Bharat Premiere: Katrina Kaif knows how to make heads turn as she dons a stunning black lehenga; view PICS

Katrina Kaif's spell of florals continues as she opts for an all-black lehenga and totally stuns at the premiere of Bharat. Check out the pictures right here.
Bharat Premiere: Katrina Kaif knows how to make heads turn as she dons a stunning black lehenga; view PICSBharat Premiere: Katrina Kaif knows how to make heads turn as she dons a stunning black lehenga; view PICS
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Bharat is just a few hours away from its release and the Eid of 2019 shall seal the fate of what does the first day of the film look like. While there is still time until the audiences can actually hit the theatres, team Bharat is at the premiere of the movie and in attendance are the likes of Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Disha Patani, Jackie Shroff, Tiger Shroff, and many others. While we are sure that the team is high in spirits, the premiere night shall only add to the energy!

And, when there's a red carpet, how can one not talk about clothes, especially that of our very own Kumud (Katrina). Katrina continued the trend of her floral outfits even at the premiere of Bharat and she donned a stunning lehenga for the night. She pulled off an all-black look where the blouse was plain black while the lehenga and dupatta were printed. She let her hair open and opted for minimal makeup with a pair of earrings to go with the ensemble.

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Apart from Bharat, Katrina will also be seen in Sooryavanshi opposite Akshay Kumar, a pairing that will return to the screen after years. Recently, when the actress was asked about how does she deal with all the scrutiny that comes along with social media, she said, "It is okay. It is all part and parcel of my life. There have been times in my life when I have panicked about media articles. I would panic, get worked up and suffered. I later realised that it just doesn’t matter."

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Her best look ever! She is gorgeous full stop.

She is looking beautiful but i don't think rk is regretting leaving her because he took the decision after seeing the real face of Katrina.

Omg this article just reached 1million + reads!!! My first time seeing this amount of reads on pinkvilla Truly a QUEEN:D <3

rk has become kjo and family puppet for the sake of career. does he even have brain to regret?

Just saw the movie and feel compelled to comment - Kat was just so good in it. People were laughing and smiling at her dialogues and entry. Honestly she was the best part of the movie. Enjoy

I just love KATRINA
She is just so beautiful, pretty, amazing, etc.
I just can't take my eyes off of her.
She is my inspiration.
I am trying very hard to become a good actor like her.

Keep it up KAT.
WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Why does this post not accept dislikes..looks not right


OMG Katrina Katrina look so pretty bae.....muah

Wonder what are RK’s thoughts on seeing her like this...

He is regretting by leaving her.

RK must be sulking after looking at this pic

How beautiful she looks here, she should wear more outfits like this, nazar na lage, katrina pls achha dress pehno aise hi.

PV rigging the posts again. Uff

Pretty gal, Deepika and Kat look amazing in Sabya clothing. Unlike that Alia who looks like she’s playing dress up.

u r so right! both DP and Kat have lovely, sharp features whereas Alia has a chapta-face, if you know what I hate guys just stating my opinion

Super gorgeous. No I’m not a paid pr hahaha. Chill guys. Look half as good as her and then speak.

she still looks good even with all the facial fillers.

Same makeup,same left side pose ,same hairstyle,same dressing sense,same 10 mins role with 1 item song free but with fresh botoxed face

expressionless botox buddhi

Khud ganda sa mota sa pet dikha rahi hai ab kuch bae hora .Hypocrite

Kat PR chill.She looks bloated and botoxed

My head is not turning



Sorry I'll be watching the the Indian game on that day.

These comments are hilarious. She looks beautiful end of story. Who cares. Also Salman is hot. And no I’m not a rickshawala lol. I’ve loved him since I was kid watching him and we should consider ourselves lucky that we be had theee amazing legends Salman Aamir Srk to watch kill it in the industry for so long ! You are soooo hot still Salman!!

Kat PR is commenting in comment section.

Sis ain't here to play but to slay and we are ready for it! Gurll u're smashing!!!

This is hands down her best look in the last several years ! Almost reminds me of the old Katrina. Everyone was Gaga over. She looks flawless. Stunning head to toe! Please do more looks like this Katrina.

She looks beautiful

Super gorgeous and trendy Katrina...the dress suiting her tall figure to the tee...natural beautiful face with minimal makeup and mild shaded lips are wowww

LOL at natural beautiful face and minimal makeup. Kat face is not natural not even 5%. Its all plastic(her photos proves it) and she is wearing full and heavy makeup but in neutral shades.

Beautiful Beautiful

Hey guys wanna hear a joke?

Some rickshaw driver in the comments keeps praising this grandpa as if he's paying his bills, he just keeps repeating salman baba salman baba like an idiot.
ok we get it loser we get it, you love salman baba, salman baba jaisa koi nahi. Now get lost

This is one of your best outfits

Salman is most superstar, megastar in entire india. Even haters can't ignore this handsome man with amazing six pack abs and muscles. Salman baba ki jai

Bad hair. Put some curls in them.

we rikhshawalas will zaroor watch this amazing slice of life movie. We will make it a bigger blockbuster than baahubali. We should all watch it because salman is the bhai of bollywood

Omg outstanding !!looking simply ravishing

Her potato face ruins it. Sorry

We rikshawalas aka salmanics will zaroor watch this movie. Iss Eid sirf bharat dekhenge aur kuch nahi dekhenge. Salman baba ki jai zor se bolo

Haters go apply burnol or jump off a building. Salman baba is unbothered

Lovers are hiding so embarrassed to hide . lol You admit that katrina is nothing without her ex bf salman. You jump off a building out of embarrassment and shame.

pv be fair to post

Salman baba is a world famous mega star who is idolized by many hollywood biggies like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Leonardo dicaprio.

Katrina kaif will finally show her amazing and unmatched acting skills with this blockbuster. She will win a filmfare and a national award for kumud raina. Haters keep burning


I cant decide which One is the worst looking cheaprina, Uglia Bhatt or duck of bollywood anushka. Guys pls vote

Beautiful woman and lehenga.

I'm deepika's fan .but this dress Oh my God..i can't take my eyes off from her. ..

Looking so old & aged!

Left profile obsession


Wow! Absolutely gorgeous!

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