Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh go for a salon session together

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh were snapped outside a salon today. Both the actors were all smiles and looked their stylish best. Check out Deepika and Ranveer's pictures.
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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh make for a lovely couple. The duo has never admitted officially dating each other, but their chemistry never goes unnoticed.

Today, Deepika and Ranveer were snapped outside a salon. 

Deepika looked gorgeous in her lustrous hair and was all smiles. Ranveer sported a funky look wearing a black t-shirt and green pants and teamed it with a blue cap and quirky round sunglasses. The actor has fractured his hand recently during a football match practice.

Check the pictures out:








It is speculated that the couple will tie the knot by the end of this year.

Deepika spoke to a leading news channel and was asked if she seeks Ranveer Singh’s opinions and advice. She said, “Yes I do. Sometimes, it’s the other way around. He tends to ask me more questions than I ask him. For me, he is a friend, a confidante. We talk, there is debate- there is conversation. Sometimes, we agree and sometimes, disagree. But, that’s what makes the friendship beautiful.”

She also talked about Ranveer Singh’s unique style sense. She said, “I think they are interesting. I think there are days when he seeks my approval and there are days where he’s like I am going to do what I feel like.”

She added, “Very few people know that I am the one who encouraged him to wear pajamas at GQ Men of the Year Awards a couple of years ago.”

Deepika also said, “While I may not personally understand his sense of style, I encourage him to express himself. I think it is another form of expressing who you are and your personality. If that’s who he is and that’s what makes him comfortable, he should do it. I think he does it unapologetically.”

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hate dp

get married, start a production company and knock nepo bollywood on their asses. Rooting for you two, this is just the beginning!

Can’t wait for this wedding!!

fyi, almost all crazens hate ranveer not just a few of em, we know she doesn't love him and that she deserves better and judging by the lies he keeps telling and the way he manipulates her to stick to him, can't say i blame us

DP fans hate Shaleena too, yet she still never fired her. Very telling indeed. Lol

she has taken lip filler ? the close up pic looks like tht, esp upper lip

This JEALOUS FANS OF XYZ ACTRESSES are calling her cheater ! But there is a REALITY RANVEER SINGH BHAVNANI! He was , is and will be always by her side!! And burn your jelause heart !!! Keep slayinng

She is having afaiir with nihar upen yuvi sidahart malya ranbir n now fawad

i love these two and hope they can branch out and do-some indie movies. After the khans, who are fading, they’re the most exciting. Audienzoare ready!!

These RKDP shippers are going crazy. Also one DP fan (who write multiple hate comment on every RSDP post) hate RS because she is dating him. And some DP fans have been asking her to ditch him since 2013. Yet she is still with him. What they don't understand is, it her personal life. Whatever she does in her personal life should be her decsion. And if she needs advice to choose life partners she got a great family and friends to advice her. Her family and friends seem to love RS as evidenced by the many pics of them hanging out. If he was not the one for her, they would have told her. They know him in real life way better than her fans.

wasn't she sick?

She was supposed to be unwell , but Ranbir is down with typhoid which stopped the fashion show & the work on Brahmastra .

Stop being so jealous, rk, kareena, kjo.. Try be more positive.

You can't ignore them

Deepveer :)

love you king Ranveer

katrina is the best has higher morals

This was posted by, ironically, Ranbir Kapoor, Ayan Mukerji, Karan Johar, Kareena Kapoor, Zareen Khan, Sunny Leone and Jackie Fernandes.

