Deepika Padukone is all smiles as boyfriend Ranveer Singh drops her at the airport

Deepika Padukone was clicked at the airport today by the shutterbugs. The stunning actor looked like a million bucks and was all smiles as boyfriend Ranveer Singh dropped her at the airport.
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Deepika Padukone was clicked at the airport today by the shutterbugs. The stunning actor looked like a million bucks and was all smiles as boyfriend Ranveer Singh dropped her at the airport.

Deepika opted for a white tee and teamed it with stylish black pant. Bright smile, nude make-up, sunglasses and black sneakers completed her look.

Check out the photos here:

Deepika and Ranveer are all set to tie the knot this year, as per reports. The couple has been dating since five years and will get married in November this year. Ranveer and Deepika reportedly got engaged in Maldives. Ranveer Singh reportedly popped the question on her birthday this year.

Ranveer Singh returned to the city yesterday after wrapping up the first schedule of Simmba in Hyderabad. Ranveer celebrated his birthday recently and sources told a leading daily that Deepika Padukone flew to Hyderabad to be with Ranveer on his special day. She also took to her Instagram story and shared a Boomerang video saying, "hey hottie (@ranveersingh) it's your birthday!!!"

The couple will reportedly tie the knot in a private ceremony in Italy and will be hosting two receptions- one in Mumbai for their industry friends and one in Bengaluru for Deepika’s extended family. Ranveer Singh will also leave for a Bachelors’ trip with his friends at the end of this month.

Ranveer Singh will wrap up Simmba by November and his next film, Kabir Khan’s ’83 has been pushed to early next year. Deepika Padukone is yet to announce her next project.





Copying virushka

Guys that is NOT Ranveer!!

Do has nothing to do, just boring airport and gym posts every day.just go to Hollywood and don't comeback

how sweeeeet

Ranveer looking good in white shirt :-)

Average look

Ranveer is the best boyfriend ,, if you wonder why no pictures clicked maybe he asked to not take photoes

Plz do Madhubala biopic movie . Deepi smile is as stunning and mysterious as Madhubala .

She has the old world charm but there is no physical resemblance I don’t think any of the current crop can do justice’s a tough one to pull off

DP style and features are very different from madhu,see Madhu pics and there's a big difference

Kat ke jale bhune fans agye yaha apni jealousy /hatred dikhane.Akhir ane idol pe jo gaye hai.Rude ,cunning ,fake manipulative .

Kat will rock ?? Hahaha.abey oye kat ke delusion besharam fans ,kat ko guest apperance /item number milte hai vo bhi salman ki wajh se.Kaha deepika the self made women aur kaha botox rani Kat who sleeps around with everyone to get guest apperance /item songs in movies.Shame on kat

She's done item numbers,so what?, even Aish ,PC and Kareena has done it.dont forget that she's done main characters opposite the heroes too

Katrina has movies ? Hahahah 10 min ke cameo /guest apperance ko kat ke fans movies bolte hain.Kat sirf guest appearance /item number he krti hai movie mein

The best my beautiful

All actors are best

I love her

Kjo is overrated and Hirani never has good roles for women I want her to work with Shoojit and Homi again ..or maybe gauri shinde

Alia is way better ? Hahaha Agar uske kjo papa nae hote na toh aj vo kahi normal 9 to 5 wala job kr rhi hoti.Alia is a shorty with below average looks

Alia is talented, got hit movies Caz audience went to see it.liked it.dp is a tally,looks better with makeup

Katrna has awesome movies in her kitties n here this women

I’m a DP fan but I’m rooting for Kat these days she should show mr. Sherbet what he’s missing

Her carrier is over now kat will roxk

Love you Deepika, you are gorgeously beautiful. Please give us more films, we fans are missing you on the big screen


Hope she goes to Hollywood and leave us alone

Alia is way better than her in acting n in nature thats why her fans r jelous of alia

deepika is stunning and she is versatile. alia can try to imitate every actress in the world...but she will never reach that level.

Alia could never pull of Leela , Mastani , Padmavati or Veronica . Alia is a good actor but it does not mean she is suited for every character.

Alia is cute in certain kinds of roles but I miss my goddess DP am waiting for her return

Kjo will not why he wiol hn ask ur bhansali nah cheap peoples

Flop carrier

Flop actors wnted to go hollywood n see now hahahah

Your definition of a flop actor is someone whose last 2 films made 485cr? What is your definition of hit then bhaiyya?

