Diwali 2018: Varun Dhawan shares a loved up photo with girlfriend Natasha Dalal

Varun Dhawan celebrated Diwali with family and friends. He posted a photo with ladylove Natasha Dalal on his Instagram account today. Check it out here.
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Stars are celebrating Diwali today with their loved ones. B-Town is celebrating the festival of lights with fervour and enjoying the festivities with friends and family. Actors are also wishing their fans and sharing photos from celebrations on their social media account. Many celebrities have hosted pre-Diwali bashes in the last week and today also, Karan Johar and Kareena Kapoor Khan invited close friends and family for a get-together at their house. Karan Johar celebrated with his Dharma family in the morning today at his office. Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt and other stars were a part of the puja.

Varun Dhawan celebrated with his family and the office staff. He shared a photo with the entire Dhawan family in a frame. Now, Varun shared a loved-up photo with girlfriend Natasha Dalal. The couple looks stunning together- Varun looks dapper in a black sherwani whereas Natasha dazzles in a silver lehenga. Varun and Natasha have been in a relationship for many years. Varun recently opened up about his relationship with Natasha in an interview to Filmfare. He said that he was always comfortable about being open about his relationship, but wanted to give Natasha time to adjust to the media attention.




Happy diwali

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Happy diwali to everyone from the Dhawans

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Varun shared that he wants to get married soon and it is rumoured that wedding bells will ring for the couple next year. Varun officially introduced Natasha to the guests at Sonam K Ahuja’s wedding reception. He said in the interview that they have a deep connection and it is amazing to have someone in your life who is not connected to films.  



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One of worsts(but not last) of his parents mistakes was to decide to launch him through KJo, because till the end of his(or Karan ) days he will not be able to wash himself from "Varia".

Varun was actually hitting on alia all these yrs.watch their interviews soty hskd it's quite evident he liked her.its not actually alia fault I say.he was all varia . Even if u sui dhaga challenge Varun eyes were only on alia he didn't even notice aditya.i never understand wat varun exactly has in his heart .

It's his own doing more than alia Varun himself hyped out varia..Varun fell for alia also.so nothing can be done.he will be attached to alia forever.

Varun isn't stopping working with alia.i hope this girl knows that and is very likely that he would cheat again.she should have dumped him and found a honest guy..she will have to cringe whole life or leave Varun just like Suzanne had to do.the commentator who said this jus said the truth.

Who cares for this dumb desperate girl who is desperate to marry a cheating bf.god gave her hints too many times.she will learn it the hard way just like Suzanne .she thought she married a goody person and he came out to be Rajesh Khanna.sorry but truth needs to b told.cheater will definitely cheat again.

Some of the comments are disgusting! 'Fans'need to realise that they do not own their favourite actors and that they are entitled to make their own decisions in life, especially when it comes to their personal life!

I am so happy that Varun stuck to Natasha even when KJo tried his best to get Varun and Alia together

Haan sab Bollywood hero Alia se love kerte hain because She is soooo hot but in Reality SHE IS NOT!

Who is that taking the pic? I love her dress.

Collateral damage was asked to be done by KJO to cover for Varia

Ha yaar muje bhi lag rahihe yeh natasha ko use karta hai iski aur alia ki relationship cover Karne ke liye.also I've heard rumors that he sometimes doing night stand in alias house. He really love her yaar it shows in his face. I think this time might be good to natasha but we don't no future. Waiting for brahmarata release hum dakh uske bad what happen to so loyal bf or husband ko

Varun loves alia way more than nats.anybody with eyes can see it .it shows on Varun face.so true only after brahmasahtra releases and rk alia nonsense stops we get to know what happens .

Do you all know Varun takes hook up advices from kjo even though he pretends to love this girl.sab dhong hai iska.

Are third class people alia ke saath dharma ke puja me tha eis Liya natural hai ki picture luliya saab bhi koi function me hote he saath picture Liya nahi lete to baate bana ta hai Liya to gatiya log ka bolte hai oh dono costar hai ek hi production ke student hai picture to ayege na so stop your comment alia ke naam ay dono gatiya ke bechara mat lena lena ki socha na bhi mat gatiya log criminal log

Varun Nats two unsecured people who don't even love each other.only staying together for each own profits.she wants the Dhawan tag and he marrying her so that he can keep affairs at bay.true love my foot! He danced with bardancers in front of his gf.when he visits alia house no media is allowed.i m media insider.he even does night stands.alia is way better than them..

Oh Comon she is not sane she already know he is ritch guy.and being a actor like cherry on top so she never give up him.and she has additional help with dawan family to wrap him in her little finger poor hero he can't decide anything with out his family. I think he still drink milk with feeding bottle. It's good for alia with out him.

We all are here only dekhte hain kab tak yeh loyalty ka natak Varun ka chalta hai;) he has used alia for benefits it's very evident.i m not alia fan.i want a dulhania like aloo butter..such a hypocrite he is!he was so hitting on her during hskd days.now showing his true colours!

If she truly loved Varun she wud hv let him go but instead she pressurised him to come bak to her and that is not a sign of true love:)true love being selfless not selfish:) be patient Nats he cheated u before also and in future he gonna do again.be ready:)

Even Arjun said the whole family gives him advice.he is still a kid.he could have easily convinced his parents for alia during 2014.even Sid linkup was not there but he walked out then also.coward! Why make a girl fall for you if u know there is no future.shame on varun.he was giving advances to alia during soty not alia..ghatia Insan!

People think that they can tell about a relationship in pics are funny. Natasha has been with Varun before any of you knew or cared about Varun. He is where he wants to be and that is with Natasha.

Totally social media PDA if you really love her you smile in your eyes and heart not just mouth.bt I can see your eyes and heart is dead bcz u smile with all heart and eyes yesterday with her (you know who I'm speaking) cough.......

I'm not. Varia shipper or Natasha hater bt I think varun definitely in to some thing bcz whenever he spot with alia next day he spot with natash a.this is bollywood guys anything can happen in here. He definitely marrie Natasha but I'm sure he's not in to her.maybe he divorce her few years later. Who can say what happens in future.

Natasha girl are u sure he really loves u or pretend as he love u?

Seems artificial varun.always the same thing alia k Sath pic then spotted with nats.thousand times it's happening.how is it coincidence? Kuch gadbad hai Varun ka.he doesn't seem to really love her.why is he sticking to her ?

Yesterday with alia today with gf wah bai watta game u playing loyal shit bf if u love Your gf so much why you cheat her so many time with alia. two face man.

Pink villa Ko koi nahi mila

varun made the ryte choice both look happy good luck

im not sure but i dont see them getting married after all this sociL media pda the chemistry isnt there

Watch the comments explode with subject matters about her looks, their supposed inadequacy, and something or other about Alia...who evidently doesn't give a toss.

Natasha actually looks good in this pic maybe cus she’s trying to smile

They look so happy together. Next wedding in 2019?

Comments on Insta not only full of Natasha haters and Varia shippers, but also random comments "You look better with Katrina, Shraddha, etc." You would have to be so brave to date/marry into Bollywood as a woman, I swear. No one care when an actress marries some businessman, but everyone cares when actor goes for a normal girl.

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