Diwali 2017: Sridevi and Boney Kapoor's daughters Jhanvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor are their fashionable best

Sridevi, Boney Kapoor, Jhanvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor made for the perfect family at a Diwali bash.
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Sridevi and Boney Kapoor along with their gorgeous daughters Jhanvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor attended Shilpa Shetty's Diwali bash last night. 

Khushi and Jhanvi stayed true to their loyalty towards Sridevi's favourite fashion designer Manish Malhotra and were decked from head to toe in MM creations. While Jhanvi looked beautiful in a blue lehenga with coloured embroidery all over it and similar coloured strapless blouse, Khushi wore a millennial pink lehenga with sequins all over it along with a bustier style sheer blouse that had embroidery on it. 

The evergreen Sridevi looked stunning in a grey hue silverish saree that had a scalloped hem and the raw silk blouse had tassels on the sleeves. A stunning three-tier polka necklace rounded her look. Boney Kapoor was seen in a dark green kurta, white pyjamas and burgundy shoes.

The family happily posed for the paparazzi and were joined by Manish himself. 

Check the pictures out:


Sridevi, even today is considered as a fashion icon and many consider her to be their fashion inspiration. But do her daughters seek fashion advice from their famous mom?  On this, Sridevi revealed to Pinkvilla, "Well, I take inspiration from them. They guide me and I enjoy that. They are...Aaj ka hai (They are the new generation). They know better. They know what is in fashion. Sometimes you are in your own world. As a mother, I have other things to take. But, I enjoy asking them and we share. Sometimes, they ask me whether it looks good or not, what to change. The same way even I...we share each other's taste."

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Combination of sequence and floral together is an eye candy. Both have a glamorous yet am elegant look.

Indian lehengas have been redefined with such an astonishing look.

Not sure why people are being so rude to them. Like they are not looking ugly or anything. They all are looking pretty.

Beautiful pictures, hope they had a good time.

Jhanvi and Khushi are looking adorable in their dresses. The blue one is simple yet elegant while the millennial pink is attractive yet not too showy or out of the place. Love them.

People writing bad are truly jealous.

Jhanvi and Khushi are gorgeous!!!

Sridevi is stunning even after all these years

money can buy anything.....

such unjust use of wealth

Khushi's outfit is GORGEOUS, I need it. Obviously, we don't know these people, but everyone very clearly has the impression they give off that these two are very spoiled, versus say Sara and Suhana.

Hello ratus ratus sisters.

For all the hype Jhanvi better ACT in her debut movie!

Wow so much hatred on this post. I guess it’s just a reflection of how India treats women

It has nothing to do with women. Sexist posts are other ones where people attack DP, Anushka, Kat, Kangana, for their looks or what they say. People don't like this family mainly because it started with an affair, and the nepotism that we know is coming since Karan is launching Jhanvi in the upcoming years.

Arrived wearing borrowed clothes as usual... while others work hard and buy their own clothes with their own money.. these girls get to wear designer clothes for free... And what have they achieved??

Boney, please put a bag over you head and cover your face, the same way you cover your face with a bad over your head when you're on top of Mrs.

The only 2 star kids who looks different to me are alaviaa jaffery and ananya pandey. Nothing against Kapoor girls but they are normal , not extraordinary. They are hyped because of their mom who is indeed one of the best and beautiful woman Indian cinema has given.

Boney is disgusting inside out.

Hi Sridevi! no need to tell us, we know you haven't gotten laid in years ever since he gained all that weight and lost that little chunk of hair he had left after he divorced his wife and married u

Being stylish is one thing wearing the same lengha in different colors and print is called having no style jhanvi.

omg sri what have you done to your lips ????

Boney should get hair transplant

Maybe when Jhanvi starts working lol..

U need money for a hair transplant.. he has none.. gone in keeping up their appearances

The man has really let himself go over the years... After being married to Sridevi, seems he stopped grooming himself or even looking at himself in the mirror once in a while ... not fair on his wife.. however, I must say Sridevi has no problem with Boney's looks, hard to believe, which is odd because she is always looking glamorous and spot-on.

Clowns in a circus.

Sridevi's ensemble is very stylish! The silver tone stands out in sophistication, urbanity and elegance! Her daughters surely haven't got her looks. They will need her talents if they have to survive in the acting industry!

