Cannes 2019: THIS photo of Priyanka Chopra, Hina Khan, Huma Qureshi & Diana Penty is full of 'desi girl power'

On Sunday, Huma took to Instagram to thank Priyanka and Nick for making it a memorable night along with Hina Khan and Diana Penty. Check out their picture below.
Photos,Priyanka Chopra,diana penty,Huma Qureshi,Hina Khan,Cannes 2019Huma took to Instagram to thank Priyanka and Nick for making it a memorable night.
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The Cannes 2019 is surely turning out to be a star studded affair and Indian celebs are making it count. One of the most glam evening was hosted by Chopard at the French Riveria last night and who's who of the industry were present for the event. Leading the pack was Priyanka Chopra and husband Nick Jonas to Kangana Ranaut and Huma Qureshi. Everyone was dressed in their best for the party. Diana Penty, who made her Cannes debut this year also impressed the fashion police.

Apart from the Chopard party, the celebs also attended the Vanity Fair party and turned up in their fashionable best for the event. Joining Bollywood celebs was also television actress Hina Khan. On Sunday, Huma took to Instagram to thank Priyanka and Nick for making it a memorable night. 

Sharing a picture with PeeCee, Nick Jonas, Hina Khan and Diana Penty, Huma wrote, "Strong women support each other, Real women support each other. Thank you @priyankachopra and @nickjonas jiju for making our night about Desi Girl Power. @dianapenty @realhinakhan." Check out the picture below: 

All stars have been slaying it at the red carpet of Cannes. While Priyanka has taken our breath away with her on point looks, Hina Khan, too, stole the show with her stunning style statements.   

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Hina is looking yuckkk standing next to PC !! at least wear something good ,and those shoes ..yuck is an understatement, you rock PC !! haters already applying burnol

Priyanka is the definition of Tackfest.

Everyone have almost seen priyanka half naked. Its time for something else now.

Pc actually plays a hidden game of comparing herself with others. Well this is the best way to.

Priyanka’s so sweet for inviting them to the Chopard party her and Nick hosted

This is so kind of her.she is mind-blowing.nd looking so hot

All some losers can come up with is spewing hate commenting on clothes, but others can see how pc isn’t insecure and lifts others along the way..all peedika fans do is bring others down to rise peedika but pc is a gem.

Soo agree with this comment! I have too noticed how dp fans constantly spew hate on katrina, priyanka, Aishwarya and everyone else’s posts. Sick of these immature haters

Sick of immature and obsessed PissCee fans.

I like this group then the other lot...

nick wud look good with anyone of these other women except pc they look the most mismatched

Baby boy Nick with mummy PC who looks after him because of all these young girls around him...haha

Great! Everyone looks very beautiful except this old aunty Priyanka Chopra.

5 divas yay!!!!

priyanka looks like an absolute bomb,she stands out in this pic..lovely desi girl

hina looks.. guess jitesh was right

look at hina's shoes....ewwww

hina and huma looking very very tackyy, just wearing black doesn't make you classy

When they look tacky, what PissCee looks like? A rap around a fat body is more classy? PissCee fans are really dumb.

Priyanka looks the best out of them all.. burn jobless haters

What a bad dress hina khan wear among with this pretty girls . We should can wear a good dress among them but it's fine but she should wear good dress so an loop gorgeous with them she is also preey once.

Improve your english and your standard before trolling others. I normally don't write such things but today i thought you trollers need an answer. What is it with you guys.. Always ready to troll others. I don't understand... can't you just appreciate her for her achievement. I mean give the girl some credit yar..

Haha haha Priyanka. Laughing stock wherever she appears.

Wtf does this PeeCee think to wear such a cheap dress in front of these young girls? Bet they had a big laugh thereafter about this

Arm rolls under arms and neck. She should stick to better outfits that flatter her figure

All the jobless B-graders together

Shame on you hater! Don’t your parents teach you some good values

Wth is Priyanka wearing? Embarrassing dress for such an aunty! Fat and cheap woman.

Fat aunty tries it with paid and fake likes/dislikes. As if would this change the fact....hahaha. No one cares about the buttons here :)

Tht is called as fashion

Same way joe and Sophie do not post her photos ...but she posts more photos of them...

Only diana,hina,huma posted this photo on their insta,priyanka's cannes insta gallery is revolving around nick & herself.she don't even bothered about Indian actresses attending cannes.

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