Cannes 2019: Deepika Padukone's red carpet appearance at the French Riviera is making heads turn

Deepika Padukone is indeed a sight for the sore eyes. As always, Deepika is totally slaying at the red carpet of Cannes 2019 and we can't get over it. Check out the pictures right here.
Cannes 2019: Deepika Padukone's red carpet appearance at the French Riviera is making heads turnCannes 2019: Deepika Padukone's red carpet appearance at the French Riviera is making heads turn
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Deepika Padukone wore a custom Dundas couture at Cannes Film Festival 2019 and well, we can't get over this diva here. Fans have been totally gushing over the actress' outfit and we are equally amazed by how she never disappoints us and almost always, has totally slayed her looks for the red carpet. While we love her trail, we did think that the bow could have been a tad bit smaller, but hey, isn't she the perfect gift wrapped with that bow?

DP personifies grace and at the red carpet of Cannes 2019, she did the same with that cream outfit coupled with some black. We like how that slit was just about fine, and the pony along with the eye makeup added some drama to the look. Right from the fans to her husband, Ranveer Singh himself, everyone is raving about this look of hers, and all of it, for all the right reasons we must say. Check out the pictures from the red carpet:

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Also attending the festival tonight and making her red carpet debut is Priyanka Chopra. She managed to pull off a sparkling outfit with black and some ombre in shades of brown and maroon. We did see Kangana Ranaut take to a desi touch for the evening, and now, we all await for what these divas have in store for the days to come.

How did you like DP's look? Drop in your comments below.

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She looks weird

She looks peculiar

Trying to hard to be Aish

Lololol. She has 'cleavage' at the back! Guess the gift has been tied up too tight. Oh deepu, when will you loosen up and have fun instead of just saying you're having fun?

Her dress looks like the comforter I’m cuddled up in right now

Security guy's side eye at Deepika in the last but one pic. Says it all!

Her eye makeup looks evil

Is she purposely wearing met gala dresses to Cannes and vice versa to gain attention?

I think so too

Fierce. Making a statement. I like it

DP looks amazing.

There is only one natural poser on the red carpet and that is Aishwarya. She owns the red carpet. Deepika gives great magazine covers but this is live camera action which does not give her best smizes. The dress is meh.

She looks like a giant gift wrap. What is going on with Deepika? She is going in Aishwarya way. More ridiculous gowns with weird hair style. It is hard believe that this is the same Deepika who made people captive in a black and white saree just few years back.

Halloween came early this year.

Kangana's costumes reminded me of Halloween, Deepika was quite ok but nothing exceptional about this look.

Why does this dress and make look Chinese movie inspired?

Elvira-- all over again. scary

lol for sure turning heads in the opposite directions !

Ridiculous outfit ! What was she thinking?

Her face looks beautiful.

She likes to flaunt her flat chest so much. Cheapo

Heads are turning in the opposite direction

Nobody is interested to see her.

This dress is over-powering her.

Hina Khan looked far better than Cheapika behen.

She looks evil.

DP nailed this look. She was one of the best dressed for the day. Variety was quick to point that out on their Social Media. Loved her lower lid winged liner and the hair do. The gown is spectacular - with the big bow making the dress.

FLAWLESS as expected.


She slayed it...for the first time...everything looks perfect like a diva...kudos to her team...finally...

Looking wannabe Aish

She couldn't own this dress

She keeps confusing MET Gala and Cannes lol

Deepika looks stunning but her dress reminds me of Sonam's last year Brown-yellow colour outfi.

she's better than irina shyk

Arrey Nahi!...matbal kuch bhi. She looks comical in this dress


Oh God, she is reminding me of Aishwarya with the OTT fake smiles and blowing the kisses is cringy ewww

Aishwarya is well known at Cannes, so waving and blowing kisses is obvious for her.

Boring. It's just like last year. Someone tell her to stop with these princess dresses

Deepika's mannerisms never seem natural.

She is trying so hard.

Look at the disinterested photographers

Nobody is clicking her.

Lol... The photographers are looking away from her.

Love her makeup. But not her hair style.

There is some serious blending issue on forehead and cheeks. Overall I like her look , gown is good , her smile is infectious , she looks nice


worst makeover.

Sorry but she looks desperate

I don't understand fashion anymore these days. she looks scary in a few pictures. even Kanganas saree also I don't understand. isn't fashion about looking good or is it about looking different from everyone else even though you look good or not

You never understood fashion. Fashion is not about playing it safe... And I am not DP or Kangana fan.

You go girl! Kill them all

uh it’s making heads turn in another direction cause this is just plain awful. where is Aish?




She’s making heads turn in the opposite direction.

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