Cannes 2019: Sonam Kapoor adds a traditional twist to her white tuxedo and we are loving it

Sonam Kapoor took to a white tuxedo for the red carpet at Cannes 2019 and it is just as classy as it gets. Check out the pictures right here.
Cannes 2019: Sonam Kapoor adds a traditional twist to her white tuxedo and we are loving itCannes 2019: Sonam Kapoor adds a traditional twist to her white tuxedo and we are loving it
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Sonam Kapoor never disappoints us as far as her red carpet looks are concerned, or in fact, with her fashion sense in general. While some times, we might not understand all that she does choose, she does manage to look stunning in almost everything and we can't help but agree to that. And well, currently, the actress is at the Cannes Film Festival 2019, and she is totally stealing our hearts with every single look of hers.

And today, for her red carpet look, Sonam donned a Ralph & Russo couture tuxedo with Chopard jewelry, a green emerald necklace and earrings, while the makeup wasn't OTT and she kept it chic. Her hair was done into a bun, and that long train like extension to the jacket was yet another perfect addition to the ensemble. We like the petite stilettoes and love the overall look for the red carpet. Check out the pictures right here: 

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Apart from the white tuxedo, Sonam has also pulled off some of the best looks this time around at Cannes 2019. Right from the modern day maharani look for the Chopard party to the midnight blue gown for the press meeting, and of course, the bright yellow ensemble earlier in the day today. 

Sonam is totally slaying it yet again, and we love it. What do you think about her looks? Drop in your comments below.


Now I understand why she was so desperate to go to Cannes last was her last appearance with Loreal. Glad they dropped her, she brings nothing to the table apart from terrible acting and being a pseudo feminist.

Did she have the guts to announce that l’oreal officially dumped her hv the guts to say it sonam btw noone noticed you on the red carpet . Pls see the video.

i think she looks amazing . love her outfit. the necklace. her makeup and hair everything coming together perfectly.

I do love the ensemble. She doesn’t have the face to pull it off tho.

Once upon a time, Indian women used to tie their hair back in a simple, neat bun for formal outings but that has fallen out of favour for a long time. Sonam has brought out the understated grace of that hair-do.

Hmmm...I thought she was pregnant?!

Agyi joker of bollywood.

She is always trying to show her implants when she is falt chested.idiot fool

Sonam is a self proclaimed fashionista who tries too hard but fails miserably

Here comes the best actress, the best Fashionista!!

What's with this obsession with showing breasts?

She has it, she has spent money on it. If she is comfortable flaunting it how does it become a problem for you ?

The cameramen and the rest of the people on the red carpet are apparently ignoring her.

Who can replace Sonam now that Loreal has dropped her?

The. Tailoring on this suit and her yellow dress are the most sophisticated outfits I've seen for Cannes 2019. Also PC's first red carpet look (bedazzled black evening gown) beautiful.

Loreal has dropped Sonam.

Sonam and Fagun Thakar were the only natural Indian Beauties at Cannes. Fagun and Diana Penty were the best dressed although this is a winning outfit on Sonam.

Trollers don't know what to say, had to find something negative in this look and pv is against Sonam as it is not letting us liking positive comments, but this is indeed the best look so far at Cannes. from NZ

Love her dressing but she looks so old like she is in her 50’s

Sonam is most beautiful, stunning with a fantastic body and height .. This is how its done

Not a RC type but she is looking fresh and good.

This year was the most boring year at Cannes. None of our girls stood out or made an impact...they all seemed so disinterested:-(

Not practical, one is bound to trip and fall but looks good.

Not practical, one is bound to trip and fall but looks good.

How much is Sonam paying PV to post only positive comments on her?

Only PC does that

Flaunting her breast implants. Desperation.

Is this what she offers at Cannes red carpet, after calling herself fashionista?
This look would induce sleep in insomniacs.

Breast augmentation? Hmm...

Is she so irrelevant at Cannes, that even people standing two feet away don't look at her??

Kangana and Sonam are competing for the title of showing more cleavage.

What's the need for showing so much chest?

What is this mess?

The people behind Sonam are behaving as if she doesn't exist there.

Even after all these years, Sonam still doesn't get attention from photographers and celebs attending Cannes.

Just look at the people around. Lol. Nobody is noticing her.

Worst look at Cannes this year. So boring and unnecessary body exposure.

Sonam PR is spamming this page.

Sonam PR is spamming this page.

diana and sonam..thank you for saving the day.

Best so far..All of Diana and this.

Emerald & diamond jewelry love it!

Gorgeous. Love it!

Best look at Cannes so far, different,New, creative,sophisticated and full marks to make up

Awesome! Loved it!

boring, the train is a mess!

Creative!! Looks goood

She looks amazing. Love the accessories, outfit and makeup. Impeccable

Finally someone wore something classy & beautiful on red carpet. All those huge princessy giw s done to death. So refreshing to see this beauty.

Since does showing deep cleavage is considered classy?

love the jewelery..didnt know she had silicone as well. done with those big bird gowns...very classy...flawless makeup..flawless head to toe and amazing accessories...this has to be the best red carpet look after Diana’s peach feathery ruffles gown!!

Since when showing deep cleavage is considered classy?

cleavage seems to be the thing this cannes.

meh, underwhelming

Puke, I would never buy what this last endorses, looks horrible

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