Check out: Kareena Kapoor Khan looks like a dream in this photo

Kareena Kapoor khan looks gorgeous as ever in this still.
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Kareena Kapoor Khan has lost all the pregnancy weight and is looking like a million bucks. She has lost oodles of weight and has been working out dedicatedly after the arrival of her son, Taimur Ali Khan. Kareena is currently filming her comeback film, Rhea Kapoor’s Veere Di Wedding with Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhasker, Shikha Talsania and Sumeet Vyas.

Rhea Kapoor shared a photo of Kareena in which she looks absolutely stunning. Kareena is sporting a gold gown by Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla and can be seen posing elegantly.

Check out the photo!

About the film, Kareena had said in an interview to a leading daily, “It's the story of four girls who attend my wedding and all the dhamaal that it involves. It showcases women and their emotions. It's the right time to do this kind of a film."

Taimur Ali Khan’s first birthday is approaching and mom Kareena had recently said in an interview, “Being a mother feels great. This will be the best phase of my life. The only thing that I have realised in the past month is that my heart is not in me anymore. It's beating outside of me. Seeing your baby and holding it in your arms is the best feeling in the world, and he [Taimur] holds my heartbeat now. Everything in life revolves around him. I managed to take out some time for the [fashion] show. Yes, my sleep timings have gone haywire,but the feeling of being a mom is so worth it. I have always looked forward to becoming a mother and now that I am, I hold it close.”





Kareena in bespoke @abujanisandeepkhosla couture for @lux #moviestar

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Wow. Decade more of mass masala, commercial and meaningful films on her way.

She is a huge inspiration to all those actresses who think that their career is over after marriage and motherhood . Show them Bebo how its done

Kareena, her family and her fans need to get educated. Kareena is not the first one to work after getting married and having a child. All Kareena did in the last ten years was play a cameo or item role in Khan films or do some OTT roles. Sharmila, Hema, Jaya, Waheeda, Aishwarya, Sridevi, Madhuri and the list is endless. They have all worked after marriage and after having kids. No one milked their pregnancy like Kareena did. Kareena is insecure and has to use her personal life, her child, her body, her gym sessions, her holidays, her family photos to stay relevant. Shilpa Shetty and the likes have a svelte figure even after delivery but they did not behave like Kareena. Stop telling Kareena to show anything to anyone as she has a lot to learn from others. She needs to learn to act better as she cannot compete with real actresses like PC, DP, KR and Kalki. She is lazy to act but wants the publicity perks so she uses her personal life to be in news. Kareena is not doing a favor to anyone by reducing weight or acting in films, she does it for money. It surely is not for any passion or interest in films as she and her husband are ashamed to agree that they watch hindi films. They live in their own fake world thinking they are too english and are different from Indians. They want to make a living by earning here but these hypocrites try to behave like they are english. Lol at them

Where is my munchkin Taimur?


Just work on your arms and you're sorted Bebo

Rhea should style Kareena often. Also Bebo should stick to Micky Contractor

Simply magnificent

Love her sexy curves

She has that superstar aura that Aishwarya, Madhuri, Sri Devi and Waheeda Rehman possess

Bebo you're still sexy and gorgeous, respect your talent and sign some movies before it's too late

Kudos to her for getting back in shape

She's looking like old Hollywood glamorous diva

her legs are still a bit chunky, but that dress is gorgeous!!!!!!! Oohh la la!!

She looks FAB. Sometimes I just adore her confidence and bad ass behaviour. One question though.. whyyyy pose with all those towels on the chairs lol eeee.

bomb ..then now forever

Exactly Bebo is box office bomb.

Bebo b star

Where is bebo. Missing her soo much sonam was clicked at the airport but bebo wasn't . Is she back or not or has she gone to dubai . She's not been seen for ages. Pls bebo make an appearance.

Hotnesss overload

Gosh ! Just LOVE HER

She needs to keep rhea as her stylist,she knows her body really well.

Classy babe.adorbbss

Boring yawn

Where are you bebo?

Copy of dp

Love her so much.

Kareena go and loose weight.

A pretty woman

Still fat

To the one paid hater writing repetitive comments here: Kareena looks more feminine than those anorexic Katrina-Deepika combined.

Is this from one of her Dubai visits? She is almost here every week in many South Indian businessman's parties.

Yes and they spotted your mother along with her to those businessman's parties.

I am sure she gave Phukets ladyboys run for their money

She is so milky.

Seems she is having competition with Sara and Jhanvi. Dress your age lady.

