Batti Gul Meter Chalu screening: Mira Rajput flaunts her post-pregnancy body as she arrives with Shahid Kapoor

Mira Rajput accompanied Shahid Kapoor for Batti Gul Meter Chalu's screening in Mumbai. This is Mira's first appearance at an event, post giving birth to their baby boy, Zain Kapoor.
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Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput had a fabulous start to September 2018 as the couple welcomed their second child after Misha Kapoor, a baby boy, on September 5, 2018. Sasha then took to Twitter to thank everyone for their wishes and also revealed that they named their son Zain Kapoor. While we got a small glimpse of Zain and Mira (with Shahid and Misha) when the family left Hinduja hospital in Mumbai, we had not seen the two, until now.

Sans Zain, of course, Mira accompanied Shahid for his upcoming release Batti Gul Meter Chalu's screening. The couple gave us major relationship goals as they twinned in black. Shahid looked handsome as he opted for athleisure wear in a black sleeveless hoodie which he paired with black shorts, grey sneakers and grey tinted round sunglasses. On the other hand, Mira looked gorgeous as she flaunted her post-baby bod in a short black flowy dress with black flats and she left her sleek hair open. 

Check the pictures of the lovely couple below:


We have to admit, Mira looks absolutely amazing and it is unbelievable that just a few weeks back, she gave birth to Zain! What do you have to say about Mira's post-pregnancy attire choice? Let us know your views in the comments below.

Meanwhile, in an EXCLUSIVE interview with Pinkvilla, Shahid revealed to us who named Zain. "We kind of decided both the names together when we were having our first baby. So, when the boy happened to be, we stuck to Zain," Shahid shared.



Mira is so fame-hungry. Couldn't stay away for even a few days. She had to be on PV!

he thought arabic name will give his baby more fame like Taimur got...haha

Mira aunty will soon announce another baby. Gotta do something to stay in the news

Are you talking about Saif Ali Khan who is about to have his fourth child? He started reproducing at the age of 21 and doesn't stop even when he is 50 years old grand father. Tell him there is something called as birth control

And in the real world not all women look this good after pregnancy. The sleepless nights, etc it all shows however not here, why? With plenty of hands on support, waiting on you on hand and foot. Too eager to show off, take a break will you.

There are MANY who do! My friends have gone back to full time work after 7-8 weeks -- they are normal middle class folks and they look just fine. Everyone in India has some form of help...parents/in laws/husband/domestic help. No need to hate on her just because she is a celeb! (Pv post please?)

True, and than they say they are Hand on Parents, feeding the baby religiously blah blah blah..

Oh gosh so do you wanto apply for Zain’s nanny’s post ?? lol she has had a normal delivery and she is a celebs wife. She will look fine. And this is the second time so she will know the flow. It’s not like what she says is bible..and anyway why to take her words seriously? Lol she is no messaiah. I am sure they will have help. And her husband’s movie is on so she came for screening for couple of hours unlike aish who didn’t say or is saying a peep about manmarziya or her hubbys acting or even movie in particular. So people have problem with that, people have issues with Kareena for not being hands on..commenting on immature Mira who just says things. We can also look how easy she has made child birth seem to younger women. But no ofcourse she said something & not keeping
Up to it.. things and situations keep changing. Ther is no routine. I don’t like Meera . I do like shahid acting and the way he is brought up looking after his mother and bro.. but imo nothing wrong in what Meera is doing. She is just being supportive and Her hubby is ok.. lol then what’s the bother.. atleast they are not cheating & robbing ! Peace out ..

Shahid is undergoing mid-life crisis lol he thinks he's still in his early twenties.

Got to look young for the jawan biwi

ROFL what happened to the 40 days of confinement after delivery that she was boasting about the last time?

Coping Kareens ,but i feel that 40 days rest is mportant

Isn't it nice to see that with love, support and care after delivery, the mom can enjoy motherhood? I wish every new mom gets that privilege.

What a nice comment! And I wish there would be more positive and less cruel comments on this site...

Most annoying couple

Cute couple

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