Cannes 2019: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan glitters like gold on the red carpet; View Pics

Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has made a stunning appearance at the Cannes red carpet today. The actress looked gorgeous in her all golden attire. Check out her pictures from the red carpet.
Cannes 2019: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan glitters like gold on the red carpet; View PicsCannes 2019: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan glitters like gold on the red carpet; View Pics
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The 72nd Cannes Film Festival has been making headlines all these days as numerous well known celebrities have graced the event with their presence. The mega event witnessed the presence of many Bollywood divas too including Deepika Padukone, Kangana Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra Jonas. Today, another Bollywood actress, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan made her grand entry at the event. 

Aishwarya, who happens to be one of the most popular Cannes celebrities of all times, flaunted a beautiful metallic fish - cut golden green dress. The actress look elegant as she chose to wear minimal makeup as her ensemble was sufficient enough to grab the attention of the onlookers. The actress flaunted her sleek straight hair and opted for a contoured cheek look with nude lips. 

Check out Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's pictures from Cannes 2019 below:

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has also been accompanied by her daughter Aaradhya Bachchan who also complemented her mom well at the mega event. Aishwarya had already annouced about her arrival at the French Riviera earlier in an Instagram post which consisted of a picture of hers along with daughter Aaradhya. The pretty mom surely nailed her red carpet appearance at the event!

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East or West, Ash is the best.

Aish calm down and stop replying to all the hate comments.Instead go to mental hospital and take your ugly abnormal child aradhya along asap

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Only Ash's appearances can command so many comments on PV. Queen indeed!

Ash is on the best dressed lists this year, yet again. Yay!

She looks just like Kim Kardashian in this ensemble

She looks just like The Aishwarya Rai in this ensemble and that's enough.

Try harder,troll

She looks just like Kim Kardashian in this ensemble

Work it, Aish. Muah :*

The trail of the gown is well cut and stunning.. Ash never disappoints, so don't have to say much about her gorgeousness..

I dislike Ash because of her attitude, but I agree that she was the best dressed at Cannes this year.

Kangana ranaut is the real queen mesmerising in every attire.... even hina khan looks so gorgeous in both of her red carpet appearance
she nailed it totally aishwarya is looking old n Wts wrong with her face....

You need to get your eyes tested or is it just green eyed monster getting to you all!

Kangana is the Halloween queen, who gone under the knife multiple times, to look average. She's no competition to the real Queens Ash and Deepika.

Move aside wannabes of Bollywood, the Empress of Cannes has slayed the red carpet...

True. True.

Cannes is never boring, when Queen Ash walks out.

Nobody can challenge this Queen of Cannes! Just look at the confidence. WoW!

The make up brings out her facial features naturally. Good job, Ash.

Aish really knows how to play the game. STUNNER!

Aishwarya should start classes for these young girls on how to slay the red carpet like a Queen.

This is perfection to the core.

Her make up is on point and so is her hairstyle. Dress is risqué, but Aish pulls it off with elan.

She came. She saw. She conquered the red carpet.

All that glitters is not gold..... you get better cloth in Charminar market

Lallu, nobody is poor like u...LOL Aish is gold, that's why she glitters bright.

All that glitters is gold and Aishwarya indeed.

I love the way Ash burns this one troll spamming this page with hatred.

Those who said she looks amazing and carries herself well without trying, please check your eyes. Just because you root for her and are her fans, don't kid yourselves when she really doesn't look good. Not sure what's happened to her face and her smile. Seems not to be emanating from within.,

The whole world is saying that she looks amazing and carries herself effortlessly. Get new glasses. Envy much?

Same troll. Same words. Same nonsense

Please check own eyes... She looks good and is smiling from within... Get a life,loser...LOL

She has gone the Katrina Kaif way.

Same troll. Same words. Same nonsense.

She is more naturally beautiful than Katrina.

These new cheek implants from a year ago are too big for her face and all those surgeries from the past catches up to you when you age

Try harder,troll, she's natural and that burns u...LOL

Same troll. Same words. Same nonsense.

Those arms reminded me of Aamir from Dangal

The cheek implants ruins the overall look. So much for being the most beautiful woman in the world.

The troll is desperately ruining his/her own life. So much for jealously.

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This tactic is getting old, at least change the style of writing. Don't be so obvious,LOSER.

She is NATURALLY the most beautiful woman in the world.

