Cannes 2019: Kangana Ranaut continues winning hearts as she adds a dash of blue & green to her white ensemble

Looks like it is all about white for Kangana Ranaut on her second day at the Cannes Film Festival 2019. Check out yet another of her stunning looks from during her time at the French Riviera.
Cannes 2019: Kangana Ranaut continues winning hearts as she adds a dash of blue & green to her white ensembleCannes 2019: Kangana Ranaut continues winning hearts as she adds a dash of blue & green to her white ensemble
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Kangana Ranaut's first day at the Cannes Film Festival 2019 had everyone in complete awe of her, not just because of the outfit, but because of what she wore - a kanjivaram saree, something that has India written all over it. Kangana has always made choices that are different and choices that go beyond basic and simple, and while her first day was quite eventful, her second day was when the actress walked the red carpet in a white dreamy couture.

And just when we thought that the actress is a diva and we were gushing over her red carpet look, she decided to add some drama to the outfit for the after party of Day 3 of Cannes Film Festival 2019. The actress donned a white couture once again, but this time, she did add some drama with her eyeliner and of course, those green earrings. Who would have thought we could blend in two colours so well with a white outfit?

Check out the pictures right here:



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Kangana has made India proud at so many levels and well, now that she is going places with her work and fashion, we wish her the best of luck and hope to see more such outings by the actress. Kangana also got talking to Prasoon Joshi at the festival and spoke about concerns regarding the entertainment industry at large.


Classy over massy.

All the commenting not the red carpet look...they are not going to the red carpet. It’s a Chopard party. Please enlighten your brain with some knowledge first.

Looks mad

Looks mad

Looks mad

Extremely boring and ordinary.where are the Indian fabrics she was supposed to be promoting? All promotions stopped at that one saree?

This is a boring look.

She stole the show hands down

Drop dead gorgeous



the dress is good, she is looking ok, but definitely not the red carpet look! very ordinary for Cannes

Kangna likes to do everything by herself. Looks like she stitched her own clothes, did her own make up and

This is just so normal n boring outfit ...not at all suiting her personality

Boring is the word

Only Priyanka is getting coverage in the international media. There is no point wearing georgous outfit unless people know who you are. Same was the case with Deepika and Kangana. There was nil coverage in the press. Deepika was called Priyanka several times by the press and this is not the first time it is so. Deepika & Kangana first need to build their identity there or else they are just another face in the crowd.

PC is known there only as Jonas wife. She wasn't even invited until then. So it's not her talent or something else that brings her to Cannes. Not her archievements, but only her second name Jonas brought her there. Kangana on the other hand did it all by herself. She does not use any man's name like PC with Nick or DP with Van Diesel to have an international coverage and she doesn't chase it like DP who even buys tickets on MET, where nobody interested in her, to get into western world.

actually deepika got plenty of press from all the international fashion magazines and blogs. she’s making the right moves from the met gala and finished out with a bang. she has so much potential. Kangana is just average

She looks elegant even though the dress style is old and normal. That saree with gloves is weird and she looked like she was trying to look the bridge between western and Indian dressing. Then came the transparent another vulgar pink gown. Does she need to reveal her body like this in the international platform when she considers herself an empowerment of feminism here? This dress looks beautiful as well as elegant on her.

Her looks are so basic and forgettable mainly cause her outfits aren’t altered properly. The skirt on this is way too long for her frame, what the heck is going on? did they not have enough time to prep?

Not a big fan of hers but she looks the best of the lot.

Deepika was a epic failure this time, nothing worked for her.. Overall its disappointing this time. Now I am looking forward to ASH, I am sure she will nail it..

She is not looking good this year. Something is wrong about her she isn't having fun anymore.

Love it. Rock and Roll baby!!

Real life personality aside, she’s a brilliant actor and I honestly feel she could truly wear anything and look fabulous. She brings an attitude to it that most girls try and end up looking like try-hards.

Nothing great..she looks so ordinary.

Commenting at 3.17 am!! Whoa !!

She lost weight for this (as in the red carpet) and it works...creating magic- liked it..

Its a nice look overall with a dash of colours

Better than dp's looks this time

Slaying it so far

Loveeeeeee! She looks awesome:))

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