders ) and stretching her neck in an effort to look sexy.

Just want Ranveer to really think over again about Takht because Karan Johar will go to any lengths to sabotage someone’s career for his camp kids.

Sigh.. KJo should have put Ranbir and Varun in Takht instead of Ranveer and Vicky and have the world rejoice on how that ship would have sunk! No one cares a tiny rat’s ass if this movie has Kareena, Alia and Jhanvi.. any newbie could have been cast and wouldn’t have made a difference.

Poor Ranbir has to keep so many people satisfied in return of all these favours. No wonder he always looks like a depressed soul walking around while being crushed under too much pressure.

Filmfare magazine needs a reality check... two Star kids holding centrestage , Two Real authentic true blue Actors relegated to sidelines... WHEN WILL WE STOP NEPOTISM...? JP of Filmfare stood sucking up & pandering to starKids...

2 star kids holding center stage is well deserved because they too are real authentic blue blood Actors and their FAMILIES built the Bwood they work in and allow others to work in as well. They have more rights to be there before anyone else that did not build it and of course only the best amongst them survive. If you have real talent and want to be part of them, they do allow you in but of course it might take you longer to prove yourself.....it’s just how the world works, Bwood included! Don’t want to rob and cheat them by robbing their house when you wouldn’t like it done to you.

Mr.Jiji licking his master Jojo’s a** as usual.

Filmfare magazine needs a reality check... two Star kids holding centrestage , Two Real authentic true blue Actors relegated to sidelines... WHEN WILL WE STOP NEPOTISM...? JP of Filmfare stood sucking up & pandering to starKids...

hope Kangana keeps on attacking these two because they deserve it but Mr JoJo ko bhi nahin chodna chahiye.

Happy to see Ayushmann, others in this pic are nepo kids!

Ayushmann and Ranveer didn’t need to share the critics award if it wasn’t for the bigada hua Kapoor. Unfair!

Ayushmann and Ranveer deserved the award but because of the Kapoor lad they had to share the critics award because Kapoor boys never share. They just buy it like their fathers.

Why Alia looks like kangana ?

Everyone know how and why Ranbir got the award. Filmfare had to please the god father jojo along with the audience. So gave one to the privileged kid and one each to audience/critic favourites RS&Ayushman.

Hey, wtf is Ranveer here? Best actress is Alia, best actor is Ranbir, best critics actors is Ayushmann, and Ranveer is...? Pity prize? Is it because Neena Gupta wasn't "glamorous" enough for this cover as best actress? Heck, they could have at least gotten Vicky, he actually WON something. RS has become beyond annoying to me, he thinks he's all that now.

Hey Pv amazingly the thumbs up button works for this comment. Seems that you guys have forgotten that it was rk who called you all shitvilla!

Ranveer and Ayushman were tied for the critics. Get lost you fool.

Lol, "tied" means he is pity prize. There's no way Khilji even came close to Akash. Khilji was over-the-top and ridiculous and everyone could see that. They felt sorry the poor boy lost to RK and KJO, and gave him his pity prize.

How very wrong are you. Ranveer was awesome as Khilji and the movie made all that money because audience loves him, even though he was essaying a negative character. Sanju was over rated and definitely didn’t deserve any wins. Imitation is only the best form of flattery my friend but doesn’t show any original craft. That’s what RK did. He imitated Sanjay Dutt.. big deal.

Need some burnol dear? Must be hurting really bad to see him everywhere.

He's the odd one out.

Ranbir didn't deserve that win. Ranveer did.

Absolutely. It was Ranveer’s to win. Didn’t think Jitesh too would get sold like this. It was one of the worst filmfare awards ever!

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