I like him, and I really hope he is truly in love with her, forever and always, because I know she is, and she deserves someone who truly loves her because she is a selfless giver...and also because I never want her to be heartbroken again. may that smile and peace of mind never fade away from her, please Allah.

ok ranveer, lol

But she s selfish

Selfless giver... Oh ohkeiii.. Ahe gives her body to the handsome men selflessly, of course

Ranveer wasnt with her

dont attach her name with baba

they were in different distinations

she tries to hide her shameful blind with fawad by this fake article

go find someone else than Baba

Get therapy, fawad and deepika are not romantically involved! Reality check!

hey deepika, if you're reading this, first of all i missed you so much, plz stop disappearing on us like this and second of all thank you for exposing ranveer's lies and making it clear that you weren't with him like he wanted us to believe and last but not least don't be bothered by the negativity, don't let ranveer's and his pr's comments about how you're a cheat and a bad gf or an obsessed ex get to you, he wants you to prove otherwise by sticking to him, so plz don't play his game, we, your fans love you and will always love you no matter what, so do whatever makes you happy and don't be bothered by how you will look what really matters is how you and blessings always


Aww..rk.. we know you are obsessed with dp..but she moved on to better things. She is marrying RS, sorry that you cannot cope with it.. Anyway, you have kjo and ayan and movies to make , lucky of luck with them.

May God protect them from all the evil souls.....

hey guys, this story isn't true, they weren't there together

looks like ranveer is pressed she didn't let him go with her to the salon, lol, i mean he wasn't calling her a cheater the day the blind was released coz she let him blab bout the wedding that will only happen in his head but now that she exposed his lies and made it clear she wasn't with him today he's classy NOT

Looks like you are the one obsessed with your ex, Ranbir. Like seriously, get back to trying to act and stop commenting on PV. That's so below you. Honest advice: stop meddling in others' private lives. Live your own life and stop being jealous of Deepu and Ranno. You will be much happier.

So much hate man...a friend of mine was at the wedding in Sri Lanka they attended they are 100% a couple

I think rk is on full mode to bash deepveer because his and kjo linkups and stories didn't work for them.. Oh, well..

Love you DP.

I guess, here in pinkvilla have many agents of other actresses ( agents of other clans) and they are spreading rumors and negative comments about Ranveer and Deepika! Post plz pinkvilla

NO that's just him, there wasn't anyone calling her a cheat the day the blind was released and now all of a sudden this, he's trying to manipulate into staying with him to avoid being called a cheater but i don't see the girl who still has the tattoo of her ex because she wants to will marry a guy she doesn't love just to save her image

rk and kjo most likely.

In deepveer case I am pretty sure it's rk or kjo..or both..

i adore her&btw guys they weren't together, this is just veeru trying to link himself to her to get some attention like he always does

He has other news award ' film gully boy ' his padmavaat flying high' .. He got all attention ...He doesn't need relationship and affairs :p . I can give you names for who need such news . For example the walking ramp pair LoL


Why should he go to a salon? His hairstylist is out of town and he is still shooting for gullyboy and they do eventually his hair so he has no reason to go to a salon

To keep it trim, as in same length? You want to say actors don't cut their hair but at one hairstylist? No way.

She has always been a cheater, she cheated on nihar, two timed Yuvraj and Dhoni and cry like a satri Savitri when Ranbir did it.Pv don't dare to ignore and don't be biased.

Nooo..she was only with Ranveer. She was rumoured to be with rk and vijay mallya and some cricket guys and some producers, but none are true. No proof.

this deepika is a cheater comments are made by the manipulative guy who wants her to stick to him even tho he knows she doesn't love him and btw if you really think you can manipulate her to stay with you, think again, sooner or later she will leave you for mr right

Hahah..Ranbir ..dream on... And you will never be mr right for Deepika. She got burned once with you, you cheated on her with Kat and dozen others, she is not going back to a cheater.

ok, rk :)

ok, rs:)

I must admit, you have a rampant imagination. RS is not rk to spend his time on Pinkvilla posting stuff- and this is not imagined, Kareena actually said this about rk on Coffee..

well the guy who said he googles himself 15 times a day doesn't have time, lol..also he had enough time to run to a salon when he knew she was at a salon just to get clicked there to spread made up stories that they were there together

Rk's sister Kareena exposed that he is on pv five times a day. There is a video of it on pv. Google it... Ranveer or anyone closed to him never said he is on pv all the time. Ranveer admitted to googling himself not being on pv..

