Cannes 2019: Kangana Ranaut looks like a dream in a white embellished gown

On the third day of Cannes 2019, Kangana Ranaut does in fact, look like a dream and we can't get over this outfit of hers. Check out the images right here.
Cannes 2019: Kangana Ranaut looks like a dream in a white embellished gownCannes 2019: Kangana Ranaut looks like a dream in a white embellished gown
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Kangana Ranaut is sure going places with her work and well, now that she is at the French Riviera, she does seem to be getting it all perfectly right and in place. While Kangana's first appearance at Cannes 2019 sure did take everyone by surprise, but well, as she always says, she does like to take the flavour of India everywhere and that is exactly what she did by donning a kanjivaram saree for one of the very first looks at the festival.

And today, Kangana has us all in complete awe of her as she is dressed in this beautiful embellished gown, adding some colour to the white ensemble. Dressed in a Michael Cinco couture, we love how she does look every bit of a dream. We don't think we will get over this elegant look right here any time soon and so, we are totally crushing over it. We definitely agree to her red carpet ready look and everyone else would too!

Check out the pictures here and drop in your comments below:

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Meanwhile, the actress did go on to lose 5kgs in just 10 days ahead of her appearance at the Cannes Film Festival 2019. The actress also got talking with Prasoon Joshi and she did have quite an insight to give into a lot of things.


Umm.. she got inspired by PC's wedding dress?

Her personality, style, diction, opinions have all gone downhill. Just snother bigoted crass wannabe

She was better last year nothing new Ash Deepika and Diana stold the show Huma has more oomp than Kangy.

the ensemble does nothing for her..she looks made up&not natural.also her 5 kg weightloss did nthing for her back fat&arms.

the ensemble does nothing for her..she looks made up&not natural.also her 5 kg weightloss did nthing or her back fat&arms.

Totally agree with comment below. Her sensitive "artiste" persona is gone. She looks hard as nails and like a shrill "commerce/faayda" driven person like any other. The political pandering has made her fall in my eyes (leftwing or rightwing)

Better than the other Indian actresses' outfits but too bridal here.

Her style quotient has disappeared as has the seemingly sensitive intelligent persona. Her recent political pandering and regression into illiberalism just undid all her growth as a person and an icon

Lol. So not only Indians ignored her

The photographers are not even noticing her.

Only one photographer is clicking!!! Hahahhahah what a despo

Why is she and other desis wearing such unflattering strapless dresses? We have such beautiful, unique, hand crafted clothing with flattering silhouettes in the the form of sarees, lehengas

Waiting for Ash. She always dresses well in cannes

Better this time

She doesn't command attention at Cannes, it's just not her turf.

I am her fan, but it's obvious she's not famous there..

Nobody is interested to see her. Lol

Very elegant. But somehow she looks better in India when she's out and about in casual looks.

Seriously? This was the best she could come up with? Nothing stylish or dramatic or elegant?

You call this fashionable ?

LOL I am sorry but look at the photographers not taking any pictures of her. Like they're actually ignoring her like cray cray and yet she is standing her like she the damn queen of england...pathetic. PLS post this Pinkvilla. :D

The dress is nice but nothing new (it’s been done to death) and it would’ve looked amazing and she not been posing like it’s an edgy gown. This is a girly outfit, so try to walk and pose elegantly not like ‘look at me and I will kill ou in my wedding gown!’ SMH!

For all the drama she created around her cannes dresses and Indian fabrics, this is what she turns out into.her saree with hand gloves look didnt look taht wow as compared to all the news around it. she was much better last time.

This looks like Priyanka's white dress she wore to the Oscars

reminiscent of one of Aish's Cannes gowns, but that's no put-down. Kangana's best so far, IMHO. (this particular gown would have also worked well on Deepika)

Drop dead gorgeous...waiting for her red carpet pics

Lovely gown and her hair is spot on! love the entire fairytale look


Same fan/PR is praising her with multiple comments. LOL.

This is similar to Ash peplum gown at Cannes 2011.

hair and makeup is so nice and lovely but the gown itself is very repetitive plus her stupid pose and fierce expression does not go with that soft romantic look

no celebration of indian designers like the endless pr went on about? underwhelming

Sorry but I feel bad for her..this is embarrassing.


I have seen this Gown before. Not sure who has worn it..Umm Priyanka? Anyways Kangs looks FAB.

Aishwarya at Cannes 2011.

I don’t understand why the need for a transparent gown without a lining? How do these ladies think they look more sexy and attractive in these revealing clothes. Which dignified people find this much revealing the body beautiful? The line between provocative and style should be maintained when a person becomes a symbol of strength.

A smile would make this dress 1000x prettier

Another 180 degrees turn..she’s so unpredictable

Such grace wow

She has a lot of noor/glow on her face...pretty pretty


I think this is the first time I’ve seen her look so girly and demure...she looks cute vulnerable girly and gorgeous

Her skin in love!!!

Oooo she looks like she stepped out of a fairy tale

Wanna see that gorgeous trail at the carpet and watch her walk - not like a rebel this time!!!

Finally a simple elegant and graceful..she looks dreamy

bang on !

Breathtakingly beautiful


Love it!

We have seen this before a couple of times

This is 100% on!!

Such a feminine and elegant look...simple makeup and hair...gorgeous

OMG she’s doing a girly vibe...that’s a first ...she looks cute and princessy

That’s a stunning dress wow

Absolutely beautiful!!


Total copy of Aishwaryas gown a few years ago. No originality. And where are the Indian fabrics she was supposed to promote? Just one kanjeevaram saree? Thats all? What a liar

meh, it looks like a wedding dress and so bottom heavy. what a snooze

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