Deepika Padukone's bash: Newbies Sara Ali Khan, Jhanvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter pose with Ranveer Singh and Karan Johar

Sara Ali Khan, Jhanvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter made a stylish appearance at Deepika Padukone's party.
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Deepika Padukone's bash was attended by not only the leading Bollywood stars but also the future stars of the industry namely Sara Ali Khan, Jhanvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter. The debutant trio enjoyed the party to the fullest and were seen posing with many celebs.

Karan Johar took to his Instagram page and shared a picture posing with Sara, Jhanvi and Ishaan along with Ranveer Singh. He captioned the picture saying, "The young ones! The star one and the me!"

KJo also posted a selfie where Sara and Jhanvi were seen hugging each other. Talking about the picture, the filmmaker stated, "Jahnvi and Sara strike a pose!!!!! and I do what I do in every photo! Am a repetitive poser!"

Ace Bollywood designer Manish Malhotra also posted a picture where he posed with Sonakshi Sinha alongside Sara and Jhanvi. He captioned the picture: #allaboutlastnight @deepikapadukone #cool #home with the beautiful girls @aslisona @janhvikapoor6 #saaraali"

Check out the pictures and tell us about it in the comments below.


Jahnvi and Sara strike a pose!!!!! and I do what I do in every photo! Am a repetitive poser!

A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar) on


The young ones! The star one and the me!

A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar) on


#allaboutlastnight @deepikapadukone #cool #home with the beautiful young stars @aslisona @janhvikapoor6 #saaraali @sara_sultan3

A post shared by Manish Malhotra (@manishmalhotra05) on

Sara has completed a schedule of her debut film Kedarnath. Directed by Abhishek Kapoor, Sara will be romancing Sushant Singh Rajput in the romantic saga. The film is set to hit the screens on December 21, 2018.

On the other hand, Jhanvi and Ishaan will be seen together in the Hindi remake of the Marathi blockbuster Sairat. The National Award winning film will be produced by Karan Johar in Hindi. It is likely to go on floors on December 1, 2017.

Are you rooting for these newcomers?

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Jhanvi is the best among all the youngsters

people are envious of Jhanvi's success and so much following. She has got a great break and she is going to prove herself. She has got a great style sense and she is very hardworking and natural. Envious people are spreading rumours about her beauty. Jhanvi will prove them wrong..

Since when have Sara

Jhanvi Kapoor dress looks like something she took from her moms closet and the nose job is so obvious..Sara cloths is a big no also...girls their age should be wearing trendy styles...blazers, leather jackets, fun sweatshirt jumpers with short skirts, statement T-shirts with jeans, etc.....I can go now to the thrift store and create a great look...girls be more creative trendy and wear clothes that are fun and for your age

These star kids should have waited until after their debut before over exposing themselves. If they flop, they would be so humiliated. At least in the past, star kids who were flops went away unnoticed.

abey trailer ki success party? lol

Why does Sara (the princess!) always have the need to wear see through transparent body wear. I mean there isn't much going on in there! Look elegant girl.

all of these people are extremely ordinary looking, I mean really really ordinary. Still they will earn millions.

KJO and Manish are all over Sid these days. Poor guy!

Nepotism? What Nepotism?

Sonakshi lookd better!

Ranveer is on babysitting duty :P

Why is there a purple disco ball between Ranveer and Sara?

Why has DP invited these nepo kids? They aren't even launched yet.

Nobody who knows likes her.

cheap looking actresses

All i can think is that Jhanvi is wearing a dress my grandmother would've worn in the 1980's.

jhanvis face ruined for life with that nose job..she looks like sara's assistant

Ok, Madhuri.

The picture with Karan Johar and all the kids, there is no way in heck that he thinks any of those people are good looking. Is he getting paid to promote them? Any non star kid that has launched recently is better looking than this lot. And to think that HE makes fun of people's dress sense and you have Jhanvi dressed in a sparkling purple pantsuit and Sara in a see through top - which a lot of people could pull off but NEITHER one of them are. Less said about Shahid's brother the better.

Rs is so ugly

Deepika/ranvee PR trying hard to sell this image as struggling outsiders who's kjo and his gang bully and despises them...while the fact is that this two dying to be in his gang and will do anything to please him...though they are way bigger stars than all of kjo gang including ranbir...and thier desperation make kjo so arrogant...

Harvey Weinstein vibes from Karan

KJo always wants to be a part of EVERYTHING especially with RS and DP these days. It's so ironic considering he thought Ranveer would flop when casted in BBB. Not even any of his recent "discoveries" can touch him.

amen! but he still favoured his aankhon ka taara ranbir on KWK. i can see kjo praying that rk becomes the next srk so all the talent remains in-house and not rs who is loyal to yrf. i mean theyre both great actors but the industry really runs down one (eg- Farah, Abhi, Karan's bitchy questions on DP-RS on koffee) and overdoes it with praise for the other. very annoying.

Not at all interested in watching their films. Get out already!