How old are you RKDP FAN ? LOL

At least RS is honest and says what he does, unlike RK. So yeah, he googles himself and admits it, at least he's not commenting on Pinkvilla under anonymity, like RK does. And the pics were done with him at the gym, PV just says they went to same place. Not RS fault PV mixed up the things. RK and PR you are trying to put your nose where is not your business. Best stick to 'making movies' and other fake linkups.

What did she say does he read and post comments ??

Yeah, she said rk is on Pinkvilla all the time.

Ha! Nice.. I come on pv just to read comments so entertaining..RK if you’re reading hope you realise you walked out on a golden girl be nice to the next one and pick better films please ..peace!

Yes, kareena said he is always on Pinkvilla ( she didn't specifically explained everything cause rk gave her a 'look' ) but it's clear that he is here and active. Kareena blushed after and said something like : 'now he will get revenge on me'.

stop with this they are love bs ranveer plz, glad deepika's pr put you and your pr in your place and made it clear you weren't there together..this desperation is getting out of control now

sure, bs as dp love for you, right?

Love you deepi !

I really liked dp before I've heard a lot of stories about her being a cheater. Whilst I still wish deepveer to be happy, I hope she stops this cheating and stays true to the love Ranveer is pouring on her.

Ranveer knows What IS THE BEST FOR HIM! So stop worrying about him! You don't even know 10 percent of their personal life/ relationship !

I guess you are that RS fan girl who is HATES DEEPIKA! Right I can write your twitter account here but I won't write ! So plz stop your nonsense and try to ignore Deepveer news! Ranveer knows what is the better for him not you !

There is no smoke without fire..she has way too many linkups for them all to be just fakes...

Love them . ❤️

She gets a cheater tag while he goes around holding hands and hugging misc girls? yea whatever. Deepika is the opposite of a cheater and ranveer is not auch a nice guy

Hugging is bad but Dp cheating with fawad or rk is good? Wow...
Anyway, best wishes to them, hope they happy.

Deepveer is love

Anything to be in news! Ab offers nahin hain toh salon ka trip with bf sahi!

thgt she is ill and taking rest or gone to some other country, just to be in news tey keep making some public appearances

Love these two ❤ Deepveer forever and she is glowing

It this her real hair? She has a lot of volume

Hey, Ranbir, stop attacking Deepika and seriously , are you trying to imply she has hair implants? Seriously? You, that clearly have more 'volume' hair than a few days back? Pathetic...

Save Ranveer Singh from this serial cheater.

There are so many girls who loves ranveer singh. But this guy is blindly loving a cheater. She is a pakka cheater , flirty with men.

They look lovely together. God bless them . May the evil kjo gang who's trying to destroy them suffer for their misdoings.

Amen.I also hope they have a happy life together and good movies ahead. I just cannot fathom what kind of life is that of kjo and gang, to constantly plot against another actor/actress just because they are doing better than you with their couple lives and movies, or because they don't want to act in your crappy movies?

After FAWAD, nope cant believe this farcical relationship..

What nonsense you are talking about, Fawad is not a cheater, DP may be but he is not so stop spreading FAKE news.

You doesn't believe REALITY but you believe blind ? Which is you don't know if it's TRUE OR FALSE fake NEWS, which is you don't know even if they hints really Deepika or someone else!! Post plz !

There is no smoke without Fire. Many "unbelievable" blinds have come true so far... So yep, I competely believe it.. Movie industry people have no morals, pretty sure Ranveer knows about it and doesn't even mind...

Or RS chooses to believe deepika's act of 'that's not true, ranno, they are lying, truly!'. Because he said he cannot lie, many in industry have also said RS cannot lie, so no way he knows. She is fooling him too.

Yes there is a no smoke without any fire , this two DEFINITELY WILL MARRY IN This Year)))

Love you Deepika and Ranveer. Stay blessed

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