Cannes 2018: Sonam Kapoor stuns in a beige coloured gown on the red carpet

Sonam Kapoor will be walking the red carpet at the 71st Cannes Film Festival today. The actor sure knows how to leave everyone wanting for more with her impeccable fashion sense.
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After making an impressive style statement on her first day at 71st Cannes Film Festival, Sonam Kapoor donned a beautiful beige coloured gown by Vera Wang with a voluminous tulle skirt and a contrast yellow train for her second-day appearance and we are totally smitten. 

Hair tied in a loose bun with highlighted eyes and red shiny lips paired with statement earrings rounded off her look. Sonam is seen giving a princess-y feel as she walked the red carpet. 

Check out the photos right here: 



Sonam stunned in a pastel lehenga last evening. She also shared a lovely moment with Pakistani actor Mahira Khan. The photo of the duo has gone viral. Mahira made her Bollywood debut in Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees. 

Speaking of Sonam, the actor recently got married to longtime beau Anand Ahuja and her proud husband cannot stop himself from going gaga over the gorgeous beauty.  

Last year, Sonam had talked to Hindustan Times about why she loves attending the festival. Sonam has been walking the Cannes red carpet for the past eight years. 

She had said, “I am wearing some amazing clothes so I am quite excited about that. But the best thing is just the energy. I make sure to have fun because if you aren’t having fun that shows in the way you look and the way you dress. I don’t feel the pressure because I am walking for a cosmetic giant but I am sure it would have been different if it were for a film.” 

This is Sonam’s first red carpet event post marriage with Anand. 


Still better than Deepika's flamingo outfit!

One of the worst dresses ever!! Let’s be honest about it

I expected better from Sonam. This is rather worrying.

none of the american entertainment portals like e or tmz have posted any pics of either sonam or dp..thyeve been dissed

What happened to her nose?

Honestly Kangs and DP have much better fashion sense than this self proclaimed fashionista. But madam Sonam's PR has worked hard for past 10 yrs to build n shove her fashionista image down the ppl's throat !

If the theme was bird then she is definitely an ostrich

Yellow clashes with beige .

Yellow clashes with beige .

she luks like ostritch again...

i think sonam is over the whole ott style this year
shes keeping it simple which is making her stand out as all the others are ott and trying too hard

Dull and uninspired.

Omg! This is such a debacle.

This is bad on so many levels. Why is she grinning like that?

That's her smile. Maybe, she is feeling happy for some reason.

whatever the reason, it must be a secret - judging from the hot-dress-mess she's sporting.

Oh dear!


bad dress choice.. color of her skin.. she looks dull and boring

Something off about her makeup, her face looks weird here. Is L’Oreal makeup bad or the makeup artist at fault?

Loreal makeup colour pallete is not suited to Indian skin tone. They have Indian ambassadors but don't create makeup for ethnic women. I am a Loreal makeup artist of Pakistani origin and even i don't wear it.

Rhea should have been with her.

L’Oreal makeup and product are just crap.


disappointment she hasn’t that spark she is now more about being married and being with her man her priorities changed dress is bad choice and hair a mess

She has chosen all dull colors for the red carpet this time.....nothing new and boring!

she looks tired. The dress is okay, kind of boring maybe? i would say the same if anyone else was wearing it

mehndi with gown is a Big NO!!!

Boring..both the red carpet outings were yawn worthy.. her charity event dress was much prettier yesterday.

I liked it :-) Nice!

Expected much more from Sonam... this is just too plain and doesn't stand out imo. There's a spark missing!

Eeek. Nay

Can't believe this is so bad.

Sonam had all sunset hues beige, yellow & gold in her look. She is looking regal & a dreamer's delight! Yesterday in that pastel lehenga she looked ethereal & impressive specially the hair accessory )on the braid was uniquely stylish.Was expecting her to grace in a bright colour & expected her to experiment with Indian traditional sari with a unique twist (accessory/colour/fabric). She looks stunning in a Sari!

Pretty girl, nothing more, nothing less. And - nothing special. Time to retire that fashionista fantasy.

I think she is missing both rhea and her husband. Shes just not fully present and rhea also makes the dressing fully present

out of all the dresses IN THE WORLD? she chose this? wow

She's a beautiful girl (in my opinion the prettiest after Aishwarya) but she seems so lazy. Completely uninspired this year

She looks cute, loved this gown... But it looks incomplete, something amiss

SHe looks gorgeous as usual but this year was underwhelming for her. She seems very over Cannes.

Nay! No way!


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