Cannes 2019: Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas scream royalty as they twin in white

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas will be making their debut as a couple at the red carpet of Cannes 2019, and well, looks like they have their outfits in place. Check it out right here.
Cannes 2019: Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas scream royalty as they twin in white Cannes 2019: Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas scream royalty as they twin in white
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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas make for a royal couple indeed, and not for once have they disappointed the fans with all the royalty they exude. It was just yesterday that the two were spotted looking like the perfect duo as if they owned the world. And well, talk about their appearances at events, one does know how they never fail to charm us of course. Today, as the two make their first-time red carpet appearance at Cannes 2019, looks like the couple is goals indeed.

Both PeeCee and Nick decided to go for a white ensemble for the prestigious event and if nothing at all, they sure do look everything royal and regal. While PeeCee's debut outfit was a sparkling black with some ombre shades, the second one is as royal as it is princess-like, a Georges Hobeika couture. We love that trail of hers and the delicate jewelry she decided to put together with it. Priyanka is a diva and she is proving it in just the right ways! Nick decided to opt for a white suit, and well, just like every time, he has managed to sweep his fans of the feet.

Check out the photos here:

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Last night as well, Priyanka and Nick attended the after part for Cannes and they managed to have us in complete awe of them, partly because of the chemistry they share, and partly because of their outfits because they almost always manage to look just about perfect together. Turns out, today is no different and we are glad after all!


Oh she didnt get recognized on the first day, so she got her boytoy to tag along. Smart.

Reg my work, all I would like to say is, I’m an IT Professional and I have a master’s degree. PV, do post this time, adieu.
Am sure Priyanka would do great always and Aishwarya too.

PR mata also tried ..hahaha..but doesn’t have the American way, accent and the intelligence and brilliance of funny ...PC had a great plan ...did not let nick get away , married ASAP before he lost interest ... now let’s see who is next.

As usual PR Mata fans are barking on queen pc page as their idol's career in West is in coffin and she looked a stupid parrot in canes.

Nick is innocent and is in love with her. PC has him wrapped around his fingers. She will leave him and move on to a Hollywood A lister as soon as she is able to get one. He is just the ladder. Poor Nick

Royalty?! PC and her team so desperate to put her in the same league as Meghan Markle. Meghan is now real royalty while PC is the woman who used to be an award winning actress who now squeezes in clothes too small and is so thirsty, desperate to remain relevant without having anything worthwhile to talk about.

Lol, this one hater here did around 95 percent of posts here. You need to enter reality which is that there wasnt a single important media outlet that did not cover Priyanka. She even hosted with her husband a VIP Vanit fair party. She is living her best life. You should try it, find someone to love instead of writing insane untrue things,

It's been almost a year since that Quantico TV show was canceled. Prefer her as actress as opposed to yet another self-promoting social media celebrity. I expect better for PC should she.

Thirstiest couple in Tinsel-Town. This non-stop PR barrage reeks of desperation. Barely worthy of reality-TV, they rank as royalty only in bizzaro-world - where up is down, in is out, and never the twain shall meet.

PC has stopped caring about her looks. Also, when a woman is in love, she glows no matter her age. But defo not in her case. Its a business chemistry. Like Alia and Rk.

The glow is gone from her...the stress of faking a marriage maybe. And come on, they look like mother and teenage son!

Nick Jonas seems like a good dude. Priyanka on the other hands has such a dirty shameful past it makes people’s skin crawl.Nick seems so in love with her but imagine if he knew what Bwood public knows of her, his opinion of her would change drastically.

Failed home wrecker with her gay midget husband lmao

Obssesive loon can hate on Priyanka on every article published about her, still it does not take away from the fact she is a media darling, especially since her marriage Nick. She was lucky or maybe smart enough to marry a man with a good reputation, good looking and very successful in his careers.

Good looking?!!! Nick looks like a tiny rat. PC’s brown girl fans just love his white skin. They are as desperate as PC herself always looking for validation that white people acknowledge them.

then why is she trying so hard what is she trying to prove or hide?????

