Dilip Kumar gets discharged from hospital; Saira Banu waves to paps as they leave for home; PHOTOS

After staying in the hospital for a couple of days, Veteran actor Dilip Kumar was discharged on Friday. As he was being taken home, the paparazzi caught him & Saira Banu leaving from Hinduja Hospital.
Dilip Kumar gets discharged from hospital; Saira Banu waves to paps as they leave for home; PHOTOS Dilip Kumar leaves for home with Saira Banu after treatment
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Veteran actor Dilip Kumar, who was admitted to Hinduja Hospital over the weekend, has been discharged today after treatment. He was seen leaving Hinduja Hospital with Saira Banu on Friday afternoon. The senior star was being helped by hospital staff as he lay on a stretcher with a mask while Saira Banu was seen walking beside him. She was seen waving to the paparazzi from a distance as they left for home after spending the past few days at the hospital.

The senior actor was admitted to the hospital after he had episodes of breathlessness. Later, he was diagnosed with bilateral pleural effusion and was treated for the same at the hospital. A procedure was performed on the veteran actor on Wednesday to remove excess fluids from his lung. All the while Dilip Kumar was at the hospital, Saira Banu and his family friend Faisal Farooqui shared updates about his well being on his Twitter handle. 

Take a look at the photos:

On June 7, 2021, a photo of the senior actor with Saira Banu was shared on his official Twitter handle and since then, fans had been praying for his speedy recovery. On Thursday, Dr Jalil Parkar told Pinkvilla that the senior star would be discharged from the hospital on Friday. While the senior star was being treated at the hospital, Saira Banu ensured that all rumours related to his health were dismissed as she urged everyone not to believe the WhatsApp forwards.  Even Dilip Kumar's family friend took to his official Twitter handle and urged the media to rely on it as a source of his health updates.

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Anonymous 4 days ago

secretly I hope to live that long . I wish him well .