She is just 4-5 years older than Deepika and of course younger than Katrina but how they can wear the most revealing dresses but she should hear this pathetic advise from you?

I guess she will be the first bimbo who will continue to dress up like early 20s even when she is in 40s.

When 36 year old men can have child bride and 45 year old actress can wear short dresses why cant 37 years old Kareena?

No, I am happy for her. I always appreciate her more in small outfits. Hope she continues with hot dresses.

It looks more like Tiger Shroff trying to emulate 2000s Kareena Kapoor

Looking like a man wearing a dress

India's answer to Caitlyn Jenner

Pinkvilla is too transparent. Look at this and then see hate comments that dominate any post about Priyanka. Pinkvilla is a sicko site period.

Bollywoods first transgender superstar


She is absolutely stunning. Why couldn’t Ash lose that baby weight. Ash looks like beautiful aunt now.

It maybe because ash decided to breast feed her child for almost a year.. She continued the pregnancy diet for the same... The longer the weight is on the harder it is to rid.. Bebo is awesome too in her own badass way

WHAT NONSENSE, Ash had a C section and took a long time to heal and that is what happens to the body, you keep weight on, especially in the middle.

Bebo please wear bikini in Veere di Wedding. This body is best for bikini

Sorry to say but I was traveling in Thailand and I saw her this way, I would be sure it is a ladyboy.

So milky

She and her step daughter Sara both should do a romantic triangle.

Her thighs are chubby now. But please don't hide them Bebo. We love them still. Please wear mini skirts more.

After long time I am gonna fap on Bebo. Hope Veere Di showcases her in sexy outfits

Super gorgeous, breathtakingly beautiful Bebo. I totally agree on the above comment that Bebo and Aishwarya are the 2 most beautiful actress of recent times.

She should've been in Hollywood

What a beauty!!

Meh, a publicity hungry nepo kid pulling her cheeks in all the time and pouting is nothing like a dream but more like a nightmare

She ever green! ❤️

Kareena, please let Rhea be your permanent stylist. That girl knows your body structure so well and this dress is really complimenting your figure. Plus this hairstyle suits your face and makes it look small.

She has wrinkles. Poor thing is aging. Sad!

Looks like someone is here wasting there time clicking dislike for all positive comments bebo is getting.


Breathtakingly gorgeous

So chic

Effortlessly gorgeous

Love u bebo pls make an appearance soon with taimur and Saif missing u all soo much

She's stunning

Wow look at her waist

don't wow too soon...this is not real pic...see her waist n thighs n biceps in casual pic then wow

Wow she looks beyond stunning


Pure beauty

Does anyone know if bebo is back from Thailand or not. Haven't seen any airport pics of her also sonam is back too. Missing her soo much as well as her Lil munchkin. She looks gorgeous here

Breathtakingly beautiful

Speachless have no words to describe her beauty. She has this aura around her all the time.

The one who commented on her weight No you don't need her to loose weight. She's not lost weight for you that your saying I need her to loose some more weight so she can look bomb. She looks bomb the way she is now.

Beauty indeed

Aishwariya and Kareena are the most beautiful of the actress. I like priyanka though, as she is a complete entertainer, and has an aura of a superstar, Katrina has an amazing screen presence, anushka is very calculative and good actress, deepika is despicable on many levels, sonam is sincere to whatever she does, and iam impressed by the quality of books she reads but no one can beat these two in beauty, not even Priyanka or katrina, anushka or Sonam

Sonam, stop commenting about yourself. Your IQ is lower than what an amoeba has. The WTF statements you give proves you don't read books but only carry them to show that you read

I agree but Kareena is a natural beauty while Ash has changed 7 things on her face and I admire Kareena's bravery for realness and not hiding her imperfections and living her life on her own terms. You got Deepika pegged right too. Ash's PR, please don't bother telling me about Bebo's fake surgeries in London, she was working for the Pakistani Designer and appearing all over the place. I have noticed Ash's difference from New York though. PV, be fair and post this, it'll give you lots of clicks.

The surgeon in London knows how artificially beautiful Bebo is.. Bebo lives her life on Saif's terms, not her own terms.

Love u bebo. Miss u soo much

She's back my gorgeous bebo


Is she back from Thailand?

No, this ad was shot 2 weeks ago

She looks better each day.

I need her to loose some more weight so she can look bomb.

She looks like mouni Roy.

Sexy mummy

My beautiful bebo❤❤❤❤

O hot




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