Don't these girls feel awkward and self conscious going in front of their father in such revealing clothes? I know I would be too uncomfortable dressing like this around my father and he would feel awkward too!

Maybe your father is too aware of you sexually. For some parents their children remain their kids no matter what they wear or how they dress they aren't sitting there eying up their children.

Kardashians of India..... Bonny is going Bruce way with this feminine kurta. lol

FYI Kardashians have invented themselves, these are wannabees

These girls showing too much skin for their age.how are they doing in the studies?

I think its parenting, apparently in interviews osridevi goes how she would rather prefer Jhanvi gets married than become an actress but goes behind curtains and tells them what to wear and what not to wear and how to pose and how not to, what a fake wanna-be family... never been strict with studies, why won't she tell jhanvi to at least pursue a degree and then become an actor, at least u have something to fall back on to, but apparently Sridevi doesn't give a shit.

So they shop for fake body parts like dresses

haha spot on! ^_^

Party party party

we all know neither of the 2 girls are fair / whitish. why do they pretend to be? thats my biggest problem with the upcoming bollywood actresses, they are so insecure about their skin colour. also i don't like the fact they are being shoved down on the rest of us, they are born to be superstar actresses. i seriously doubt either will be great, as their mother had worked hard for her success.

thats why i am so glad kajol & karisma keeping their daughters nysa & samaira out of limelight & let them live their lives as teenagers.

Jhanvi is so overrated.
Khushi looks like this after millions of surgery
Both will flop

Boney’s kurta looks so feminine

At every event, Sri Devi looks different, facial wise...

are they at a wedding or diwali party??? confused.

Khushi should got for international modelling. She'd kill it. MM outfits are seriously tacky these days and Sri Devi looks great always. What a talent she is!

isn't the younger one a minor? Shouldn't she be focussing more on getting through school instead of trying to act all grown up?

isnt it same case with srk's daughter!!!

Too much flesh on show. Defeats the purpose of the occasion.

dont they both look like cinderella's twin step-sisters??

For a change we don't get to see Jhanvi post her dance rehearsals lmao

I love Sri Devi, but there is something off about her Daughters they dont seem humble.. I mean its just how they come across dont know how they are in real , I could be wrong, the vibes aint right! And yes am I the only one who feels Sri Devi has done something to her face and ruined it a bit ? like her Lips looks like Malaika Arora type..

Sridevi didn't study much and it shows in the way she has brought up her daughters. No education, and money can only buy so much !

Sridevi purchased new Lips on the occasion of Diwali & Dhanteras

Love that profile pic...so funny..

She got great a sense of humor and some funny one-liners. I'm her Pakistani fan but unfortunately, she hates Pakistanis. I can bet most of anti-Pakis comments come from her.

I dont hate pakistanis...I love Fawad & Shaan Shahid..they r sexy...but i really hate Mahira & Mawra Hocane!!

Queen_Rani, as long as you don't say anything cruel, we think you're the funniest troll, even if you can get annoying.

Instead of Jhanvi, launch Khushi. Skin lightning injections , teeth augmentation, have done wonders on her. The rest will be taken care of with 20 shades lighter white and peach Adobe paints.

Look at Sridevi's face...she surely had a lip job and cheek implants

What has she done to those lips - she looks ridiculous!! She was gorgeous before..

To much showing of skin for their age,bony looking like Sridevi's dad.wish siridevi was married to Anil Kapoor they would have made a excellent couple but... anyway lol

Sonam is guaranteed a better actress than these two... I don't know how big of a compliment that is.

Cindrella's step sisters.

Lol, who is Cinderella, Arjun?


jhanvis ooutfit is better than khushis..so manish sponsors all of their outfits for publicity.

Beautiful family. Khushi looks amazing.

No hope, waste of money, time.

once they wear it..what happens to dresses? I think designers give it to them for free to wear

They borrow them. Look how Sridevi's saree has no fall. Who among us wears a new saree without geeting the fall stitched. The dresses and sarees go back to Maneesh's botique for cleaning and selling.

