Diwali 2018: Bride to be Priyanka Chopra celebrates the festival of lights with her family in Mumbai

Priyanka Chopra celebrated the festival of Diwali with her family at her residence in Mumbai. The actor returned from her bachelorette trip in Amsterdam last night just in time for Diwali.
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Priyanka Chopra is gearing up for her big fat wedding with her beau Nick Jonas. The actor recently had her bridal shower in New York City which was attended by her and Nick's family members along with their friends. Soon after that, PeeCee headed for her bachelorette trip to Amsterdam with her girl gang including her cousin and actor Parineeti Chopra and her soon-to-be sister-in-law and Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner. Now, Priyanka is back in Mumbai just in time for Diwali.
The global icon took to her Twitter page and shared a few photos posing with her mom Madhu Chopra and brother Siddharth Chopra. In the photos, Priyanka is looking beautiful wearing an ethnic wear by Anita Dongre. She wore a floor-length emerald green coloured salwar suit which had silverwork all over it and a complimentary dupatta. She teamed it up with a silver bindi on her forehead, golden mojiris and a pair of chandbalis.
Priyanka posted the photos by tweeting, "Happy Diwali. So happy to be home to celebrate with my loved ones. I wish for the world to be bestowed with love, light and happiness."

Meanwhile, talking about her wedding, Priyanka and Nick will be tying the knot at Umaid Bhavan in Udaipur on the second week of December which is going to be a three-day affair. Reports have it, they are likely to have a white wedding as well. Priyanka and Nick will also be hosting a wedding reception after their wedding.

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Shame on those who comment on looks of her bro. He looks typical Indian man and who r we to judge a human created by God.

Her brother has accomplished on his own and just becoz he is not a celeb that doesn’t mean he is a loser.

Where's Nicki boy? SRK wasn't at Karans Diwali bash so it's pretty sure he was at Priyankas home. Shameless couple. They fool all fans and media! Pls PV

Please crawl back into the hole you came from, what a horrible thing to say....

It's true. SRK and Priyanka are still together. An insider has confirmed it. Feel sorry for you.

So? What do you think why Priyanka tweeted to her "Purple bla bla bla" production house she couldn't make it to their Diwali celebrations? Same time on with SRK! Provocation pure again to hurt Gauri and kids. Form both sides!

oh comeon.....even if srk is at priyanka's home...whats the problem...get a life loser..

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Is her brother married at all? I thought he was married. We get to see Aish SIL once in a while in here photos. But PCs SIL is never to be seen.

Happy Diwali

Priya.. you are so beautiful , magar ap ki mangaytar bahoot bache hay acha nahe laktaa app ki satt..sorry.

So cute n nice pics

Lovely joyful family

Stunning Queen Pri

So much love

We love U PC

Slay Queen Pri

Stunning PeeCee

Brother is useless and ugly, living on his sister's "hard work."

Brother is what average Indian men look like.. who r u to judge him ugly?? His looks are created by God and such comments reflect ur family upbringing..secondly he has achieved in life n not banking in PC ..just becoz he is not a celeb does not mean he is nothing .

The brother did his Hotel Management degree and runs his own pub longue (which PC may well have helped with) .He was engaged to be married to his long term girl friend and it broke up at the last minute . Please don't call him names like 'ugly' , it can't be easy for the chap constantly being compared to his gorgeous , famous sister and probably being ignored / passed over for her . Sometimes people turn to food as solace when there are issues in the personal life .

Shame on u frustrated hater n he has his own business n is very proud of her sister so get real with ur thoughts

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LOL, loser, she only has her mother and brother to celebrate with and I bet, she didnt get an invite to any A list party!!! Diwali is all about light over darkness but you bring so much negativity to the world, why celebrate this precious day then, such a hypocrite!!

Grow up loser hater she isnt like other insecure jealous actresses who proclaimed they take priyanka as their inspiration due to her takent n not being insecure of other actors n she is spending time with her famy what's ur problem with that noe

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They’re cute

Lots to celebrate! Congratulations to them. Happy Diwali!

How did her brother lose so much weight so quickly? It can’t be lipo or anything like that bc even his face is smaller

He just hit the gym very seriously

He’s been losing weight all year. I noticed at the Roka too. Little by little he’s getting fit.

This is what happiness looks like.

Love the colours. Happy Diwali

lovely anita dongre suit..happy diwali priyanka..&congratulations to you&nick for your upcoming wedding.

She has access to the most amazing designers and stylists yet, she dresses like this on Diwali?! Sorry but the effort and expense she puts into her street wear on nyc on a daily basis is ridiculous compared to this? It’s like she doesn’t care anymore in india. I dread to think what she’s gonna show up wearing to her wedding functions ( cringe)

Happy Diwali

They all look lovely


She looks Preggers to me!

Proud of PC n love her

Stunning Queen Pri

Peecee is looking ravishing in simple look

So simple she is celebrating diwali with less makeup n so much joy

She comes also for SRKs birthday and to celebrate Diwali with him.

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Happy Diwali. Fatty family :/

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