Fanne Khan: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will leave you spellbound with her gorgeousness in this still

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will be seen in Fanne Khan next. The film also stars Rajkummar Rao and Anil Kapoor in lead roles. Today, a still from the film was out and Aishwarya looks like a total diva in it.
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Aishwarya Bachchan is one of the gorgeous actors in Bollywood. The actor left us astounded with her good looks and beauty in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.
Well, looks like the blue-eyed beauty will leave us all spellbound with her looks and style in her next film Fanne Khan. A still from the film was out today and Ash looks like a total diva in it.
The actor is wearing a black top, military jacket and shades. She is holding a bag in her hand and she has set her wavy hair open.
This still will definitely leave you excited for the film.
Check out the picture below:

Recently at an event, when Aishwarya was asked about Fanney Khan, the actress had said, "Good luck to the entire team of Fanne Khan. I am looking forward to joining the team and enjoying the process of filmmaking. I would talk more about the film in the course of time."
Fanne Khan also stars Anil Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao in lead roles. It is a musical drama and it is directed by Atul Manjrekar and produced by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra.
There have also been reports about Aishwarya signing films with hubby Abhishek Bachchan. However, there has been no confirmation on the same.
Aishwarya completed twenty years in the industry this year and has had a fabulous career with many memorable films. In one of the interviews, describing her journey, she said, "I have carved my own journey and I think that my career is proof enough of that."
Did you like Aishwarya's look from Fanne Khan?

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Ash's hair keeps getting fuller, face tighter, eyes lighter, skin whiter.....nobody in Bwood ages like her

43 yrd trying to look 20 does not work , She should take more age appropriate roles..

Hahaha haters are burning

Still sunder


She is looking so stylish

She is a pretty lady no doubt. She should move on now to performance-oriented roles. She was considered beautiful 20 years ago. Things have changed, India has changed, and definition of beauty has changed. It seems her posing in all events suggest that she is yet to come out of her Miss World hangover. Really cant blame these stars. Forever they live in their world detached from reality.

she is a queen

All style, no substance, still can't act despite being in industry for many years

Blame Maniratnam for that. He introduced her to the movie world.

Why would we blame him as he's one of the few directors who bring the best out of her !

wish she cared about her acting skills too as much as she cares whiteness of her dark complexion she is the only actress who couldnt improve herself despite decades

extraordinary beauty


Gorgeous woman...

Sorry but nothing is extraordinary about her ..,she looks just like any other actress ...i dont understand why shes so hyped!!

One liner fan going insane

I annoying with same boring two words in every comment.

Looking beautiful.

Looking HOT!


Another cameo after ADHM

I feel bad for rao n irfan they wil give their 200 percent in the movie n overshadow ash with their acting skills yet it wil b ash movie for overacting n glamorous avatar!
Same happened with Randeep in sarabjit it was his one man show..

Aishwarya's eye are what defines her beauty. When that's hidden, she doesn't look particularly distinguishing from other models/celebrities of her age.

I thought it was a shot of PC on the sets of Quantico

now that you mention it, i agree

I thought it was Priyanka. Same hair, same make up, same outfit. Same weight, lol

I thought it was PC...Lmfao wtf

I don't understand why she is hated so much. I have nothing against deepika. She is now the new numero uno but for her average performances she always gets called the best. At least Aishwarya always tries something new and experiments. I wish Aishwarya would do another bhansali movie. She would shine like a diamond. But sadly bhansali is only possesed with despite. BAJIRAO and Paadmavat would have been a real treat and unforgettable with Aish in it. I absolutely loved her movie guzaarish and her role and pairing with hrithik


She looks haggard. Lost her charm long ago.

She looks haggard. The face has long lost its charm.

Wait a minute, why is every hair stylist and makeup artists now copying Priyanka? This looks just like PC wannabe. Soft curls, pouty lips, yesterday's PC photos for Quantico. Can't Ash stand on her own beauty. \

omg so true... copying Peechee

What kind of Priyanka?
She also looked in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.)
and looked cool, and now she plays the role of a star (to whom, if not her, all life under the spotlights)
So how does she look like a housewife?

