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Many B-town celebs attended the screening of Prabhu Deva's Shahid-Sonakshi starrer R Rajkumar. Seen here are Manyata Dutt, Siddharth Roy Kapur, Ayushmann Khurana, Poonam Sinha, Pankaj Kapur, Nkitin Dheer, Kunaal Roy Kapur and Ashutosh Gowariker among others.

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Sanjay dutts wife dresses like her 26 year old daughter Trishala. I love trishala by the way!

Just heard in news manyata is suffering from tumor its sad people judge others based on your looks

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She looks so ill no wonder sanjay is taking parole to take care of his wife....my foot...make mockery of judicial system..

I thought Sanjay Dutt was just granted a month's bail because his wife is "unwell" ? hmm.

Why do these celebs wear these joker type glasses.. Money can't buy style 4 sure

manyata doesnt look ill to me how come sanjay got out of jail...they said the reasoon was his ill wife...

Is that shahids sister with pankaj kapoor?

Movie is a big flop. Please kick Prabhu Deva out from Bollywood.

A very healthy thriving Manyata Dutt ! Shame on the Indian judicial system for letting Sanjay Dutt act like he's some sort of visiting professor in jail .He was home in October & now he's going home again for 1 month b'cos of his wife's illness...Looks like he's forgotten to inform Manyataa that she's going to be sick for a month !

Seriously, so true! Manyata madam to bilkul hot shot patakha lag rahin hain. Cake bhi kha rahin hain. Bimaar kaun??!
The jail authorities should see this pic as should people in the media. Send him back to jail!

shhhhhhhhhh....its a secret.


Thought she was sick!!Sanjay Dutt is out on parole because she is not feeling well!!

With money you can buy a lot on India. But personally I like Sanjay a lot so I don't mind. He is a suffered man and in jail he is being treated like a king and has access to everything from outside-EVERYTHING. It really makes no difference.

Manyata looks healthy enough to attend a movie premier. Didn't sanjay dutt get a second parole(for another month) in less than 2 months because she is ill? First he is sick, then his wife and he has 3 kids who can fall sick before its his turn to fall sick again. He must be on a vacation, visiting family every month. If you are lying about it, at least be smart enough to cover your tracks. This just shows their arrogance about how rich can get away with anything.

I don't think so. Twitter reviews & audience reaction for the movie is very good. Besharam did not have prayer dialogues nor songs. Nothing by the trailer itself it looked like a disaster. Looks like u r a shahid kapoor hater. Ppl r not comparing to besharam. Do not spread lies.

Manyata Dutt effortlessly manages to look stupid every time she sets her foot outside her house.

Ppl are calling it as the WORST & MOST ANNOYING film of the yr. Worst than BESHARAM

It's funny to observe on twitter, that how much madam Sonakshi is excited about the imaginary success of R... Rajkumar... In reality the movie is a sinking ship. Hope after this, the directors and producers will give us a break from her.

I don't know why because Shahid has a lot of promise. He has the charisma, looks, good dancing-at least in the songs he is promising. He was great in Fida. I think he is very underrated. Salman, SRK I am so sick of them and their decrepit same facial expressions. Ugh. Shahid is like Ranveer a breath of fresh air.

Honestly, it doesn't even matter. It just needs to be a hit for Sonakshi, and especially Shahid.

saw Shaid on utv stars breakfast to dinner.....he is such a cool guy.

Nitin Dheer camouflages himself with Roy brothers LOL

Nikitin Dheer (Tangabali) is so good looking.

For Christ sake!! Older women look trashy wen they try to don the ripped denims look! This look is OK for teenagers..

Siddharth roy and kunal roy look cute alright, but for the life of me I cannot understand how they got such a hot hot hot and sexy brother!!!!!!!!!!! I'm talking about Aditya.

Shahid's sister is so pretty.

Ok sahid's next flop

Lol Nikitin Dheer standing in for Aditya? Sad he wasn't there like to see all the Roy Kapur brothers together.

Manyata's hair is just gross. Looks SOO fake. Siddharth and Kunal Roy are so cute! Ashu gowarikar's wife = botox OVERLOAD!

Wow! Siddharth Roy Kapoor attended this! That's great! I wonder if there's something in the works for Shahid or Sonakshi with UTV.

Hope so...Shahid could use some good news, and Sonakshi could stand to try something different in the way of films.

The only roles Sonakshi is doing in the movies are Gaon Wali. That all she has done and is doing and will be doing.

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