Cannes 2019: Kangana Ranaut is dressed to kill in a sexy pant suit; view PICS

Representing the vodka brand Grey Goose, Kangana Ranaut will be attending the Cannes Film Festival for the second time
Photos,Kangana Ranaut,Cannes 2019Cannes 2019: Kangana Ranaut is dressed to kill in a sexy pant suit; view PICS
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Kangana Ranaut made her debut on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet last year. She took the internet by storm with her unique, bold and fashionable outfits such as the black Sabyasachi saree, silver cat suit and a Zuhair Murad Gown. Well, she’s back to give us more. Kangana is attending the prestigious festival for the second time and we know she will live up to the tag of ‘Queen of Fashion’ as always.

This year Kangana opted for a gorgeous golden saree with a matching corset by Falguni and Shane Peacock. Her hair was neatly set in a bun and she completed her look with a pair of purple gloves. She sure looked ready to slay the red carpet.

Right after the red carpet, Kangana is all set to party! In these new pictures the actress can be seen in a very different look. She has donned a sexy black pant suit and looks edgy as ever. The silver work on her jacket goes well with the white barely-there waist coat. The actress looks sizzling with heavy eye makeup, nude lips and her hair sleekly pulled back.

According to reports, Kangana Ranaut has been gaining weight for her upcoming film Panga. However, the actress lost 5 kgs in just 10 days to look red carpet ready. If only we had the same motivation!


Fashions from the House of Whore.! ;)

Chi... her skin show is puke worthy

Glamorous like no one else can do, wow!

Good joke... Glamorous!?

She has picked up pieces from sets of Manikarnika

i guess it's not red carpet, it's after-party so this type of outfit is ok. i love her but this look is just too much skin. the chest area looks vulgar. i remeber her second outing in the last year was about nudity too. i hope she will ditch this in future, it's not fierce, it's just cheap.

The makeup is ok. But this outfit is quite tacky. A big NO!

No! Absolutely disappointing Kangana

How many people believe that alm tbe praises are coming from her nepo sister?

Mata fans can’t take anyone else shining even when there’s no competition!!!

Agree Mata kangana fans cant see anyone else shinning though there is NO competition. See how mata kangana fans posting hate comments on PC and Dp posts.

Kangana does not have fans, it is she and her chudail sister posting hate comments on DP and PC. Meanwhile Kangana was not allowed to walk red carpet, all she did was walk the streets and blow kisses at the carnival to people there. The outfits she wore was a saree from home and some left overs after a film shoot, she put them all together.

Trust Kangana to always bring a new dimension to a look, in this case, the overdone POWER SUIT

Kangana does it all and does it all by herself!! This girl is the definition of self made...she’s learnt all the ropes by herself - be it speaking fluent English, styling and fashion, managing so inspiration omg

Kangana doesn't do it here and I say it as a big fan of hers.

This is a bad choice. She's failing big time.

One of the silicones has popped.

Same Kangana fan/PR is praising her... LOL... Btw, I like Kangana, but this look is desperate..!

Same Kangana fan/PR is praising her... LOL... Btw, I like Kangana, but this look is desperate..!

What’s your problem if people appreciate her “as a fan”


Her skin her makeup is sooooooo flawless...even bare skinned she’s glowing

Photoshop is glowing the chiken pox

So apt for a night party! Perfectly fierce and feminine

She always looks gorgeous!!! Appropriately dressed for whatever function she’s going to. She can pull it off every time unlike some “ other” Bollywood stars .

No, she couldn't pull this off, just like "other" Bollywood stars.

This is not appropriate for Cannes red carpet at all.


She rocked the cat suit last year. This year is too edgy and she looks angrier than usual.

What a look WOW

Kangana is having the most fun ...took a complete 180 degrees turn with her outfit change..another BOMB look wow

She's making fun of herself with such ridiculous looks.

Haute couture!!! Absolutely love it!

Another minimalistic look...she’s reAlly letting her glowing skin and her costumes take over and talk!

She has bas make up and contour so not really minimialistic

It is minimalistic when you don’t have statement features..contour is basic

This look is so Parisian royalty..velvet..embelishments...power..chiseled features..couture head to toe

Wow...what a power look...she can take over the world any day looking like that...such a BOSS LADY

So many clueless hates sitting here and writing comments about character lol...this is about fashion ..get a life guys and enjoy the proud of our girls trying and winning at international level

but one of the silicones needs a new lift

Last year she wore the catsuit and that was a first at Cannes...and this year a bejewelled pant suit of this type...she’s serving serious art!!!

Serious art!? can't be serious!

Quite a bold look again..she carries it well..with held back hair entire focus is on her chiseled features and bosom..great look overall!!!

Edgy look...she’s doing fierce instead of pretty or Cinderella...full points for again trying something new



Many of her airport looks look much classier than this! Expected better from her.

This a festival for fashion not for class or culture appropriation

Kangana PR is supporting her here. Lol

Micheal Jackson

Hey look she is endorsing our Indian culture

She did! And how!

Kangana have a good style in general...but she knows nothing about fashion and what's grabs the attention in this events...she thinks it's fashionable to show skin and everyone will notice her...and it seems like she didn't even walk the red carpet...just roaming in Cannes streets...

Haters gonna hate. Kangana looks amazing!! She doesn't mince words and sadly this doesn't go well with people.

really terrible
and I am a kangana fan

this is vulgar !! but it suits her charecter perfectly.

Puke worthy.

Ok even if you were to ignore the hideous, ill fitting outfit, you can’t ignore the lip fillers. Don’t wear nude lips, it looks like she was attacked by bees but they only stung her lips, they look deformed. Ugh! Dissapointment!

Bad fashion... also ill fitting!!

Iam a simple man. I see tits, I like.

This is beyond redemption. Fashion sin.

WTF is this?

WTF is this?

Unique Opposition please have several seats.

That look is so cannes.


This is the worst dressed look this year so far... I expected better fr her...

I am Kangana's fan, but this black pant-suit look is horrible.

oh this is horrible, not a single dress is working here.. Sari is flop and dress is horrible.

LOL... Now I want to see her fans praising her for this awful look.

KR style is bad this year

Big No! Looks like she is giving a look test for negative character in hollywood

Sari was much better than this breast showing suit


Her team said she will endorse her culture and Indian wear. Haha. Liar kangana

vulgar ! Tasteless ! Tacky

Doesnt suit her

ugh no. why do her clothes fit so poorly?

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