What kind of lame argument?

lets see if her whitewashed skin and extra lined lips will help her to be watched as per acting it is well known she is a disaster and without supporting co actor she is a total failure!

Thought it was priyanka chopra lol

It’s unfortunate that her beauty overpowers everything. People only talk about her looks.



Has no clue how to act - is she catching flies with her mouth?!

She aged like most people out there would, rare for a film star.

Glamorous look. I am loving it.

What a Diva!

Kuch bhi kaho but She was beautiful, she is beautiful and she will be beautiful.

too many hair extensions

Whoever her dermatologist off to him! Some super talent at work here. Truly impressed. (I'm not judging btw)

I see her PR now going strong with promotion. Looks like Rajkumar and Anil Kapoor were used just as props to support her career that never took off. Same thing happened to Irfan & Shabana in Jazbaa and to Richa & Randeep in Sarabjit.

hahaha ... too good!

She has managed to not be friends with anyone in bollywood. So only karan, manish and micky will go and watch the film. And fans of rajkumar & anil kapoor are going to be disappointed to see them in this flop film.

Wait are you talking about Aishwarya or Kareena ? Lol

I'm afraid I don't see any ''gorgeousness''. She looks like one of the members of The Real Housewives series.

omg check your eyes

She is playing a movie star who’ll get kidnapped.

please don't mash me for asking. but are these comments written by her fans? The reason I ask is that because I don't see people falling over each other to get a glimpse of her at the airport or anywhere. And I think the paparazzi are expressly called to get clicked. I don't think they are standing there all day 24/7

Chalo.....atleast in a film she can pretend to be a movie star. In reality, she's always been on the periphery of bollywood.

She doesn't have to open her mouth these days. She is a flop.

Just have a look at her neck. It reveals her age.

Look at the neck Priyanka-her 50 ??
What kind of nonsense, well, people do not want to touch their throats, and what?
It's just genetics, and they are not to blame for this, so do not say nonsense!

Just have a look at her neck in her old pics she has the line back then too , Priyanka has it too it's not showing their age ! And for your information if she want to remove them she still could but she doesn't need to !

ADHM look

Aishwarya at her glamorous best with minimal makeup and nude lips also...will definitely see the movie for her dashing and ultra modern avatar

She looks like a hot mess. She has a particular image and if she deviates from that, it doesn't work. Ughhh... wish she would do something else. Her heydays are gone!!!!!!

It's just a first look not the trailer !

He kidnaps a movie star in this movie or something, that's why she looks like that.

Using her face to market the film? What about her acting?

Same look in ADHM


She's the queen !

As a fan even I admit she doesn't look good here tbh


Long live the Queen... Gorgeous ASH...

A beautiful face with no expressions, overacting skills n screaming on top of voice in name of acting!

Have you watched Devdas? She is full of expressions, great dialogue delivery and no screaming. If you watch now you'll see how overacting ki dukhaan is actually SRK in the film.

Srk was only worth in d movie. Second was madhuri. She overshadowed ash n the jealousy was visible in ash eyes in dola re dola song! Go watch it!!

i love how the haters are burnig here , hate or not but you can't ignore her , she queen

I love her glamorous look but I really want her to do another classic role like Paro in Devdas.

She indeed looks damn gorgeous.

She really should have joined kkk at gym

Aishwarya looks perfect. You don’t need to look like a skeleton to look beautiful. Kareena can’t even smile properly these days and the only thing she can do is pout her lips. What’s so pretty about that?

Sadly her looks overpower her performance. She's known more her her beautiful face than her acting

Like an aunty

madam from which angle does she look at an aunty...

She’s going to open her mouth and ruin it. Sorry I find her so cringeworthy

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuf. God she is gorgeous. And everyone has a lipstick shade they like n use all the time....why do ppl comment on tht? How stupid

Looks like a regular photo sans red lipstick

Extra confirmation that it is beautiful !!

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