Deepika Padukone adorably shows her possessive side for Ranveer Singh; find out how

Recently, Ranveer Singh took to his Instagram page and shared a hot selfie wearing an unbuttoned shirt. On the post, Ranveer's ladylove and actor Deepika Padukone left a romantic comment.
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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh express their love for each other on social media pages by commenting in the quirky and lovey-dovey way on their posts. Their fans love to see their cute chemistry and always wait for it every time.

Recently, Ranveer shared a hot selfie of himself posing against the beautiful ocean and wearing an unbuttoned blue shirt. Deepika went on to comment on the post stating, "Mine" with several lovestruck emojis.

They are so cute!

Check out the post and tell us about it in the comments below.

Talking about their relationship, Deepika and Ranveer have been together since the time they did Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela in the year 2013. Now, there are several reports making the rounds about them tying the knot in the month of November, this year.

As per reports, Ranveer and Deepika are likely to have a destination wedding in the presence of close friends and family. Ranveer earlier said in an interview that he is thinking about marriage but has not decided on when to tie the knot. Deepika also said in an interview with Film Companion that she can see herself as a working mother and a wife.

Currently, Ranveer is in Hyderabad where he is shooting for Rohit Shetty directorial Simmba. In the film, the actor will be seen playing the role of a cop for the very first time in his career. The film marks the first outing of Ranveer with director Rohit Shetty. Newcomer Sara Ali Khan is paired opposite Ranveer in the film co-produced by Karan Johar. Simmba is set to hit the screens on December 28, 2018.

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Every star wants the attention and that’s the truth. Doesn’t make these two any worse but they are more private than most for now. I think it will change post marriage and they will ne even more open. Also it’s obvious deepika is long over ranbir, stop trying to add him to her narrative. If she was pining away she wouldn’t be as successful and motivated on her own while ranbir is latching on to every popular actress for a hit which he hasn’t seen in a long time

Deepika wrote "mine" before on one of his photo on instragram, then she delete it.

He does look delicious in that photo !

Deepika was envied when she was with Ranbir. Now no one cares so much because Ranveer isn’t as much a craze. She will atleast be happier now no one is bothered. Wishing her the best.

It’s never easy to forget first love especially if it’s broken you. But she’s trying. Wish her all the happiness in the world.

I don’t think people like RK realise what kind of an impact they bring on someone’s life when they treat them so badly or break their trust. It has long term impacts. I feel so bad for deepika and even worse for RK I mean he has no idea how bad karma actually is and can only imagine how hurt he will be someday. Deepika may not be the best actress or most beautiful but she is human and no human deserves to go through what she did.

Well she had to claim him...Priyanka liked the posted. Lol.

Lol strategic PDA has begun!

Attention seeking couple.. Too much PDA and then they want to keep things private. Dp fans have such double standards. When DP shows PDA then its all good but if other couples do so then they are publicity hungry

They look so happy in that picture.

I hope he truly is in love with her...only her, forever and always...that's all I want for her; may she not get hurt again and may that smile never fade away.

I think Bhansali should do the kanyadaan along with Prakash Padukone.he brought them together after all and he’s been very lucky for their careers.

Please stop this pda u two. We get it. Its great if u r in love .....its great if u r not in love also. Just not on social media. Its haww not aww.

don't know if it will get posted...I like ranveer, I think he is a nice person, and I love love deepika, and I know she is all heart...not many will understand this comment, but I hope he is completely over his past...people marry for different matter how hard it was, deepika was brave enough to give love another chance, I pray she won't get hurt this time

Rk nice try!!

They’re getting married and being more open. I love it.

That’s an old pic his befikre look

It's his DDD look. A picture during Finding Fanny screening.

It's as true as babies.

She is not over Ranbir yet

You wish rk. DP is over you and happy with rs.

She is over ranbir. So stop self assumptions. But Kat is not over ranbir and Salman yet.

RK can ya get over it she’s just not that into you man you have her blessing please marry nepobaby and take a looooong holiday somewhere

Now i get why Deepika is being more open about rs these days---- Every few days we have degrading articles on Dp-Rs like " Is Dp still not over rk?? ", " Rk still causing rift between them " , " Dp getting cold feet before marriage?"---- If dp is more open about Rs , then media or rival prs will have less chances of making jurnos write such crap articles. Nice stratagy Dp.

good strategy, those rk pr articles are pissing me off.

Awww, love you Deepika and Ranveer. You two are too good

It's good to see Deepika being more open theses days. There were days when she never opened up about ranveer, it was like ranveer was doing all the talking.Good to see they have passed the test of time.God bless them.

Cartoon Ranveer

Stop copying Nick & Priyanka..boring Publicity stunt

How it's copying PC n nick? Importantly dp rs are a real couple not a PR couple like PC and Nick. Stop being a hater. Post it plz pv

Ok well that's a pretty hot picture. I'd be claiming it if I could!!

I have seen hotter man than him, but it a great pic.

yeah well she’s not just ‘seeing’ him like us, or like you see those hotter men. He’s really hers. lol big difference

Deepika stay loyal to him, he is a gem of a person.

She's been doing that all over lately.We don't need an article about it every 2 minutes.


Blessings to our lovely powerful couple DeepVeere, Sada Kush raho, Jeete Raho !!

M fan of rankat.. they broke all our its so good to c dp ranveer still together.. god bless them.. get married n b wid each other forever.. jst couldnt stop my tears thinking abt rankat wish they could get married.. v fans r so obsessed.. :'( :'( :'( :'(

If you are a Kat fan so be happy that she is out of toxic relationship. She is now happy and and getting good opportunities. Rk was a bad omen for Kat. So be happy .She will find some nice man soon.

We love you both DeepVeere , Stay happy , healthy and blessed always !!!

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