Deepika Padukone makes her first solo appearance post marriage with Ranveer Singh; stuns in a red sweater

Today, the paparazzi clicked Deepika Padukone while heading towards a popular studio in Mumbai. The actor made her first solo public appearance post her marriage with Ranveer Singh.
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It's been 22 days since Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh had a fairytale wedding in Italy. The much-in-love couple tied the knot in dual ceremonies as per Konkani traditions and Anand Karaj on November 14 and 15, 2018, at an 800-year-old villa facing Lake Como. Soon after that, Deepika and Ranveer hosted their first wedding reception in latter's hometown Bengaluru on November 21, 2018. Then, on November 28, 2018, they hosted a reception in Mumbai for media personnel. On December 1, 2018, the newlyweds hosted a grand bash for their Bollywood friends.

After completing the wedding festivities, Ranveer jumped back to work and launched the trailer of his upcoming film, Simmba on December 3, 2018. Now, Deepika is also back to work and was snapped outside a studio in Mumbai. The actor shot for a chat show in the studios and stunned in a red outfit. She wore a red sweater and a pair of blue straight fit jeans. A pair of white sneakers rounded her chic look. Deepika also donned choodas. She was all smiles for the shutterbugs present there.

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Meanwhile, during an interaction with GQ India magazine, Deepika spoke at length about her husband and actor Ranveer. She said, "I think you just know when you want to spend the rest of your life with that one person – and he’s everything rolled into one man. He’s my best friend, playmate, companion and confidant. I can be silly in front of him, I can be stupid in front of him, I can be sick in front of him, I can be whatever I want to be."


no wonder RK ran away rofl!

She looks jaded here. No idea why? May be not well or something. I am seeing her this dull for the first time.

This is how she looks with minimal make up. She has nice features that get enhanced by make . Her skin tone is brown. But overall she looks good like a normal girl in casuals does.she doesn't have to look red carpet ready always.

Gorgeous Woman

Kat lost all the charm she had


It is good to see her in normal clothes. She looks here like a family girl. But where does that beauty gone? She lost that adorable face, one that makes look like a star. She needs some fat on her face and curves on her body. Now she looks old, tired, with saggy cheeks. She is not the same girl who made viewers couldn’t take eyes off, this look is a normal house hold girl look. Deepika, get that old look back if you can.

wow, it’s clearly makeup from a photo shoot. Deepika looks fine, she wasn’t prepped for paps and this isn’t a public appearance. let a girl live!

I hope you n y'r husband are always blessed....always in overall good health...aamiin

She is already a skinny woman. Why does not she need to lose weight. Lost all the charm she had. Change the stylist and eat some food DP. The GQ cover page almost scared me at first sight she looks so malnourished.

Put on some weight mrs singh

Sweetheart, please get some rest!!! I love you # girlcrush

What happened to her?

And people have the audacity to call Priyanka unattractive.. yikes

I love this makeup on her

Drop dead gorgeous!!!

She looks so young and pretty

whats wrong with everyone, I think she looks beautiful here. I like this change on her.

But I saw some pictures of same day that she looked much better that this....I think she's just tired, agreed she has lost so much weight, maybe for her next movie? Who knows anyway no matter what she's still my golden girl her

What happened, did she drink a little too much?

She looks like she is on drugs. She needs to take a break

That’s LOVE drug

Deepika....please let your workouts take a backseat and put on some face and body weight....

Baby needs some TLC and downtime muuaaahhhh!!

OMG this is NOT Deepika

I like that she has darkened her hair color.

Ok THIS is the look I have been waiting for with Deepika, finally some liner around her eyes, nice fluffy soft hair versus the tight pulled back style she has been doing for so long. But I agree she looks tired and likely the result of over exercising, lack of rest and intense dieting

deepika looks quite horrible here sorry

She must be super tired or even unwell.

The her eye make-up is making her look weird n tired.

She looks super worn-out. She needs to rest and put on some weight!

Poor thing looks all tired from month long festivities and non stop smiling for the cams . She should take a few days off on her own .

Surgery ruined her face now looks like RS's mother

Oh she also had a surgery ? Is there anyone in BW without it. It’s alarming.. I thought she was natural.

She looks sooo weird , she looks good on screen on magazines but whenever she is caught by the paparazzi she looks awful

Must be talking about kat. yup i agree.

When OSO came out I was completely mesmerized by her beauty.Something got changed since she decided to try to hollywood, could be severe dieting or overexcercising.She looks terrible here. P.S I am a big fan of Deepika beauty

agreed that sort of weight loss doesnt suit deepika

Hmm burly pullover. Sure they have ac’s around but looks a little odd to be dressed like that in a coastal city. I guess I like the way Kareena and Karisma dresses ( right for Mumbai) She lookin diff cuz she has left her hair open I guess as most times she ties a severe bun. She needs to put a little weight on her face though. Or I don’t know if this look is for a prep to her upcoming acid attack movie.

Scary tired ghost!

Her eyes look odd here

Tired from all the wedding festivities I

She looks tired and weak!!! Pls rest and tc of urself!

Sweater in mumbai..That too such a fluffy one...smh

She is definitely hot

She’s looking different

I liked how she dressed this sweater with a skirt and heels and changed to sneaker and jeans later on unlike some wannabes who tries to force their fashion on us

Love you Deepika

why is she looking so unlike herself? a bit weird

She seems to have lost a lot of weight. Plus done some bronze contouring on the face with some smudgy eye makeup which is making her look more drained and tired.

She looks tired, I hardly recognized her.

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