Not saying Ash is not pretty but she's been improved with many surgeries, eye and skin color change, fuller hair and plenty other procedures.

Same troll. Same words. Same nonsense.

Ash improves naturally with age, she's not ur momma,who regularly goes under the knife.

disclaimer: I do not intend to troll Ash at all, I like her but... something is so sadly fake about Ash's face and lips and cheeks and smile and eyebrow and is there anything real about her anymore?

Disclaimer:You are a troll and it's obvious that u don't like her. Something is fake about ur acting and ur momma...LOL

Disclaimer :Same troll. Same words. Same nonsense.

Disclaimer: This troll has typed the last 20-25 vile comments out of jealousy.

The problem is she has lot of weight to lose, plus she looks so old now. For whatever reason Shilpa looks young and Aish looks old. She looks older than Madhuri here. I can't believe, she should hit the gym

She is gorgeous in whatever size she is.
Same troll. Same words. Same nonsense.

The problem lies in ur head, not her body. Stop body shaming women.

She has to be the most boring actress around. Same hair, make-up and hands on hips pose that we have seen a zillion times. She even repeats the same phrases like a parrot.

Same troll. Same words. Same nonsense.

Well, she is indeed the most interesting actress around because she experiments with her looks each year.

She has to be the most interesting actress around. New style, new looks, each time. Get burnol. Lol

Cheek implants? Check! Nose job? Check! Botox? Check

Hater? Check! Loser? Check! Orphan? Check!

Troll alert? Check! Orphan? Check!

Most beautiful woman in the world thanks to her surgeries and people only call out Priyanka. Not fair.

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Most beautiful woman in the world because she is worth the title and not opting for surgeries.

Most beautiful woman in the world because of her natural beauty.

Nobody’s saying she not beautiful but most of her features have been tweaked over the years including lip alignment, teeth, eye and skin color and hair. The changes are quite obvious and they’re different from her natural aging changes. Never heard anybody call Alia beautiful although she’s attractive in her own way

Same troll. Same words. Same nonsense. LOL

Same paid fan ,same paid PR...Same comments

The pattern of writing is obvious. Try harder,loser. Everyone knows Ash is natural beauty.

Aishwarya has proved she is one jealous woman by replying on every comment. Sushmita Sen is humane. The woman adopted two orphans and raised them like her own. The only thing Aishwarya Rai does is carry her daughter and attend Cannes red carpet

Jealousy is not good for u...Same troll. Same words. Same nonsense.

Aishwarya has proved to be one humble, natur8, talented woman, she carries her responsibilities effectively.

What she does all day at home sitting around? Her daughter has a nanny. Cant she go to a gym for 1-2 hours daily and tone up a bit?

She works for films and different brands, besides raising her daughter... She is not desperate to get clicked at gym like a fake begum.

Stop body shaming women. She is gorgeous the way she is. Not everyone needs to go to gym and pout for the cameras.

It's her life and her body... She is happy with her weight and still stuns with her gorgeous looks.

Her whole look from hair to make up is outdated

not as much outdated as your brain !! Try hard loser

Her whole look from hair to makeup is stunning. Get new glasses.

Her whole look is innovative and new.

Her PR is replying to every single comment here

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Hi Aishwarya please feed Aradhya breakfast and stop replying to every comment here

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After some good outings over the past couple of years, Ash is back to being a fashion disaster on the Cannes red carpet

Naa, Ash is still the fashion queen at Cannes red carpet.

This troll is replying the same nonsense again and again, out of bitterness and jealousy. LOL

After some good outings over the past couple of years, Ash is back to being a fashion disaster on the Cannes red carpet

Same troll. Same words. Same nonsense

After some good outings over the past couple of years, Ash is back to being a fashion disaster on the Cannes red carpet

This is how to slay the red carpet.! Learn from the Queen, ladies.

I like how they haven't whitewashed her and let her natural beauty to shine. Total Diva.! :)

She's still around cuz of that white wash and lighter contact lenses.

She's still around coz she is a legend and naturally beautiful.

Aishwarya stuns yet again and blows away all the competition.

All her contemporaries have vanished into obscurity, but Ash still rules hearts because she is genuinely beautiful and nice person. Slay, girl.

Flawless makeup. Flawless gown. Flawless lady. Simply FLAWLESS!

From head to toe, Aish looks gawjuss!

Ash nailed it, as always.

Ok's officially down to you now.