The media adores this couple, they are all over the press. PC married well.

Not Priyanka fan but the way she is trolled really...does a lady deserve this this your upbringing grandpa can have wife equal to his daughter and son who is his grandson but just ten years older she is thrilled by you
You say dark ,fat what not gosh iam alia and Deepika fan yet feeling bad for her shame on you all

is he her butler? And OMG the last pic she looks so manly

i wish them all the love in the world. I have to say I like Nick way more than Priyanka, he seems more genuine than Priyanka who overacts and fakes a lot.

bad make up. dress is good but doesn't suit her shape. and nick doesn't look like a husband on these photos, he looks like a servant. more importantly, she treats him like a servant. they hardly even look at each other

Nick looks like PC aunty's escort

After getting some work...she will divorce him...or he will..end of PR marriage...then how embarrassing her fans feel..loollllll

No. Jonas married a choorah.

To you all negative suckers, why don't u wipe yo a**** and chill..I have just realized that u are being racists here the fact that Nick went for a bit older better half and not his own race thus the noise, we wouldn't be seeing such negativity if it was an American..Well niggas find some life and chill the duo..Age is just a number and if their relationship doesn't last forever they won't be the first couple to face BACK OFF..let's love and peace prevail...#loveforNickandChopra

making claims of racism and then using the "n-word" to label commenters who don't agree with you? as my grandmother would say: "pot meet kettle". check your own blackened heart.

To you all negative suckers why don't u go home wipe yo a**** and chill the PeeCee wiz her niggas are being racists here the fact that Nick didn't go for a younger lady and above from from his own that's wat is bothering u...well like they say age is just a number if at all their relationship doesn't last forever,they won't be the first people on de planet back off and get some lives...#peacelove

Lmao... Casino Royale

PC looks much better in the videos! I don't think she is taking care of herself because she looks so bloated in her pictures. Pictures easily give away the reality of how you are treating your body. She looks tired and haggard, maybe she needs to take a break from constantly being in the public eye. Nick looks weird with her, I wish he would work on his facial expressions. He has this resting confused face ALL THE TIME. Please do something about it

Gorgeous couple!!I say don't live to please nobody,just do what makes you happy...besides, there are no guarantees on how anyone's life turns out in the future...just enjoy and cherish the NOW,and go with the flow.

Exactly dear.let them enjoy life and love! We should also enjoy life and let others live!!

Getting married again? Looks like a wedding dress she is wearing.

You go girl PC !!

Finally, pc looks good in Cannes!

Wow!! Some people feel so terrible about themselves that they actually take the trouble to read the article, check out the pictures, take time to hate and then actually type the negative comments!! She’s 10 years older than him so what if she looks her age? What’s an “ideal” couple supposed to look like? Guy older girl younger guy darker girl fairer guy uglier girl prettier guy rich girl rich but not as much as him guy successful girl slightly less but not too less coz then she’d be a gold digger ... even then there would be haters! Just goes to show the stereotypes in their little heads!!! Comment on the clothes comment on the style or makeup - who gives anyone a right to talk about what’s right or wrong when the two got married of their own volition? People are so insanely small minded and mean!!! Disgusting!!!

Team PC dont try hard Pinkvillas are intelligent and they dont like your PC so STOP depending her and abusing PV readers.. Its not working at all .. We feel PC is fake and bloated

Someone please put everyone out of their misery and end this PR relationship!!

Remember when PC used to be hot and sexy? Everyone becomes an old auntyji one day. Her time just came too early!!

Wrestler mama

How often they still want to moleste the people there? Go home, no one cares about such nobodies!

I always get an ominous feeling every time I see them. This is not gonna end well for PC who is showing off so much that someone finally married her. Nick is an unreliable young white dude. He will cheat and divorce her as soon as his thrill of being with an older woman is over.

Better you think positive
You have got no right to say negative about others

I completely feel the same way. I had a very vivid dream of nick confessing to me that he was gay. I thought the dream was real. Apparently, in the dream, pc didn’t know that he was gay. And he was trying to find a way to end the relationship. I honestly woke up thinking it was real! PV please post!

