Dhadak New Poster: A petrified Ishaan Khatter finds solace in Janhvi Kapoor's arms

The trailer of Dhadak starring Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter is finally out. Karan Johar took to Instagram to share a new poster of the film.
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The trailer of Dhadak starring Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter is finally out. If you seen the trailer, you would agree the two have just nailed it with their performances. Karan Johar took to Instagram to share a new poster of the film. 
He captioned the image as, "A LOVE STORY....deep unconditional first LOVE! 20th of July let the love explode! #dhadak @ishaan95 @janhvikapoor @shashankkhaitan." '
In the picture, a petrified Ishaan is seeking solace in Janhvi Kapoor's arms. The movie revolves around Janhvi and Ishaan's character Parthavi and Meet, respectively who are in love with each other. Their love is young, first and fresh and they can go to any extent to be with each other.
In an interview with DNA, Khatter cleared that, "Dhadak is an adaptation, rather than a remake." He went on to add that he's aware of the fact that adaptation haven't really worked at the box office in the recent times. "But it depends on your intention behind directing a film. Director Shashank Khaitan understood that it’s such an important film for our country. Also, it is so easily adaptable into the different cultural milieu that it was important to make this film reach out to more audiences and he wanted to do it his way," said Ishaan. 
As he made sure that he watched all Majid Majidi films before Beyond The Clouds, the actor followed the same trend for Dhadak as he watched Sairat. "I loved Sairat and was affected by it. I understand the responsibility of all the hopes that come with it. But I prefer not to think about these things when I’m working in a creative environment because it may influence my performance. Since we are adapting it, there’s scope to be different. It’s also been under the public eye, so it had a different journey from Sairat," said Ishaan. 
He also revealed how he came onboard for the project. "Karan sir wanted to meet me because he had seen some of my pictures and footage and wanted to cast me in a film. He got my number from my brother (Shahid Kapoor), with whom he was co-judging a show and also working on Shaandaar. He met me and we were in talks for another film. But the subject changed. He chose not to audition me and offered me Dhadak instead," Ishaan said and signed off. 


Ishaan has no screen presence and Janhavi can't act but I am sure the godfather of the industry kids will keep imposing them on us!!

sairat is beautiful rural movie with proper screenplay and you get goosebumps while watching Trailor itself.... Here music screenbrightness over...

This Ishaan guy is so short he can put a dwarf to shame. way tooo short.

i honestly dont know what this incessant hate is all about
janhvi's pretty expressive, and come on.... go back and look at soty to see how alia's grown as an actor... compared to her debut, janhvi is in a much better spot.

People expected overacting from Janhvi.. She is natural in the trailer.. No overacting. Janhvi and Ishaan make such a fresh jodi.

for someone who is natural on screen look at sairat's heroine.

that is the problem with this movie, the lead pair in the original are too hard to forget because they were really natural.

They look natural because they are not glamorised.

Karna hates outsiders and only wants nepo kids in the industry and bollywood to be barred to outsiders. He feels that outsiders will make fun of him for being gay

But everyone already makes fun of him so what difference does it make if a bunch of outsiders come and poke fun at him? H

When I read her interview where she said she loves actors that immerse her like Rajkumar Rao and her favourite actresses are amongst Madhubala, Nargis dutt and other golden legendary actresses I was quite impressed and had high expectations feeling she knows what she is talking about but after watching that trailer I just kept laughing at the interview. So rehearsed and such fake answers. You are so full of shit Jhanvi. You really need to go back to school and finish your education and find a career somewhere else, like fashion designing or who knows even film direction like your father but ACTING IS NOT YOUR CUP OF TEA.

So many people full of shit are commenting on Janhvi.. When the movies becomes hit and she becomes hit they will cry more shit.

The movie will become hit, You will not though Jhanvi

Sairat was an unnecessary film. It further deepened the already deep caste-divide in Maharashtra. It wasn't even a good film. What saved it was good songs and awesome performances. Dhadak won't work because the acting of both the actors is below average.

It will be another DDLJ.. Music is already hit. Trailer become super hit. It is still trending on top 1. One cannot comment on performance on just 3 min trailer..

So bad she is. Boy is nice

"Karan didn't audition me"....that worked out easy!

Because Karan knows he is going to make lot of money from this movie..cashing on Janhvi's craze.

Janhavi has done so much to face and looks artificial ... earlier her nose was big and lips thin but now vice Versa , still feel she can act better than lots many

Daisy is actually one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in bollywood. Too bad bollywood gives chancee to nepo kids and sugar babies or women who would do anything fir a role.

Our Sairat is our Sairat, none of your Sairat.

That was Maharastra's Sairat. This will be bollywoods Dhadak. Both will have their own place.


Nice to see North Indian Dhanush and Daisy Shah Part 2 trying so hard.

Can't wait.

Wishing all the very best to ths awesome two. Hope u shine like the sun.

Thats intense.. cant wait to watch this on big screen..zing zing zingaat..

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