She never had a good dressing sense. And the major problem is she tries very hard to dress 10 years younger everytime. Theres something called aging beautifully, hopefully she gets it. like Karisma, Raveena, Shilpa etc

There's something called fashion and Cannes. You won't get it,baccha.

Aishwarya always had a good dressing sense at Cannes, that's why she still rules Cannes. Get burnol...LOL

Aish is aging beautifully and gracefully, not the other aunties u mentioned. Try harder,troll.

The same troll is commenting multiple times out of jealousy. Lol

She cant live without bling, can she?

She does live without bling, but Cannes is worth the bling.

She cant live without bling, can she?

She’s losing her sense of style completely. Like completely

Clearly u r seeing something different than others. Aish is looking stylish and gorgeous.

Sorry but she is looking bad here, what happened Ash, total disaster, what's with this bling, and she looks really unhappy. something is clearly wrong

Sorry, but she is looking really good here, total winner, she looks happy, she is clearly the right winner.

Almost everyone looks beautiful with makeup. That's why women use it and that's why it's a billion dollar industry. What else do people buy makeup for? Eating? She is really ordinary looking in reality. That's why she's always drenched in makeup 24/7. It's not light makeup. She's covered in heavy oily makeup. are not her maid to see her 24/7. Get

Aishwarya is extraordinarily beautiful with or without makeup.

Such an unfit woman. Why don't Loreal and Longines find new brand ambassadors? There are hundreds of young Indian models and actresses who are slim, tall, smart, fit, and naturally beautiful. They will look hotter than her and will definitely need less makeup

It’s not about fit, smart, beauty. Of course Ash is older now but she’s a brand by herself. She commands respect and attention that goes beyond mere beauty, body, or clothes and makeup. It’s sad when people want to write off an actress because of her age. Grow up.

Aishwarya is fit, smart, naturally beautiful and iconic, that's why Ash still rules L'Oréal and Cannes...get burnol...LOL

Because Aishwarya is the legend and worth it. Envy much?

Aishwarya gets angry when someone asks her to show her face without makeup. According to her fans, the entire world is jealous of this "natural beauty"

Not entire world, but Get burnol....LOL

When did she get upset? When was she asked such a question? Stop dreaming,loser.

Sigh!! Hope Sonam saves the day. This is horrendous to say the least. One was a cabbage and this a gold whale.

I'kaun' Sonam?? Good joke.

Wannabe Sonam can't even save her own future. Lol

She’s not aging well. Sushmita, Kajol,shilpa, karishma all her contemporaries still look beautiful n young

Ash looks much more beautiful and younger than all these aunties u mentioned.

Same troll. Same words. Same nonsense.

In which world, all these mentioned actresses look young. Get new glasses,beta.

She's aging gracefully and naturally. Ash still looks natural and young.

Not sure about anything else, but she's definitely done something to her cheeks! Rasgullas in there!.

That's called makeup,baccha.

She's done nothing, because she is naturally beautiful.

Her head looks so small compared to her huge body... out of shape.

No, she looks perfectly in shape.

Horrible to the core ! And that oily face. Gold wrapper ! Please disappear from Cannes.

She would appear at Cannes as long as she lives because she is worth it and u r not. Go away,loser.

Aishwarya is the ruling Queen of Cannes, she won't disappear. Deal with it.

She’s had so much work done on her face throughout the years that the only thing real is her eye shape which is pretty. The deep dark neck lines that she had erased some years ago are coming back, time to erase them again and take Priyanka with her.

Ash is real and natural throughout. Go wash your face, troll.

Same troll. Same words. Same nonsense.

I think she is pregnant. you can't take glucothine shots during pregnancy

I would like to see pictures of the body shaming trolls. PV please post and don't rig the buttons on this post.

This is really sad, wonder why she chose this ? Pathetic dress, but she looks good, look at the confidence, that is what is needed in Cannes, no one can match her for sure, yes but really terrible choice of dress..or may be I do not understand fashion.. anyway good to see her.. love her.l

Beautiful as always but she looked more gorgeous in a Cinderella gown back in 2017

In first pic her hand looks so.scary reallu guyz just see it

Now she looks like a proper Milf. I would so do the whale. Raawwwr.