Ranveer is very talented.good actor

So ordinary

Average looking kids

Can't wait for them to flop big time.

Lol jhanvi already looks 30

Pinkvilla please post the blind item of RK and Deepika hooking up at Sonam's Diwali party posted by Spotboye

Danyal Zaffar ( Ali Zaffar's brother) should be standing next to Sara. Check him out on youtube Coke Studio. He is freaking hot and Yas Raj was gearing up to launch him before Uri attacks happened.

I hope Pakis overseas are reading these comments. #boycottBollywood.

Yes please boycott make your movies

And thank god they didn't! Pakis out

Breaking news. Verna will not be released in India. EROS international who have released Shoiab Mansoor's earlier movies Khuda ke liye and Bol have just broken the news that they have orders from the higher authority to not buy the movie at any cost even if given free.

ugly gaao mutraaz in, Thank God.

This is not how humans skin looks like in real life. Yellowish orange and whitish filters were used so Sara doesn't look fair than all. Where is sarah's right to look fair?

Soon Bollywood will find a reason to party to "celebrate the success" of "Most number of likes on Instagram for first day of shoot pictures"

"celebrate success" of "most successful takes on day one of shooting"
"Celebrate success" of "most amount of gossip a no track record entitled, talentless starkid could garner 3 years before release of their Kjo papa produced movie"

"Celebrate success" of "number of times PV believed Ranveer and Deepika broke up and patched up"

Jhanvi looks fat in dis dress.

Sara and Jhanvi giving tough competion to DP-PC as the new fakest friendship of b’Town

Rs looking ordinary boy with out a Beard

You know for all people say about Alia being a star kid- at least she's likeable. In ehr interviews you can see that she can laugh at herself and is personable. these kids just seem strange

None of them have the WOW factor when it comes to looks. I have friends who look wayyyy prettier than them. Especially Ishan, like wtf...he's good looking but definitely not the HANDSOME and Greek God looking type.

Sonakshi and ranveer can be a good pair

I think jhanvi would be liked by mass and sara by class. Sara doesn’t suit dancing on sheela ki jawani exposing her midriff.

sara doesnt have symmetrical face, she might look ugly in close shots and some camera angles, unless you have great knowledge on camera angle and know to mould urself infront of camera.

Ishaan looks better than ranveer. If ranveer get get star status for being Deepika's boyfriend then ishaan too should get one.

stop this same bakwaas under every dp/rs post. he has got star status for his talent. the connection to dp has helped of course. but aiyvayi nahi ban jata koi star...nahi toh sid would also be a star with his link up to the successful alia bhatt

Ranveer looking like a villion !

Alia or Jacklyn or PC look good with rs

Lol, three quarters of her guests are star kids who haven’t even been launched? It’s almost like she invited them as fillers as she doesn’t have many actual friends lol.

Sonakshi and Ranveer good pair


Sara's got trashy sense of dressing! Hookerish types to say it bluntly!

Sara wore something better in a previous party

Kjo is po i so n

Im sick of these new kids already. WTF would i pay money to watch their movies? UGH

Jhanvi is all surgeried up and falsely whitened but still not more beautiful than natural Sarah. It makes her look too old.

Ishaan is so below average.And Jhanvi the surgery queen still doesn't look beautiful.

Kjo got lucky with Varun & Alia in terms of being successful but can't see Jhanvi or Ishaan reaching there.

How is KJo still denying that he promotes nepotism? He poses so gladly with them and waits to launch everyone. and also always gets Alia to every event that he is on

Ishaan Khattar can make Harshvadhan Kapoor look like a bollywood star. Even my riskshawala looks better than him. Height of Nepotism.

You think you are highlighting nepotism and feeling good about yourself while stereotyping people as ‘richshaw wallahs’ or ‘maids’. Such cheap outdated regressive Indian mentality and you are totally ignorant of it. PV please post this valid and important response.

Mr/miss holier than thou, what do you mean by 'indian mentality'? You are the one who's stereotyping!

I pity these girls.struggling to prove themselves and become popular that's the business of cinema

same pose sara. some thing wrong with eyebrows

jhanvi looks beautiful. She has got the craze, beauty, money, only thing left is to prove herself.

Come back to Earth Jhanvi.

Hi Jhanvi

when did i became jhanvi

Hi Madhuri

kjo do some quality films with ranveer instead of your laado rk and i might start watching...pv post

I don't understand why Sara pose like that everytime. Jhanvi always smiles at photos and have that soft look on her face.
Anyway I'm against nepo kids but #js

So much makeup & so many surgeries by Jhanvi,but still Sara is the more prettier one.

Jhanvi's outfit is so tacky.

Jhanvi after all those surgeries still isn’t more beautiful than Sarah

gosh!!!! I am getting a feeling that Sid is gonna get replaced by Ishaan very soon..... KJo must be getting tingly all over.....

Looks like Sara and Jhanvi are good friends.

That's an ill fitting dress on jhanvi

Sara is so revealing

Sara and rano again in one frame :D


Now rs is also promoting kjo camp

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