Cannes 2019: Priyanka Chopra is a sparkling diva during her red carpet debut for Rocketman screening

Priyanka Chopra knows how to ace the red carpet look. And, for her red carpet debut at Cannes 2019, she has managed to put together the perfect diva like look. Check out the pictures here.
Cannes 2019: Priyanka Chopra is a sparkling diva during her red carpet debut for Rocketman screeningCannes 2019: Priyanka Chopra is a sparkling diva during her red carpet debut for Rocketman screening
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The 72nd Cannes Film Festival has kicked off and our favourite celebrities have started to appear at the red carpet. While the likes of Deepika Padukone, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and Sonam K Ahuja are a regular at the prestigious film festival, this year, has marked Priyanka Chopra's red carpet debut at the Cannes Film Festival. Looks like PeeCee has indeed managed to win the hearts of many all over again.

For her red carpet debut, she put together a super elegant and of course, shiny outfit in a combination of black and maroon. Her hair seemed to have all our attention with those curls done just about right. Her trail was just long enough and that slit, perfectly high. Priyanka's red carpet debut at Cannes 2019 during the screening of Rocketman has proven to be a total hit. What do we say after all? Isn't that's what she always does?

Check out the pictures of the diva right here:

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It was rather recently, that PeeCee also appeared at the MET Gala 2019 and was she the talk of the town? Until the very moment we have seen her walk the red carpet the French Riviera, her outfit from the MET Gala red carpet was indeed much talked about. However, we think there's more to talk about now.


apart from this boring dress, she looks nice. but if she's pregnant, i just can't imagine how big she will be in few months! and she's too lazy to lose her weight after, so her carier will be ended

Great way to announce her pregnancy

Dipikas frustrated fans plz come down. Why u guys fatshaming her? She has still better figure than u and ur fav

Post her Instagram pics - those are straight fire

Boring as Bolly c grade wannabee

Mallicka Sherawat part 2

She looked uncomfortable and uninvited guest like Mallika

Her most disappointing red carpet dress on the foreign shoes ever.

Usually pc just slays red carpet looks , but here she is luks so unflattering , bloated n so out of place .

She looks bloated. Work out lady. Those wrinkled arm pits and neck is looking yikes.

Looks pregnant. Good for her is she is. Dress has nothing new to offer so may be she offered her baby bump. Why would she wear this for her Cannes debut , I am not sure. But anyways she is so over rated and over hyped by her PR for reasons not even relevant work wise.

I must say all her plastic surgeries have really worked out well, it could have gone the other way too, but she is looking good

Hideous. Not fit enough to pull off the dress which already is a done to death glittering bore. This her Cannes debut dress ? Aish has done similar dresses years back.

PC has not had a hit in the last 5 years and everything is faking it.

PC needs to be more real and not overhype with her PR which has been her downfall as we the public are all well educated about when she is fake and call it out promptly.

No hits just known for promoting her personal life now.

Sorry, 2nd pic the security is trying to move her off the carpet.

She is known as Nick Jonas's wife overseas and in India now an ex starlet who is not relevant.

Most desperate try hard Bollywood has seen

Her face, neck, hands, knees and shoulders have aged her.

Security is trying to move her off the carpet in 1st pic.

No confidence and wearing a bollwood costume type dress

Fat woman

I realized, I’m not sure if Priyanka’s mother’s day post on her instagram is for all the mothers out there, so I can’t speak for her. I wouldn’t know the women who actually inspired her so I can’t comment about it or give her that credit I earlier did. However, I always admire and respect her, she’s one of the most incredible people out there.

Good dress that would have been better had the slit not been all the way up. She seems pregnant.

Don't know if my comment posted as I cant find it and this being my first time posting a comment; therefore, I'm trying again (apologies if I post twice).

I've never seen, nor ever heard of, this woman before, so I don't know who she is. I'm assuming, by her last name, that she is married to one of the Jonas brothers? I find her quite beautiful. The dress is gorgeous and she looks stunning in it. If we were allowed to rate her overall look on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest), I would give her a solid 9.

To be totally honest, I've never seen her before so I don't know who she is other that, perhaps, marries to one of the Jonas brothers? Regardless, she's beautiful and looks stunning in the dress.

Lol dude don’t try so hard anonymous commenter

She looks so hot, I wanna see how y’all look lmao :)

Wait she looks so good. That dress is ravishing.

So easy to judge...she looks stressed.Something is going on that we know nothing about

She looks stunning. Love the gown.

SRK must be happy. Baby no.4 on the way :)

Priyanka has lost her charm. She does not look good.

BLOATED af. I don't get her she is overstaying her forced welcome. Don't know what she is known for exactly - marrying a Jonas Brother?

Usually she is good, but here she looks so plain. That extra fat on the neck is so not cool. Can’t she get that suctioned??


Disappointing! Fat and tired. Very ordinary.

Okay this is terrible. Why is she wearing a dress with the front of her bra showing? It takes away from the prettiness of the gown. Her make-up is good but PC has dressed and done better. This is flat, ill-fitting and boring.

That's not bra, that's part of the dress... I think the dress is good, but it doesn't fit her well and is basic for such an event...

The thigh cut in the dress looks unappealing.

I don't have ask problem with the weight, its her body, BUT the dress is so basic for an event like this.

I don't think she is that much popular in Europe, which explains why she received such a lukewarm response.

Nobody seems to be interested in clicking her photos.

Definitely not worth the Cannes red carpet.

this looks so basic and unflattering to her figure honestly. im surprised

Not a fan of hers but the dress is pretty

Not a fan of hers but the dress is pretty


She may not be the prettiest but she’s a hustler and i respect that

Dont like what she is wearing if she is pregnant

Btw it’s train on the dress not cited in multiple articles

pregnant alertttttt

She looks quite nice actually

If she is pregnant that's great! so far after Hina Khan, she is the second best. Deepika just looks horrid.

If she is not pregnant, such a shame she is so fat. I think she is pregnant.


the neck yaiks

I love that Priyanka plays around with her looks for each event. They're never the same. She mixes it up and always looks great!

Love it! Old Hollywood vibes

She started looking ugly and old after all that botox

She's unrecognisable at Cannes.

no for this dress... nothing new

Nobody is clicking her. Lol


The photographers are not even noticing her.


Eew her face looks bloated

A big flop from the wannabe global queen. Dated looking gown.

Either pregnant or packing on the pounds from too many burgers. Makes her look like a shortie.

Boring.....same old same old.

She is looking like a she-male.

She shouldn't wear such a dress with her wrestler shoulders.

Bet it's SRKs baby. That's why they celebrated in NYC.

She looks like a fat wrestler.

she wears better clothes in the USA, why take this to CANNES ???

That dress looks very simple, it was wrong. I think the met gala affected she choice this time

hairstyle and dress very bad.

she seems tired. cannes is all about ott, this is the time to bring it.maybe she is prego, good for her

Is she pregnant?

With SRKs ring again....uhhhh. Seems he's also in Cannes...muaaaah

Embarrassing for a woman near the forties. She should dress fitting to her age. Shameless.


No, only fat.

there's so many pictures and this is what Pinkvilla posts

More than enough :/

Flawless makeup ...she’s glowing

wow rocketman

From blowing kisses , too much smiling, to OTT behaviour PC have come a long way. Now she owns it , is confident and works the red carpet like any other Diva.

Ooohhhh definitely pregnant

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