Cannes 2019: Kangana Ranaut is stealing hearts with her curls and the thigh slit at the French Riviera

Kangana Ranaut is setting the temperatures soaring high in her latest pictures from the French Riviera. Right from flaunting those curls to the thigh high slit, and of course, the sunlight, all make it a perfect outfit and beautiful clicks.
Cannes 2019: Kangana Ranaut is stealing hearts with her curls and the thigh slit at the French RivieraCannes 2019: Kangana Ranaut is stealing hearts with her curls and the thigh slit at the French Riviera
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Kangana Ranaut has been pulling off some of the most beautiful looks at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival 2019. For her, it started off with a kanjivaram saree, and well, ever since, there hasn't been much stopping. She pulled off multiple classy looks, her embellished gown for the red carpet being one of our favourites, and today, after that outfit change in the evening, she is now pulling off an easy breezy gown.

As she posed by a picturesque view, we sure can't stop gushing over her, because cmon, what better than slits, curls and the sunlight? It is all the perfect formula for getting the picture right, and the diva has got it just about fine. We love the pop of colour that the heels are adding and we also like how the overall look has turned out to be. How we wish if we could see another of her red carpet looks! 

For now, check out these pictures here:

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Meanwhile, the actress wore a white gown last night for the after party and today, she put together a pretty skirt in white yet again, and now this. Kangana seems to be all over, and she also interacted with the media where she spoke to Prasoon Joshi about the entertainment industry at large and gave some of her insights about a lot of other things concerning the industry. 

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Water filled inplant she spoiled her god gifted beauty with her filthy words and behavior. She can never be role model for any girl she is all what not to do.

Kangana is absolutely beautiful even without makeup, a true natural beauty. She doesn't have work done. She looks a bit fuller than usual due to some water retention perhaps. Nonetheless, a wondrous beauty!!

Yes, those suddenly humongous mangoes came from "water retention". Yes, of course they did!

She is ageing fast look aged than the other desk ladies at Cannes. Fake stuff and looks cheap. where did i put those condoms? ;)

Alia alia you kangana fan have no other job like your hypocrite nationalist who doesn't mind going abroad nationalist stay in nation why wear international brands eyeing firang men ...ohoo bechare victim bias pink villa post it

SIMILAR to Anushka Sharma's vogue photoshoot wearing a versace dress ( strikingly similar) on a yatcht in July 2013.

Hi anushka

She owned Cannes this year too. What glamour and style!

Slayer all way.

She's killing it with all her looks this year! Alia and KJo sure are busy making calls to make a splash with Alia's appearance next year..she sure is crying looking at all the Cannes coverage this year!

All the commenters talking about excess reveal should know that Kangana is one who never reveals unnecessarily unlike other actresses like DP, PC et all. She always dons a saree whenever she's out n about. This is Cannes where she's free to show off.

And how is cannes different from India that she is free to show off there?? Who stops ger here?? Can you please explain logic behind your statement.

Stunner! Love her look

Awesome look! Atleast she looks great with those assets.

She looks awesome! Real assets or fake, who cares?? PC and Deepika get away showing their plunging necklines with cleavage..or the lack of it in DP's case.. all the time! Also all of them have some or the other surgery nip tuck done..Sridevi back in 70's to Sushmita in 90's to the more recent lip or nose surgeries in Anoushka, Janhvi, PC etc. etc. so no one is real. If you want "real" go for Alia...flat from front, back and real that even Tiger Shroff got more curves than her..LMAO

the kind of language you are using for a girl proves indeed that u are a kangana fan!! if getting fake assets is justifiable because everyone is doing it...then nepotism is also justifiable...coz everyone is doing it!! but no...then u qll become victimised!!

Super hot Queen

Kangana should stop waring these revelaing gowns she looks like a trashy woman

I wonder what is she actually doing in Cannes. She is hardly attending in any event. Only doing her personal photoshoot with heavy costumes alone.

she did photocalls, interviews, movie meetings, red carpet and after-party. and she's on a yach on these pics that means she knows some very influental people there in france! so much for 'doing nothing' lol go get your life loser

her pr hypes it up but no, diana penty and huma quereshi are there going to the same parties and events. she’s not getting apecial treatment and these photocalls? they’re personl photoshoots, what are u even going on about

kangana and alia share a stylist.. is this sabotage? why are they doing kangana so dirty?

She has got implants and is flaunting them a bit too much.

she got fake ones awhile back which is why these western gowns seem to fit weird on top. This looks trashy like her other looks

She just does not have that class that Ash has..

The breast implants are vulgar

"Dirty Picture part II" (aka "Sloppy Seconds")


aloo will now request kjo to ensure that she attends the next cannes festival as aloo and kjo must be now burning with jealousy


She has got work done ! Screaming Breast augmentation .

She is endorsing a grey goose vodka. Not the film

Excess reveal is trashy.

she wud look better with natural assets !!can always get rid of the silicone!

best outfit she’s worn but the girls look a little too fake when they’re overexposed. international appeal? how much is she paying people to pump out such nonsense?

I said Ash has international appeal none of the other actresses match up. Kangana doesn't have any appeal as far as I'm concerned!!

out of all the Indians she looks the best

I'm no ash can but have to say... She always looked like a star.. And had true international appeal...

None of these other actresses can match up

Lovely dress but too much cleavage makes the look vulgar


Stealing hearts of who? her personal photographer?

Definitely got her upper torso fixed ,she was very small built when she started out.

Super diva.


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