Nobody would do a loser like u....LOL

Chee...u r not worth it,loser

Wow. Amazing.. she looks so gorgeous

my eyes...ughhh

Stop ruining your face with all the botox and surgery

She always tries too hard but she just doesnt have it

You have it? go walk the red carpet (after brooming it )

Those gigantic arms

Her face is so bloated and botoxed. She doesnt look like herself anymore

The cheek implants are not working

Looks like someone put their face in an oil tank

The lost time we saw her in her original skin colour without whitening shot/surgery treatments was when she was pregnant with Aradhya. Is she pregnant again?

While Priyanka, Deepika and Diana knocked it out of the park. Even Hina Khan looked stylist but look at Aishwarya the Cannes queen. She thought ill turn up as a gift wrapping paper

Looked stylist??? Try harder,troll.

Her face looks so bloated

What has she done to her face?

Can she come out of the 90s already?

Gold whale

So oily and greasy!

hands on her tummy.. instead of hips..
Why not keep her palms on her hips, so people know , how fat she is :)

Make up is just wow

This look reminds me of Kim didn’t suit Ash ...she is trying hard though....

Ash wins the red carpet yet again.

Damn! She's so effortlessly charming!

Not a fan of the gown by itself, but Aish pulls it off with elan and makes the gown look more appealing.

It's nice that she wasn't whitewashed like some other actresses at Cannes.

Gorgeous! Few can carry couture (or camp) these days. But Aish seems born to the fashion-manor. She is indeed, a star.

As a Ash fan, I feel so proud of all our desi girls...
Hail Ash! Hail Deepika! Hail Kangana! Hail Priyanka! Hail Sonam! Hail Diana! Hail Huma! Hail Hina!

Aishwarya experiments with her looks each year with brilliant results. She's never boring at Cannes.

Aish is unmatched at Cannes, the makeup is flawless.

East or West, Ash is the best.

I like how everyone agrees that Ash nailed it at Cannes, as always.

Minus her arms and tummy she looks good but a little tired

10/10 look

Stunnningg!! She does look like a gold fish or rather a golden mermaid !! Mesmerizing

As a Ash fan , I am proud of all our desi girls doing us proud at Cannes.
Hail Ash! Hail Deepika! Hail Kangana! Hail Priyanka! Hail Sonam! Hail Diana! Hail Huma! Hail Hina!

Move aside newbies. Madame Rai-Bachchan is in town! Ultra Gorgeous

Golden girl Sunheri
She looked like an Empress really. Waiting for tomorrow's look.

the gown is more stunning from behind ,than from the front.

Nobody can beat the Queen of Cannes!

Lose some weight lady! You are so lazy...

ROFL !! Aunty has completely lost it !

All that glitters is gold and Aishwarya :)

After years , someone took her original pictures.

Thi photographer is not Indian. He/she doesn't know how to photoshop her.

A golden lady with a golden heart in a golden dress.

There are so many better pictures doing rounds on the Internet.
PV please change the pictures.

Why do you hate her original pictures sans filters and photoshop?

Truly golden moment.

The best she has looked ever! Love her

Aishwarya hits it out of the park.


Whoa! Watched video of the dress on twitter. Gold/green subtle shimmering detailed design. Nice! And this is only for starters.


Awful! Total disastrous look!

Try harder, failed totally...Hahaha

Total disaster troll! Burn.LOL!

head to toe....yuckk!!

Nothing can beat the Queen of Cannes!

I think Aishwariya could have done much better than this.Her makeup is'nt on point, this dress doesn't suits her, overall its average

It's not the makeup. its the photographer who doesn't know how to photoshop her

Now this is how to rock a red carpet, without trying too hard.

Yesss... Teach them, Ash, how it's done...

Look how she commands attention from the photographers. Queen!

Wtf.she looks so huge..I mean look at her arms and protuding tummy..why would someone style her in a golden medieval costume!!

Because she is worth it! Burn.LOL!

She is gorgeous whatever size she is... Stop body-shaming women...

She came. She saw. She conquered.

It’s a nice look after all those horrible looks Deepika and Priyanka have been sporting and no res lipstick as well. It’s a yes from me.

Right makeup. Right outfit. Right attitude.

Please post the back picture... The train is gorgeous...

Aish warapped in a gift wrap. Why can't she lose some pounds atleast for cannes. How lazy is she ?

Because she is happy with her weight... Stop body-shaming women..

Perfection is Aishwaryas face my god

I like it too. She's looking original just like she is without photoshopps and filters.

She looks breathtaking

Absolutely the most stunning face on this side of the earth

Yay! Golden Lady! (as Stevie Wonder once sang) Beautiful!!!!

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