Ahh .. Padmavat was released in 3 languages I suppose .. collective business was 2.2 crores or something like that . In that movie she was looking so aged .In Padmavat I found Aditi Rao Hydari much much beautiful nd youthful than Deepika . She is just over rated star. There are many actresses who are far far better than her both in acting skills and personality wise . It’s just sheer luck . SLB movies with elaborate sets and costumes.She needs that support to perform .Dirry to say after watching Padmavat I thought why film was made on this . At one point we talk about empowering women and then this . There was nothing to be glorified in that nor did I took any positivity or inspiration back home after watching movie .. it was regressive in fact ..

Ok thanks for the lecture but it wasn’t a flop that was my point

This is a problem when people states fact other pple call it lecture . It’s okay if you are her fan nd I know you can’t tolerate if someone is stating harsh facts . But please do reality check once in while . Say we are her fan inspire of knowing she is overrated and fake . She was beautiful before but now beauty has also gone . Neither she is beautiful from inside . Sorry to say I don’t find anything in her . Till now long someone can play victim and sympathy card . As if she was the only girl whose heart was broken . Having said that coming this from a person who herself ditched men. It’s just biasness and nothing else . Acting moderate looks moderate pple here in India don’t judge real talent. Though society is changing now ..

the only fact here is that her last few movies have been blockbusters. Everything else is just conjecture

Dude when has she played the victim card? Yeah she had her heart broken 10 years ago and lashed out in a couple of interviews. Since then she has been nothing but nice and complimentary towards your idol RK so why don’t you let it go?

You are entitled to an opinion but that’s all it is. YOU think she’s overrated looks old blah blah that’s not a fact. Art is subjective, beauty is subjective. The only FACTS that exist in this case are box office numbers which is what I was drawing your attention to but clearly I overestimated your intelligence. Ok bye.

Hirani n deepika lol he cast only those actors who can genuinely act

Sopry wt hirani dont cast actors who cant act k yea karan can but hirani no bc he has already signed movies with rk n ranbir will difentely not work with dp bc she is very negative person n cheap

Lo she cant so why poeple will sign her

Deepika fans always jelous of alia pc kat be it twitter facebook insatagram n now here loosers

She should leave acting bc we dont miss her

Dp fans why so jelous of alia is bhansali can promote deepika whi cant act so why not kjo will promote alia who can genuinely act jelous poeple sometimes kat n sometime pc n not alia

Cos DP fights to get work for herself there is no one fighting on her behalf that’s why we love her xx

What a joke ! Deepika fights for movie .. do you know Deepika personally ? How can you comment then ? You know what real fight is . Deepika’s father is a well known figure she definitely has connections and links her fight was not from village or even sub urban area to Bandra . Real fighter is Kangna Ranaut . Ask her what real struggle is .. she worked for 2 lakhs in a full fledged movie . And mind it she had a full fledged role in it . You know why Bec she knew no one is going to help her .Her acting was awesome in first movie itself . Deepika can’t even act like that which Kangna did in first movie . Kangna is not my favourite actress but I know what is right or wrong .

The comparison here was with Alia cos she admitted KJO got her the role in dear zindagi. Of course Kangana struggled more as she came from a less privileged background, no one is denying that.

DP is not going to start a movie till after her wedding in nov.

That’s not Ranveer! Kuch bhi

OMG look at her soooo stunning

Not,her airport look is not much different than other actoress,same dress style, like Anushka's, Kareena etc


Hey hottie.She is blessed with the best body in B towm

Hahaha,joke of the day

Wowwww.She is so sexyyyy

What? pretty,yes,sexy no

KJO pls sign her. ENOUGH of Alia!!! so sick of her.

Miss these guys! PV is sukhaa sukhaa when they are not around! Craving for a picture of them together!!!

ugh miss her so much on screen

live this woman and miss her in films

always smiling....... good .... now sign some movies

I want to see Deepika in a Karan Johar directed film, or Hirani. So much more to discover in her as an artist

Her #1 tag will drop soon if she doesn't starts sigining

Deepika needs to get back into films now. Padmaavat didn't do justice to her, besides the climax and a few other scenes. Need more movies like Piku, Ram Leela, and Cocktail

So beautiful as usual, miss her on screen

I need 2-3 movie announcements, not photo-ops

As a fan, getting really frustrated with all these photos and no movies! What are you doing girl!!!!

Deepika pls start signing films or papa Kjo will keep boosting Alia with his films

Why oh why oh why is this beauty not signing any films?

Um that is not ranveer!

Lol yes, but paps didn’t spot him as he managed to not get clicked

I have my doubts. They have not been seen together for a while now and there have been rumours about her cheating with Fawad etc. I think they are no longer together and the wedding is not going to happen. While I love them both as actors, something seems to have fizzled out in them as couple.

Aww I just love Deepika.......shes always smiling, uff but where is the picture when ranveer was dropping her? I haven't seen them together for awhile now.......

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