Cannes 2019: Priyanka Chopra Jonas looks stunning as she strikes a pose with Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra and her husband Nick Jonas once again stunned everyone with their glamorous appearance at Cannes 2019. Check out their latest pictures from the mega event.
Cannes 2019: Priyanka Chopra Jonas looks stunning as she strikes a pose with Nick JonasCannes 2019: Priyanka Chopra Jonas looks stunning as she strikes a pose with Nick Jonas
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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are currently one of the most popular and beloved couples of the entertainment industry. The two of them have never left each other's side ever since they got married last year. From attending various events and occasions to going out on vacations, this couple has definitely caught our attention. And who can even forget their recent MET Gala appearance!

Priyanka and Nick have been able to head turns again with their latest look at Cannes 2019. Priyanka Chopra looked amazing as she opted for a beautiful purple dress along with silver jewellery. Nick Jonas too looked dapper in a black suit and the couple definitely complemented each other well.

Check out Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' pictures below:

The duo looked no less than a royal couple as they got snapped by the paparazzi at the mega event. Cannes 2019 has witnessed the presence of numerous celebrities including our very own B-town divas including Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone and Kangana Ranaut who have been able to make heads turn with their glamorous appearances. 

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O get a room please!!

maybe shes pregnant

She is looking extremely ugly in this dress along with that appalling pumps.It looks like she assembled some left over pieces of cloths from a tailors shop to make this rag dress.I agree the couple moreover looks like mother & son out on a picnic.With that misshapened body of her's.Why the hell she is putting on fat in her neck & all over her body.Fugly is the word.Her designer must be taking out some revenge on her.Or either PeeCee is plain dumb.

Happy Halloween!

Horrible...PC sense of style is going to gutter. What with over dressed all the time..look at Sophie and anybody else...never in casuals.
This is hideous ..looks fat and dress looks like a cheap mermaid dress

Not so flattering, the dress. But face is beautiful and Nick is cute

My Desi-Dumpling Girl! ;)

It's a rip off straight out of Ariel's outfit from Disney's princess costumes. Come on PC ,such a terrible ghastly dress which does her no favors at all.

Hey don't say anything against lovely Sara she's gonna be my wife in next life haha

If Sara could be obese when she was 19 what's wrong in Priyanka putting on a bit of weight at 36!?

She is half Mallu and it is a fact that Mallu women only get bigger and fatter barring a few exceptions.

pls most mallu women are pretty, you northis can lay claim to her we malls want nothing to do with this ugly phoney

Oh Sorry. All Mallu women are big and fat!

Honestly this makes me so angry. What was her stylist thinking??? She looks like a wrestler in this outfit. Awful just awful. I cannot believe PC actually left her room in this thinking she looked good. It was a chopard dinner in Cannes for Gods sake. A flowing chiffon gown with some sparkling jewels would’ve been just fine. But this hot mess. Actually I’m not gonna even say hot. There is nothing hot about this in any shape or forM. And those shoes???? Yuck

Honestly all 3 of the Bollywood actresses this year have been such a huge let down. Is Ash not attending? We need someone to save the event.

she looks more manly than him

She is a man! Baby nikki

I’m sure Priyanka is having an amazing time, loads of happiness again!

Enough with the hate! Gosh let her be.

I don’t think it’s right to keep calling our actresses Auntys but this doesn’t look good at all. Her make up is off and the dress looks ridiculous. She has a great figure, just wish she’d wear things that are more flattering. The daytime outfit looked so good compared to this. Do think she looks tired or make up isn’t done well too...

This is an epic fail

Is she pregnant? She may be, but in case she is not pregnant, why she is gaining weight and getting bigger? She must know that she was looking his aunt at the time of wedding, now she looks like his mother. She can’t be that stupid to consider his love is beyond physical beauty. Then why does she allow herself look like her husband’s mother?

Global scam artist and her boy toy.

This is shear ugly, and she looks fat, may be she is expecting.. she looked good in that pastel green dress..

Make-up is bad.

Very ugly dress.She looks like she needs a break from partying so much.

Is she attending a costume party as Wilma Flintsone?

I’ll fitting dress

what in the hell she is wearing. total mess.


Mommy and her kid

Not an attractive dress at all.

I can see Kareena somewhere rolling on the floor and laughing out loud looking at these pictures.

she looks sooooo old. Aging in dog years

This is the worst I’ve ever seen her look I think. I’m sorry to sound harsh but I honestly think it’s time to say bye to her stylist Mimi. It was good while it lasted but honestly, this look is shocking and her stylist should be sacked for it. Also it annoys the hell out of me that PC blindly wears whatever is given to her. Doesn’t she have any sense of style or what looks good and bad on her body?! She seems to wear the most unflattering things which highlight the extra pounds she’s carrying around recently. Isn’t nick telling her she is dressed like a grandmother this evening (I’m cringing for her)

It's like the chubby mom took her step son out for dinner.

auntyji auntyji get up and dance!

Her little husband is looking better by the day

Next this tiny kid she looks even more fat! Horrible pics.

so ugly

White pumps don't look good on her.

When I thought no one can top kangana’s ugly pant suit/ jumpsuit, PC wore this. Hideous dress!


How can anybody deny that she’s not pregnant

Ugly dress. But it’s just a dinner so it’s fine

rare miss from her stylist, this is awful! it’s an evening black tie and u have her in pumps and a tea length skirt? ughh i know she can do better

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