Sridevi definitely looks better than her daughters, that much was known from the beginning when we saw what they looked like prior to Jhanvi's surgical transformation. It must be hard to have such a beautiful mother that is a talent and force to be reckoned with when it comes to acting and dancing in Bollywood and also want to make your debut there. That said I'm not surprised that Jhanvi did surgery, her own mother did so I doubt there was any "self appreciation, self confidence, looks aren't everything" chats that happened in their household. Sridevi probably pushed Jhanvi towards surgery herself!

Sridevi looks far better than her daughters. You don't have to bare your midriff to look beautiful.

Beautiful family!

clothes or lack of thereof..lol

Ew Jhanvi hell bent on exposing her midriff at every occasion.

Sridevi is so gorgeous. Khushi should seriously consider a career in modeling. Her tall frame slender frame is perfect on a runway.

Who cares. When these sisters debut movies will flop then they will be old news.

What king of diwali bash is this? How are they supposed to perform puja or burn crackers in such outfits?

i think our own respective privileged positions should be acknowledged in any conversation about nepotism..of course...but to say that nepotism does not create unequal access to opportunity is very naive. stop trying to skirt the issue. India needs to wake up to it, starting from the film industry and other professions as well. or we will never become the "superpower" we think we should be. PV post it pls..dont be biased.

Don’t try to say the trolling and cyber bullying that goes on here on gossip and entertainment sites here on celebrities is any effort towards the greater cause of bridging social injustice. The point is what are you “actually” doing for under previledged people? Every person who develops this complexity on nepotism is the person who sits and cribs without putting effort towards achieving their dream. If they put effort and if luck is on their side they will be one of those non industry stars like SRK. Read Geeta. There is no cure for the injustice served by your birth. Make the best of life yourself.

the first step is having an honest conversation about this. that's all im saying- dont care for trolling or bullying celebrities or starkids- no one in their right mind would blame them for their birth. but not everything is solved by "charity" or "actually" doing something for the underprivileged. i also dont like the same old aphorism- work hard and you will get there. of course i will. but it will take a nawaaz or a richa years and years to break through that a janhavi will get in an instant. you seriously dont see the power dynamic at play here? and the point is that things only change when ppl in power.decision make inclusive decisions- have auditions like Adi Chopra did for his films. PV post it..you are not posting my comment

I absolutely agree with you that point should be raised , it should become the talking point and everyone has a right to demand that talent should is respected and given the opportunity. But writing derogatory and meaningless hate comments on every post related to people is not fighting for a cause. It is a personal attack and cyber bullying and for the same reason everyone will ignore it. The issue won’t be raised but sidelined. It will give rise to a culture where it becomes a fashionable thing to bully richer kids or good looking kids and not all of them deserve such a treatment. At any given point we are not the ones to hand out judgement to anyone. What Kangana did was initiating the talk which is a good thing but the manner in which she did it by personally attacking Karan still made most people think she is just doing it for publicity and she is bullying. That’s the point. With great power comes great responsibility applies here. With the power you get on social platforms to raise issues you should also be responsible and this trolling on pinkvilla is irresponsible. PV please post

100% agree about with you about trolling- it's a waste of time, it's not productive to any conversation and is never as funny as trolls think it is. but if kangana was at fault, karan and co too found it equally convenient get carried away in the anti-Kangana wave and sidestep the real issue and an opportunity for a very real conversation was missed. I have no doubt that she had her own agenda of self-glorification, but there has to be reason that her stance resonated with so many people.

*a reason

Wannabes are back to seek attention.

Why are these two given so much importance?Who are they?

Their outfits are so bad.

I like Khushi better than Jhanvi. I don’t hate them because they are privileged as that’s another form of discrimination and judgement. I suppose most people sitting here and trolling on nepotism etc are previledged enough to use smartphones and internet connection paid by their parents as against the street kids. How very unfair isn’t it ?

sridevi looks beautiful

They r annoying

All truly look their fashionable best, for their respective ages but Sridevi is presence of another level, till this day

These three women Are spending money faster than he can ever make it!!! I guess men are fools for pretty women! Sad to see girls focusing on just clothes and looks at such a young age but hey it's their life!

Sridevil purchased new lips for Diwali.



sridevi looks better than both her daughters put together

Someone unleashed the evil sisters


Is this a Hawaiian festival??

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