Check out: Hrithik Roshan’s intense green eyes in this CLOSE-UP photo do the talking

Hrithik Roshan looks smashing in this photo shared by him.
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Hrithik Roshan is known as Bollywood’s Greek God and it is not for nothing. Hrithik is definitely one of the best-looking actors in the industry. With a perfect physique and a charming personality, Hrithik definitely makes us drool!

Hrithik shared a close-up photo today in which he looks absolutely smashing. Hrithik captioned the image as, “Our challenges come perfectly designed to suit our vulnerabilities. You may sail through what others may find difficult. But remember it's vice versa as well. Be empathetic.” It definitely is an inspiring message, isn’t it?

Recently, Hrithik posted another thought, “Right. They say love changes everything. But why blindly believe in the alchemy of love. Pffft! Why not test it! So to those who persecute you , anger you, give even more love. What will u end up discovering ?”

Check out the photo!


Hrithik Roshan has been busy prepping for his next film. Vikas Bahl’s Super 30 which is a biopic on Professor Anand Kumar. Hrithik himself had shared the news on his social media account, “Proud to be a part of #Super30, Anand Kumar Biopic releasing on 23rd November 2018! @RelianceEnt @FuhSePhantom #VikasBahl

Talking about the film, Professor Anand had earlier told a leading tabloid, "I am happy that Hrithik will play me because he is the best choice for the role. His dedication towards his work and the kind of versatility he exhibits as an actor is very inspiring. Being a rooted and passionate person myself, I feel that he will bring an emotional depth to my life on screen. I am excited to see Hrithik as Anand Kumar essaying my emotional journey."

Super 30 is slated to release on November 23, 2018.




Woah, such a good looking man. Beautiful skin and sexy stubble. Deep, intense and expressive green eyes. Even the drop of sweat tricking down his forehead looks sexy. The most sexy and gorgeous man I've ever seen. A combination of good looks, good human, great actor, versatile performer, superb dancer and humble man. Stay blessed Hrithik.

Scorpio rising.

Beautiful guy but too nice. He shud be more aggressive against Evil stalkers.

Hay DIOS! me lov u

his black beauty spots are as sexy as his eyes

He looks average ,this is photoshopped,he is a good dancer!

This is average to you!

He looks handsome. You sound jealous. He is really handsome in real . i met him thrice.

Not his real eye color

This is his real eye color. See his pics from childhood till date/

I am lucky enough to meet this hottest man . He is more handsome and fair in real life. Very humble and kind.

Chameleon kahin ka

hot ya not, dil accha hona chhaiye. yeh fake vulnerable pose karke cheating cover nahi ho jayega. fake image

Iska dil ht acha hai . apna dil k fikar karo app rangoli gi. Yeh hate stupid comment karke k cheating, harrassing, stalking n lying cover ni hojaygi. obessed pyshco stalker.
P.S he is not a cheater nor fake.
PV plz post my comment. Plz dont be biased

Nice pic. Keep moving forward. Love you to the moon!

Do more films and smile more! U are awesome

Its been 17 long years , many stars came and go but not a single actor can matchup to HR hotness, sexiness, good looks and dance. He is class apart.

Thank you Rakesh sir and Pinky mam for giving us a diamond call Hrithik.

Be kind and accept liar kangana's love.

Stop begging Rangoli.

chup be. Woh Tharki hai

How is it "love" when she went after Ranbir for physical relation n sent him messages simultaneously? Even he had threatened to expose her if she doesnot stop her lies linking him wid her even after he refused her proposition. She just wanted to be linked with a rich star kid for cheap publicity. She is incapable of loving anyone as she has a heart full of poison.

one word :wow

Very good-looking & This is the reason why the big liar wanted to be linked with this guy.

U are the only Filmstar i love n admire in the world. U are a gem of a person and am sure God is there to look after you from all Evil bcoz u are a good person.

3rd most handsome man for a reason.

Sexist superstar of this generation.


Tmsa koi pyar koi masum ni hai kia cheez ho tm khud tmhein maloom ni hai. Dead

Hrithik Roshan is the only one who looks good while posting a picture with an inspiring caption because
•He is just too damn good looking
•Usually the the quotes are by him

Super handsome. No wonder why every actress is crazy about this hottie.

I guess he is not wearing a shirt. duggu this is cheating . post full picture please.

Cant take my eyes off this beauty.

He is sooooooooooooooo hot. I don't mind having a one night stand with him.

killer look.

Hrithik is killing us everyday with his looks.

From where he looks 43?


Allah ne isko bht fursat mein banaya hai yar. iski toh close pics bi kitni perfect ati hai.

Hrithik is pure love and a wonderful soul. And uff those gorgoues green eyes.

Wish we cud see full pic, u seem topless! Learn from Shahid n post pics of ur chiseled body

Love u duggu.

Most hottest most sexy man on earth.




His pictures n articles are just so positive. Became a fan after hearing him. Love his perspective n uplifting attitude.


Greek god

Hot, Vulnerable, Sensitive, Fearless. All in one. Love u man.

May God destroy all your Haters n Harassers. May you get all that you want and need in your live! More Power, Love and Success to you! God bless

U shud not post such pictures for ur own good. It will increase the frustration of ur retarded obsessed stalker n her paid fans! Khikhikhikhi

U shud hv posted ur shirtless pic, want to see ur Abs n drool over you

Ur Green eyes will make ur Haters green with Jealousy! Ignore them, they are frustrated with their own pathetic lives n rant bcoz they cannot have u. Love you always! Muahhh!

My love n inspiration forever! Thank you God for bringing this man into this world!

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