Jobless wannabe begging for work and using this gay kid for staying in the news. Nothing else!

These pictures look great. They look great. PC did well!

Age does matter she looks like she is wt her teenage son which is very common in usa if u hv kid at 21 then at 38 u r wt 17 y/o son
Such a mismatch

U neednot worry about their age and mismatch.. first solve de problems in your life.. go n get some life

den whats ur problem, let him look like anyone,its fine to look like anything if they have love ? its dere choice to marry whome? age of dere partner is dere choice

I feel sorry for PC. Aging in dog years. It's not long til she starts getting insecure about having a husband that looks like a son. He will be cheating on her soon. With a young guy if he's gay and with a young girl if he's straight.

Do you feel sorry only for PC, or for all people who haven't found the fountain of youth you drink from?

Epic ... lol

She looks like a 50 year old woman who's gotten a lot of work done. Why has she aged so much so suddenly? All that fat on her body, crooked nose, neck looks like a stack of car tires and finally her accessory is a tiny waiter!

Sorry PC but you are not pretty enough or young enough for a soft white princess dress. This is like trying to make a silk purse out of sow's ear.

Too true!

Perfect description! Thanks.

Good. Get that poison out of your system, or it will make you sick.

and see where is standing still??dont u think work matter more?

Why are human beings so cruel, be happy for them leave the hateful comments as you flush your toilets...

Looks good.

Stunningly amazing Miss Chopra

Drop dead Gorgeous Queen Chopra

Shine bright like a diamond Queen Pri

Keep shing PeeCee we love U

Proud of PC n those few haters who criticise others r so frustrated in their lives that they can bear seeing others gloeing n happy

Queen pri is slaying n pity those body shaming haters who need better lives

Queen is slaying n few haters r busy envying her beauty inside n outside

down the drain.. total mess.

In the closeup, it looks like she needs to clean up her buggers ;-)

God he looks like her younger brother.. she is looking taller , fuller and what now.. such a mismatch couple

Heard her mom opened a new cosmetic clinic in Mumbai, bad for publicity with her daughter walking around with neck rolls...she’s had work done on her nose, mouth and skin, may be her neck next?

i like her hair&make up..she dsnt need the extra lip filler she keeps on getting injected with.shud get rid if it.

The dress is beautiful but the make up and the hair is aging her. Why does she look so puffy and tired. She needs to fire her stylist and find another one who understand women of color have different body types and cannot be dressed the same as the typical caucasian woman. Except for the blue silk dress she wore yesterday, Mimi has failed to deliver on the Cannes looks.

Priyanka has looked and done better.

The whole media we’re going Gaga for peecee except a bunch of few Indians who just r negative good she is in Hollywood. The same thing happened with Aishwarya wen she put on weight she was madly trolled these ladies r representing India one way or the other Appreciate stop being negative and body shaming. For us fans peecee looks so natural compared to others

I don’t agree about the fat shaming but They are NOT representing India they represent a brand which pays them to walk a red carpet and to get free publicity for them selves. Please name the list of hit movies either Priyanka and Aishwarya have done in the past two years? Cannes is about movies what movies have they and showcased thEre? And yes same holds true for Deepika and sonam. There are real achievers like scientists, doctors etc.

Honestly, I didn't like any of the looks by Indians so far. It is not bad, it is just the usual.

God, what's the problem about her skin? Her neck is like the Michelin mascot.

And now she is looking like a bride. *facepalm*

beautiful couple

Mother and son

Ewww they are looking like mom and son...yaaak....Botox anty

they look amazing


They are defining royalty

So loving this


She looks bad, tired and bloated


Are they planning to marry there? Otherwise this outfit makes no sense.

I dont like these two but that last pic, Nick holding an umbrella for his lady- the picture looks candid and beautiful.



They look very nice. Most importantly she looks happy

Wow so elegant and beautiful white color suits her she looks so gorgeous

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